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Harley's a Marvel!

Marvel Comic / Guiding Light crossover

Recently, was contacted to write an article Superheroes coming to Springfield. Our Guiding Light editor, Matthew Purvis, wrote up a great article about the crossover between the fictitious characters of Springfield popping up in a comic book, and in turn, the comic book heroes popping up right in Springfield! On November 1 episode, we all watched in awe as Harley Aitoro (Beth Ehlers) is electrocuted, later gaining superpowers. One touch and she has dinner made; one thought and she's slipping cuffs on prisoners! I'm not sure who wouldn't want these powers, but I do know of several Guiding Light viewers who were less than impressed at the Marvel comic book antics. I'd like to add some positive comments but unfortunately, I have none. Is it an age thing? Were the fans not ready for this ingenious idea?For those who enjoyed the show, please feel free to let us know your thoughts. For those who disliked the show, read on! You're not alone.

From Barbara B : I have been watching the Guiding Light since I was in grade school. I am now 66. I can truly say today's show with the comic characters was so dumb that I turned the TV off. Can't believe I'm writing this.

Judy R: Please, I have been an avid watcher for 25 years. Tell me the cartoon life was a one day episode to plug the comic book. Why didn't you get Harley to cure Reva? Please let Reva live.

Jacqueline L: This is so ridiculous I am thinking about not watching the show anymore. The whole thing with Reva had lasted way too long and we are watching a comic book drama. I have been watching off & on since the show started but this takes the cake.

Shauna M: Trash the comic book crap.. This is daytime TV with a majority audience of women. We are not children and we don't enjoy the stupidity of the change. Trash it or you will lose most of your adult audience...

Maria H: Don't like the cartoon...I am done. I will find something else to watch.
Patricia E: I have watched this show for years and I have loved it until now. This is now a comic and if that is what I wanted I would go out and buy one. When and if you stop this part of the soap opera-then e-mail me. I am a grown woman, not a child!
Thank you so much for your time.

Carrie S: Oh please, this "super hero" thing is really the stupidest and most insulting thing you have ever had going. Please stop broadcasting down to your viewers and take that ridiculous JUNK off of the air. How could Harley ever have agreed to this character? It is so juvenile. Please, please, please stop the insanity!

Rae B: You've wrecked my favorite soap with sci-fiction super hero comic book style. Do you really think people are going to go for this? It would be appealing only to a 5 yr. old. What about Reva. Will we hear if she lives or see a comic picture of her? Wake up and give us back the Guiding Light. This is pathetic!!!

Mary C : I am beginning to think that your writers have lost what little gray matter they had. First you decide to let Reva die and then to top it off you make Harley into a super hero. I noticed that in the introduction today Reva, Josh, Billy, Lizzie, Jonathan and some others were not included. Is this the way the show is going? If it continues like this I won't be watching & I have been watching for thirty years. I do not want a comic strip or my favorite characters replaced. I would appreciate a reply not a stock answer.

Suzanne G: The Marvel was the most ridiculous hour I have ever seen. I kept watching, wondering why I was wasting my time. I hope they never do this again or I will turn the channel!

Shar B: Stop, already. Today's episode is the first time I have ever turned OFF the TV when Guiding Light was on, half-way through. This show is utterly ridiculous and not up to your standards. Leave the comics to the children, thank you.

Bonnie S: Please stop the comic book power range program that was on today. It was awful!

Carol K: Watched GL today (Wed) is this new format? If so, it really stinks. This is designed for the young not for the people who have watched for years. Also, it's about time Josh found out about Riva. I know it's a soap opera and not real life, BUT, come on, this portion could have been a more realistic.

Carole S: I've been involved with GL for over 40 years. Today 11/1 was the dumbest, stupidest episode I have ever experienced. If I wanted to read a comic book, I would go buy one. If this stupidity continues, I will stop watching the one and only soap I do watch. I am a very disappointed fan, and I know of many others who feel as I do.

Priscilla L:

I have been a fan for many years, but your show today was
one of the worst I have ever seen. Your show is viewed
by a mature audience and not a teen comic book audience.

Where are your writers (or lack of)?

There are so many other stories going on that it seems
very stupid to put on something so not in touch with all
of the other events.

I hope that this is not a preview of things to come in
the future.

Marcia R: I have been watching Guiding Light for 40 years but I'm wondering if that is about to end. The Marvel Comic idea will be the end for me if it continues. It makes me think you forgot who your audience is. I am not 10. It will make me very sad if I have to say goodbye.

Christine Fix