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Medical emergencies, hiding from exes and more zany behaviour leads this week's Celebrity News.

Stroke scares for Joe Jackson and Frankie Muniz.
There may be almost 60 years between them, but actor/musician Frankie Muniz ("Malcolm in the Middle") and Jackson family patriarch Joe Jackson are cautiously heeding doctor's orders, as they begin to recover from the 'mini' strokes they suffered within a day of each other. At 83 years old, this is Jackson's third stroke in five years – he is expected to be convalescing at home. Muniz was just shy of his 26th birthday and, getting set to tour with his band Kingsfoil, when the sudden loss of vision in one eye during a motorcycle ride in Phoenix, AZ further skidded into weird behaviour and slurred speech, alarming his friends and his fiancée, publicist Elycia Marie Turnbow. After being hospitalized, Muniz took to Twitter to express his shock and later opened up about the experience on "Good Morning America," saying he was "happy to be alive."

Soap stars behaving badly.
Far from his goodie-goodie character Officer Oliver Fish, former "One Life to Live" actor Scott Evans, younger brother of actor Chris Evans ("The Avengers") was arrested in Los Angeles for allegedly trying to buy drugs from an undercover cop. TMZ reported that while the type of narcotics was not specified, Evans is currently out on bail. Several states away, a haggard-looking Senait Ashenafi (ex-Keesha Ward, "General Hospital") was removed from her flight at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and arrested for public intoxication. Reportedly, a drunken Ashenafi threw a temper tantrum while boarding and later pushed a flight attendant after learning she wasn’t sitting in first class and that her carry-on luggage wasn't staying with her due to minimal overhead space.

Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman staying together?
Making it work takes a little time and according to actor Danny DeVito ("It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"), he and wife Rhea Perlman ("Cheers") are working things out. The actors who announced in October they were headed for splitsville after 30 years are still physically separated, said DeVito to entertainment newsmagazine "Extra" but are reportedly moving slowly toward reconciliation.

Nick Lachey all choked up.
It's hard to imagine the loving hands of a newly minted father violently wrapped around someone's throat, but that's just what singer Nick Lachey is being accused of. According to TMZ, while attending a Cincinnati Bengals (of which Lachey is a fan)-San Diego Chargers football game, Lachey reportedly trash-talked Chargers player Igor Olshansky so much that a fan took exception and his wife allegedly slammed the 98 Degrees singer with the scathing one-liner, "Well, at least he lasted longer than your boy band." Lachey allegedly responded, calling the woman a f***ing b**ch and lunged at her husband, grabbing his neck and throwing him to the ground. Denying the incident, Lachey was escorted from the stadium and later sounded off on Twitter.

Kristin likes Jake and Carmen adores Simon.

Tony Award-winning actress/singer Kristin Chenoweth ("GCB") and Jake Pavelka ("The Bachelor") aren't saying too much but their body language is speaking volumes after the two were spotted out for dinner and lacing fingertips. Chenoweth, who is still recovering from a head injury sustained on the set of "The Good Wife" is reportedly "spending time" with the former bachelor and is pursuing "things that make her happy" according to an interview with People magazine. Also in the mood to bare her feelings is Carmen Electra ("Baywatch") – for none other than "X-Factor's" snarky mentor Simon Cowell. Electra opened up to hosts Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb of the "Today Show" about breaking bread with the music mogul and how she "adores" him. The actress/dancer gushed about living her dream in the music industry and revealed her plans to release her first music single – a dance track called "I Like It Loud."

Hayden Panettiere and Nick Gordon – after the crash.
Actress Hayden Panettiere "Nashville" walked away from a car collision unhurt after several eye witnesses reportedly saw her running through a red light, TMZ reports. But according to the police report, Panettiere was driving in one lane when another car swerved into her lane and smashed into her. The driver of the other vehicle also walked away without any injuries. Both cars were reportedly towed away. If you recall, last week, we also reported on a single-vehicle crash that saw Bobby Kristina Brown's Chevy Camaro tunnel down an embankment. Now it seems that her adoptive brother and former fiancé Nick Gordon has some car trouble of his own. Gordon was arrested for reckless driving after excessively speeding.

Gaye III annoyed with Kravitz casting.
A few weeks ago we reported that singer/actor Lenny Kravitz ("Precious," "Hunger Games") would star as the late singer Marvin Gaye in a biopic about his life. However, the Gaye family is reportedly heavily opposed to the film and is trying to halt production, having already consulted with lawyers. Marvin Gaye III, a former schoolmate of Kravitz's is appealing to the actor to reconsider his role in the movie, which Gaye III feels will portray his father during a heavy low point in his life instead of showing the whole story. According to TMZ, Gaye III called the actions of the producers and directors of the film "wrong and shameful."

