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Reva isn't leaving! (With Josh Newman) (CBS)

Josh sticks by Reva's side ......" Always" (CBS) has been feverishly replying to fan email this week, as viewers watch in sadness as Kim Zimmer's feisty character, Reva Shayne Lewis bids a tearful goodbye to 'Bud', Joshua Lewis (Robert Newman). For the past few months, viewers have been saddened to learn about Reva's breast cancer, and more than ever, they're crying out to the powers that be, to do what they can to keep this icon on their favorite show. We have selected a few emails from a few of our loyal viewers, some who have watched the show since 1952, when it first aired! The fans of 'Reva and Josh' tell that many of them are through with Guiding Light if Reva leaves!

As of today, has not heard official news on whether or not "Reva" is staying on GL or whether she is leaving. isn't one for rumors,... but we have heard from Rumors have it that she may have wanted out of the contract to do some stage work, etc. Since this is just a rumor, when we hear official word, we'll pass it along to you!

Update Nov. 5: Fans should keep in mind that just because the storyline seems to be going in that direction, does not necessarily mean that she is off the show! It is possible that the show has kept all of their spoilers under wraps, for once! Looks like we all have to wait paitently to find out what's going on!

Viewers comments! Read on!

Kath S: I am 54 and have watched GL since high school running home after school to watch, recording to watch after work all these years and you have just gone too far with this reality being so painful to watch and causing incredible upheaval for anyone watching ... too painful...shame on you ... I don't think there is one family that has not had to deal with cancer...such gripping details of emotion crosses that line of entertainment and now it's to be in some comic book you got going??? Hello.... you finally lost 40 year viewer!

Sheila P: My mother watch the show, since it was on radio, its has been all about Reva and josh, and my mother die 3 years ago on 18 of Nov. I'm been watching it to keep memory of the happy times my mother had watching it. Please do a miracle on Monday Nov 6. The show is about josh and Reva and their friends and family not josh and Cassie. and right now her son needs her and her granddaughter, and Reva always there for her family no matter what. Reva doesn't give up!!!!!

Beverly G:
What is going on with Guiding Light these days? It is so far removed from what the show used to be like, I been a fan for 20 odd years and I no longer even recognize my favorite soap anymore. Not only has Guiding Light gotten rid of a lot of the main players like The Marlers',The Bauers',The Reardan's,The Spauldings', what's next the Lewis's? Starting with Reva? The only reason I've watched the show for these many years is because the show always centered on these families. I've never been so disappointed with soaps in my life, and what is up with this marvel comic crap! Whose idea was that! Guiding Light obviously needs to reevaluate the whole thing! And what's up with Cedars Hospital? Someone needs to hire a new decorator there talk about ugly, the walls look like the green screen behind our weather man! I'm just about fed up with the show! I've never watched General Hospital before, but I think I'll start! Clearly Guiding Light is going to hell in a hand basket fast!

H P: Please let Reva aka Kim Zimmer live ... otherwise, the Guiding Light will not be worth watching.

Respectfully submitted

Kristine C: I am so disappointed in the show to even think about killing Riva off. She is the guiding light of the show. Please have a miracle happen to keep her on the show. If she is killed off I can not find myself to even watch the show anymore. If she wants more money give it to her she is well worth it. She is the spunk of the show. I have been watching the show since it came on. Well I am so disappointed in the writing of the show to do this that I can not even write anymore. If you care about the viewer's you would do something to stop this from happening.

Margaret B: I have been watching this show since I was a little girl. I even named my daughter "Reva Shayne" after Reva. If you kill off Reva then myself and my whole family will quit watching the show. We rush home daily to see what happens with Reva and Josh. Please fix this fatal mistake that you and the writers have made. WE WANT REVA TO LIVE BY SOME MIRACLE!! Please let her live!!

Sandy S:
If Guiding Light loses Reva, they will lose a viewer in me. Reva MAKES this show. She brought so much life into the show, all the years she was on. Josh and Cassie do not have chemistry. Paring them up is a big mistake. If Reva is gone, so am I.

Mary J: CBS have made a big mistake by letting Reva Shane die, she is what made the show. I would look at the program just to see what she and Josh were up to.

Good Bye to the Guiding Light. There is no one on that show that can carry it like Reva, Not even Allen.


Candy F: I am 52 years old and my Mom is 85. She has watched the Guiding Light since it began. I have watched this show as long as I can remember on and off throughout my life. I was extremely sad today when Reva flat lined. I will not continue to watch the show anymore without her. As far as I am concerned she makes the show. Alan Spaulding would come in second in my opinion. My Mom and I watch the show together everyday; it is the only soap I watch. I am hoping that she will have a miracle next week.

Trish F: I certainly hope all of you top guys get a clue, that you are making viewers very unhappy to the point of not watching the show any longer. Reva and Josh BELONG together. Get it together people, sooner rather than later!!! No more of this Cassie and Josh story line. Sick! Hope you will try to turn things around for your faithful viewers.

P.S. This has made me so mad, I have never written in before like this, or on the message boards, however you have to know how your loyal fans are feeling.

Rita H: I'm not happy with what happened today. I've been faithful to watching GL over 40 years, if this is true, I'll probably QUIT!!!!

Tammy M: Please my heart is breaking. I LOVE Kim and she cant go..

Jean C: I have watched GL since it was 15 minute program since 1953. I am 77 years old. I will never watch it again. I cannot believe you let the only thing on this show die. Cassie is a joke and the plot stinks letting her get josh. When he apologized for spending so much time with Reva to Cassie I thought I would throw up. Only thing left on this show is Jonathan and Billy. I will never watch again. Why was her contract done away with? I was watching the day she came on show when Alan sent to Tulsa for her to come there. She was beautiful.

UPDATE Thursday November 9, 2006!: Looks like fans prayers were answered! Read our update! Here is a teaser, from our GL Editor, Matt Purvis!

"Reva is already complaining about being stuck in bed all day. Billy tells Josh that she's getting better by leaps and bounds. Rick comes in with Reva's test results as Billy takes her hand. Rick says that he had to double check everything but she can go home. There's no sign of cancer, but it's still too soon to say 'remission.' "

Read Matt's entire update, here Reva's Release!.

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