Even months after the finale of Passions aired, Soaps.com readers and Soap Opera Fan readers have been emailing us, morose because they've yet to see the finale. We keep pointing them to YouTube, but in the interest of time, we figure it might be nice to sit back on Soaps.com and watch the finale in its entirety. We apologize that we can't offer the finale in one clip, but here they are in sequence, from one through five, for your enjoyment!

Incidentally, you can click the link above to read the recap of the finale as well!

Part One!

Part Two!

Part Three!

Part Four!

Part Five!

So, was it all you had dreamed of? Was it worth the years of wait to see the wedding of Ethan to Theresa? Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts!

If you can't watch these videos watch them on our sister site through Passions Video Finale On Soap Opera Fan Blog.