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Baby drama on Coronation Street. (ITV)

Trouble for Brendan on Hollyoaks. (Lime Pictures)

Extended coverage.

Fake relationships, new flings and returning foes and lovers. It's all par for the course for a soap across the pond.

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert: Lola was thrilled when Phil agreed to help bring her daughter Lexi home from social services, but his tactics aren't what she expected. Coming up, he asks her to sign over care of her daughter to him, Lexi's grandfather. Because it's her only option, she very reluctantly agrees. The next step of Phil's plan is to convince the system he is in a stable relationship. That's where Sharon comes in. Will she go along with the ruse?

Stella's been focused on running The Rovers and trying, but often failing, to keep her mother reined in. Soon, she'll get a more pleasant distraction as she begins an affair with a younger man. Word is, Jason separates from Maria, who recently kissed her gay best friend, and ends up with the hot older lady. It's all so very complicated.

Spoiler alert: Christian learns about Syed's recent financial woes and kiss with Danny. However, he forgives him and the wedding goes as planned, despite moments of uncertainty. But as they celebrate, Syed's lies catch up to him in other ways, as bailiffs show up to cut off the electric and demand four months of mortgage owed on the family restaurant. Will Syed speak up when accusing eyes look to his brother for an explanation?

Elsewhere at the wedding, Denise has an awkward morning-after when she runs into Fatboy. After sleeping with the younger bartender, she insists it was a one-time thing. If his reaction to her the night before is any indication, he might have something to say about that.


Spoiler alert: The 40th anniversary of the soap is ongoing this week and details are scarce. However, it has been revealed that someone will die in the live episode on October 17, with the funeral happening on November 1.

She won't be back in time for the 40th anniversary, but Samantha Giles will return as Bernice in November. Ashley's ex makes her come back just as he splits from Laurel. Could be interesting.

Spoiler alert: Eoghan comes to the village for his sister Lynsey's funeral. That's not his only connection though, as it becomes clear he and Brendan were once involved. Things are tense between the two as Eoghan blames Brendan for not protecting his sister, while Brenda confronts him about not being open about his sexuality.

Jono makes a life changing decision next week, as he sets out to join the army. His decision is made after growing tired of his friends' immature antics. That and the fact that one of his mates has a growing drug habit makes him want more for his life.

Home and Away:
Spoiler alert: The Braxton boys just survived their evil father and now they have a new villain to face when Adam shows up. Brax is happy to see his mentor, while Heath blames him for his stint in jail. Looks like Brax should listen to his brother as Adam uses the mother of Brax's deceased child to get what he wants from his former protégé.

Leah starts up a new romance with Jamie, who she meets at a fundraiser. Things go smoothly until Jamie comes on a bit too strong, sending her a constant stream of gifts and insisting they go out again. Leah starts to grow wary of Jamie, but is she just overwhelmed by the attention, or does she have something to really worry about?


Spoiler alert: Long distance relationships are tough, which Kyle comes to realize. His lady Jade has been working in L.A. lately and gets an offer to relocate there for a year. Kyle decides his life is in Erinsborough though and stays behind as Jade moves away for good.

Vanessa and Lucas are pretending to be a couple for the sake of Vanessa's mother, who disapproves of her daughter being single and pregnant. Lucas secretly wants to be with the mother of his child and is happy to keep up the ruse. It's safe to assume he won't be too upset when mom pushes for a wedding between the two. But how will Vanessa react?

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