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Whatever happened to…

Another year, another batch of dropped storylines from our favorite soap operas. Constantly evolving storylines are one of the biggest reasons millions of viewers tune into their favorite shows every day. Occasionally a storyline or two will get lost in the shuffle, so we compiled a list of recent ones that seem to have gone missing in action, five for each current show. Did we miss one you wish would get wrapped up? Let us know in the comments below.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
1. Beverly.
The last we saw, Dayzee’s friend and Forrester intern was flirting with Rick and making Amber jealous. Then… nothing. Forum poster Breeze64 said, "It’s like she just vanished off the face of the earth, not to be seen or mentioned again at Forrester Creations. Very bizarre."

2. Steffy and Bill.
Many fans are still upset about what could have been between these two, which seemed to stop before it even started.

3. The battle between Jackie M. and Forrester.
Posters think this was a missed opportunity for the writers. "The storyline of the fight between Forrester and Marone fashion companies should not have been dropped," poster mg1729 said. "It was like the good old days with Spectra Fashions." Besides that, where are Jackie and Owen anyway? The last we saw they reaffirmed their love but we have not heard from them since.

4. Caroline’s two moms.
The pressure was on when Bill’s sister Karen and her partner Dani came to town. They came out to Bill and Dani got hired at Spencer Publications. That was months ago.

5. Taylor and Thorne.
This pairing was supposed to be hot and heavy. So where is the heat?

Days of our Lives:
1. Ian and The Coffee Bean.
Back before Ian McAllister was drugging Brady and framing EJ, he was revealed to be an investor in Sonny’s coffee shop, The Coffee Bean. According to Sonny, Ian wanted to remain anonymous. So what was the purpose of that?

2. Alice’s secret.
There are a few unsolved mysteries surrounding iconic Alice's secret. First, Hope saw a photo of a child in a box in her attic, same as one displayed in the DiMera house. Months later there has been no discussion about who the child was or why Alice had the picture. Also, after her death Alice was sending money to someone overseas and Doug and Julie went to Africa to find out more. They got nothing and we are still waiting.

3. Bo and Hope’s therapy.
Fans had high hopes when Bo and Hope started sessions to rebuild and strengthen their bond. Then they just stopped going. "Bope were just getting cranked up and said there'd be more sessions and it never happened," said poster LuvBoHope. "It was a huge letdown at the time, how they were never utilized and wasted til the end!"

4. John and Hope’s marriage.
Speaking of couples, readers are confused if these two are still legally wed or not after their unsuccessful journey to Alamainia. Poster Days_pretender said, "If John is still married to Hope, why have they had Marlena doing the ‘leave my husband alone’ dance all the time? He would not be hers."

5. Daniel’s dad?
Victor stole Maggie’s eggs, making her the mother. But who is the father? Surely this little nugget won’t be buried forever.

General Hospital:
1. Lulu’s drinking.
One minute Lulu was knocking back drinks to rival her father when it suddenly stopped after a chat with Luke. Now she is stocking bottles at her club without so much as a second look.

2. Where’s Delores?
You would think Dante’s partner would be seen on screen every once in a while, especially after her little chat with Anna when she took over as commissioner. Poster oltlforever31 said, "A little while back Anna asked her to keep giving police info to Johnny, and Anna wanted her to give him 'certain' info. We never really found out what was going on with those two, like why was she working with him in the first place?"

3. Johnny’s piano playing.
For someone who can twinkle the ivories as good as Johnny can, you would think he would have played once - just once with Starr - the musical act he signed.

4. The Memphis mess.
Before Heather came to town Johnny was blackmailing Steve for his part in pulling the plug on a prisoner patient in Memphis so an innocent girl could get his organs. Once Maggie’s confession came out we stopped hearing about the blackmail, but why? Now with Maggie’s confession revealed as fake, why are the cops not looking at Steve?

5. Helena?
After she plucked hairs from Luke and Ethan to conduct her own DNA test to determine Ethan's true paternity we have not seen her again. A backup at the lab?

The Young And The Restless:
1. Daisy.
Seriously, who was the mystery person who pretended to be her mom and checked this girl out of the psyche ward? And where is she now? "Look, I would be happy if she never reappeared, but good grief, give us something here," Sunnyflower said. "I'll take it, even if it is pathetic."

2. Sarge and Yolanda/Harmony’s past.
We know they have one, so what is it?

3. Ricky’s death.
Where to begin with this one? Where is his computer? Who wiped Ricky’s prints off of the knife and has been delivering flowers? Is it all related? "Finish the Paul storyline for God's sake," poster Sylviastel said. "It was a huge mistake to kill Ricky in such a manner. Totally out of Paul's character."

4. The Hightower murder.
More than a few years after the fact posters still want to see this dangling storyline wrapped up. "I want them to prove it wasn't Adam who killed him," InCanada said.

5. Noah and Eden’s breakup.
Back when they parted ways off screen in Paris, no explanation was given and posters have not forgotten that.

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