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It's time to check in with soaps from across the pond once again. With exposed affairs, unexpected pregnancies and harsh truths revealed, there's plenty of drama to keep us entertained.

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Tracy has let the younger Ryan believe their relationship was real for months, even going so far as to lie about being pregnant. It's all been to get under his mother Michelle's skin though. He finally discovers the truth and relapses by turning to drugs. While high, he walks into traffic, but Sophie pushes him out of the way of an oncoming car, only to be hit herself. Ryan will have a lot of guilt to deal with as Sophie could be left paralyzed.

Tina has agreed to be Gary and Izzy's surrogate, against her boyfriend Tommy's wishes. Tommy makes a last ditch plea for her not to go through with it on the day she's to be implanted with the embryos. His speech makes her miss the appointment. With only a 24-hour window left for the embryos, Tommy gives his lady an ultimatum: Step down as the surrogate or he will leave her. Decisions, decisions.

Spoiler alert: Christian and Syed may have weathered the storm and gotten married, but Danny isn't done with them just yet. Christian secretly meets with Danny, after the latter demands Syed pay back the money he borrowed against his failed investment's return. Christian gets more than he bargained for though when Danny reveals he and Syed didn’t just kiss, they slept together. After more taunting, Christian punches him. Danny presses charges, despite beating Christian up in retaliation. Christian remains mum to Syed about what went down, as Syed is forced to pay up in exchange for Danny dropping the charges.

On a lighter note, the Queen Vic hosts a Halloween party, ghost tour and costume competition. Word is there's a fierce battle between Denise and Kim for sexiest costume. Who will win?

Spoiler alert: The surprising death during the soap's 40th anniversary episodes turned out to be that of bad boy Carl King. His funeral will take place on November 1, but it won't be a simple affair as his son Thomas grows upset and storms out of the church.

As for Cameron and Chas, word gets out about their affair. They try to sneak out of the Woolpack when an irate mob gathers to confront them, but it doesn’t look like they're successful as Debbie, Cain and Charity want to give them a piece of their minds. And maybe take a little flesh.

Spoiler alert: Rhys and Cindy have been carrying on for some time behind Rhys's wife Jacqui's back. The affair becomes less of a secret though when Jacqui's mother Myra catches the cheaters. Instead of exposing them though, Myra threatens to send her unsavory friends after her son-in-law if he doesn’t try to make things work with Jacqui. What will he do?

Ste's mother Pauline returns to the village, stirring the violent Ste of old. Her presence leads to him throwing things in a fit of rage, which Brendan witnesses. Brendan's shocked to see the effect Pauline has on his ex and pays her to leave town. She of course takes the money, leaving Ste's current beau Doug to grow annoyed over Brendan's place in Ste's life. He's ready to take action, but what will he do?

Get the lowdown on the upcoming bus crash storyline that puts many people's lives in jeopardy. Check out the preview below, which might not be available in all areas.

Home and Away:

Spoiler alert: Casey's had a rough time of it lately, considering he's going on trial for killing his father and all, and things aren't going to get any easier for the River Boy. After a one-night stand with Sasha, the teen ends up pregnant. Instead of worrying him with it though, Sasha turns to Natalie for support.

Former Australian "The X Factor" and "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Johnny Ruffo will show up in Summer Bay for several episodes. He will play Chris, who has quite the eye for ladies.

Take a look at what's about to go down on today's episode in the video below, which might not be available in all areas.


Spoiler alert: Priya and Paul are usually at odds, but recently Paul has been expressing romantic interest in the married woman. Unsettled, she tries to ignore him until he turns the tables and starts ignoring her. Equally unhappy with the silent treatment, she confronts him, which of course leads to passion.

Aidan recently rejected Chris' attempt to reconcile, but that's about to change. With his troubles with Paul behind him, Chris invites his ex to the university ball. At first Aidan turns him down yet again, but after realizing Chris has changed, Aidan shows up at the party. Is this a brand new beginning for the duo?

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