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Baby makes four on Neighbours. (Channel 5)

Murders, secrets and illicit affairs.

Soaps across the pond are every bit as juicy as American ones. Coming up, affairs are exposed, pregnancies complicate relationships and secrets are out. Find out what's about to go down on a few British and Australian dramas.

Spoiler alert: It seems the truth about Heather's death is finally out. When Sharon goes looking for a job at the R&R, she engages Phil in conversation. Somehow this leads her to figuring out Phil has been protecting his guilty son Ben in the murder all along. What will she do with this information?

Kat's been carrying on with a secret affair behind her husband Alfie's back for a couple of months now. Not only is Alfie in the dark, but the viewers are as well when it comes to the identity of her paramour. That is soon to change, as after a fight breaks out between the Queen Vic football team, Kat tends to her injured lover, who leaves behind a message of love for her. Does Kat return the sentiment? More importantly, just who has she been carrying on with all this time?

Coronation Street:

Nigel Havers has extended his contract to play conman Lewis Archer until sometime next year. Since his most recent return, Lewis has reignited the flames with Audrey, but don't count out the ex-gigolo when it comes to the other ladies on the Street.

Spoiler alert: With Tyrone falling apart during Kirsty's absence, Tommy sets out to fix things. He finds Kirsty at the hospital and urges her go back home. She thinks she and Tyrone are better off apart, but Tommy continues to persuade her. Since she's been abusing Tyrone, she's probably right to walk away, but Tommy doesn't know that and does his best to fix Tyrone's broken heart. Watch the video below for more of Thursday's episode, which might not be available in all areas.

Spoiler alert: The attraction between David and Priya has been growing, but they've been keeping it a secret from everyone else. However, Nikhil soon discovers that his friend and sister are involved. He objects, even when David explains his marriage to Alicia isn't real, and demands they stop seeing each other. Will they listen or is their chemistry too strong?

David's unwittingly gotten himself into another mess as well, when Ali wrongly assumes he's the father of Rachel's baby. Watch the confrontation below in the video that might not be available in all areas.

Spoiler alert: Dodger hasn't been handling the fact that Dirk isn't his biological father too well. Keeping the fact that he knows he was adopted a secret isn't helping matters. Dodger decides to find his bio dad, but not before smashing up Dirk's van that says Savage & Son on the side. Telling Dirk what he knows might be an easier way to handle the situation.

Lynsey was found dead in her and Brendan's apartment a couple of months ago. The mystery still surrounds who killed her, so the cast of "Hollyoaks" have offered up their suspicions in the video below. Take a look at the clip, which might not be available in all areas, to see if you agree with any of their theories.


Spoiler alert: After kissing student Noah, Kate left teaching. However, she's encouraged to return by principal Priya. When she does, her new high school students throw her past in her face. One even suggests he be her new boy toy. Will Kate fight back or will she turn and run?

Lucas and Vanessa are having a baby together, but they're aren't a couple. Lucas would like them to be, but Vanessa is dating Rhys. When Lucas buys them a house to live in as a family, Vanessa balks until Rhys encourages her to accept the gesture. Rhys even tags along as Vanessa and Lucas toast to their home. Probably not what Lucas had in mind.

Home and Away:

Spoiler alert: During the robbery Casey is forced to participate in with his father Danny, he is ordered to shoot an innocent man. Instead, Casey shoots and kills his father. Casey faces murder charges, but even worse, he must face his distraught brother Heath, who still can't accept who his father really was.

As for the victim of the car crash, Dex makes it out alive, but must cope with a brain injury. It looks like he has a tough road ahead as not only does the injury affect his mental abilities, but he must also learn to walk again. April wants to be at his side during his recovery, but will he let her?

Are you keeping up with these shows? Tempted to start watching? Feel free to discuss them below.

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