Demi Moore's zany behaviour?
Could it be the Red Bull? Sporting black rimmed glasses, black peep-toe heels and a very short gray jumpsuit that threatened to expose more than just her long legs, Demi Moore ("Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle") was spotted gyrating to the music at a Chanel Beachside Barbeque party. Totally a proper party vibe, right? Maybe it would be if Moore wasn't grinding into the sofa while sitting beside actor/singer Lenny Kravitz ("Hunger Games") and hamming it up for photographers. At times, the actress was seen deep in conversation with Kravitz, laughing with animated gestures and cheekily posing beside friends like Stacy Keibler. But with a stint in rehab behind her, a recent reconciliation with daughter Rumer and a role in the film "Very Good Girls," also starring Dakota Fanning ("Twilight Saga") out next year, could it be that Moore is just extremely happy?

Katy Perry plays hide and do not seek.
Your invisible suit is in the mail! No doubt, that's what singer Katy Perry seems to want this holiday season. Perry was allegedly seen ducking under a table after spotting her ex-husband Russell Brand ("Rock of Ages") entering the same eatery where she was sharing lunch with her current beau singer John Mayer. Perry is said to have only emerged when it was certain that Brand was secured somewhere out of sight. It isn't the first time Perry and Brand played now-you-see-me-now-you-don't with each other. Several weeks ago, the two allegedly ignored each other at a Los Angeles Lakers game despite sitting court-side across from one another.

Tatum and Jolie to quit acting?
People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive doesn't just want to be sexy in 2013, he wants to be a director! Actor Channing Tatum ("Magic Mike") reportedly told EW that he plans to take a break from acting next year to flesh out some scripts and launch his directorial debut with production partner Reid Carolin. Tatum credits his "Magic Mike" director Steven Soderbergh with helping him to understand the film-making process. Beyond sexy Hollywood star Angelina Jolie ("Salt," "Tomb Raider") is reportedly planning to follow suit – but not for a while. In an interview with London's "Channel 4 news," Jolie expressed her concern that her movie career may impede her vision of motherhood. The "Salt" actress also shared that while she enjoys being an actress and values her experiences in the storytelling process, she would likely have to change gears and become more accessible at home when her children become teenagers.

The Duke and Duchess plus one.
A bout of acute morning sickness will always give it away. While Kate Middleton and Prince William may have hoped to savor the happy news that they were expecting a baby, what they got instead was a medically supervised, three-day sojourn at King Edward VII Hospital in London, a security rattling phone prank made by two Australian radio hosts pretending to be members of the royal family, and the whole world frantically looking up the origins of the Duchess' condition hyperemesis gravidarum. Apparently telling reporters that she is feeling much better, Middleton was released from the hospital with her husband by her side earlier this week, and is reportedly heading home to Kensington Palace to rest. Have you listened to the prank call made by Australian radio hosts to Kate's hospital?

Lindsay Lohan depressed and drinking?
Actress Lindsay Lohan hasn't escaped from planet instability just yet. After her arrest last week for allegedly punching psychic palm reader Tiffany Mitchell, who offered to give her a reading, Lohan's troubles have kept getting worse. In the New Year, Lohan will return to court to face the third degree assault charge, but before she does, she has to answer to new charges and possible jail time for lying to police about who was driving her car the night she crashed into a truck in Los Angeles. Lohan's estranged father Michael is claiming that Lohan has a severe drinking problem, alleging she drinks two bottles of vodka daily. There are also reports that Lohan's bank accounts have been seized by the IRS for unpaid taxes, suggesting that Lohan's financial troubles are just the beginning. Add to that the widely panned reviews for her performance in the Lifetime movie "Liz & Dick" and it's possible that the rumors of her looming depression have merit.

Swift and Styles got that one thing.
Singer Taylor Swift and One Direction crooner Harry Styles are officially a couple – and all it took was an alleged sleepover to lock it down for the world. After being spotted taking a long walk in New York's Central Park, Styles was seen firmly grasping Swift's hand as they headed into her New York hotel after 4:00 AM for a long night after One Direction's sold out Madison Square Garden concert. Styles' overnight bag the following night pretty much said it all. Who's holding their breath on this one?

Two and no more half man?
Actor Angus T. Jones ("Two and a Half Men") could be kissing his $300,000 an episode payday goodbye sometime next year. The actor and Seventh-day Adventist who sounded off last week urging viewers to stop watching the show because it was "filth," released in a statement what seemed to be a heartfelt apology to the show's creators shortly after, but his future with the show remains uncertain. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, CBS head Len Moonves would release no details, instead stating cryptically that the show's executives have "other plans" for the sitcom, causing speculation that Jones may fulfill his contractual obligation to the show until the end of the season, but nothing more beyond that.

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