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Peggy R asks, "Bring back Will Kirby!"

ATWT finally addresses Detective Hal Munson's death.

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Shawn Brady Comments

From Renee S.: I really love Days and have been an avid watcher since I was in grade school. My mom used to make me sit and be quite so she could watch it and soon I fell in love with it and have not missed a show in 20 years. I feel like they are part of my family and that I know them all so well. I have never had a complaint about it at all. Although I just cant find myself getting use to the new Shawn. I have nothing against him if he would have come in as someone else but he just does not fit Shawn's personality of anything. Please let him know I have nothing against him but how and when can we have the old Shawn back I miss him so much. I took me awhile to get used to the new belle but she is fine and fits right in but not the new Shawn. Please let me know if i can look forward to the regular Shawn coming back. My biggest dream in the whole world is to meet everyone in the show. Someday I hope my dream can come true. If I had one wish it would be to watch a filming of that wonderful show that is a very big part of my life. Thank you and please don't take offence to the Shawn concern I'm not talking bad about the new Shawn but the real one was perfect. I miss him so much. Please tell me he is coming back. A very big fan of 20 years, who knows everything about the show! I've grown up with all of them and love them all so much. I hope to hear from you soon. I love you all.

From Lisa S.: The new Shawn is okay but the old Shawn was amazing.

ATWT: Ben Hendrickson's (Hal's) Death

From: Margery E.: I have watched the show since Kim was married to John Dixon, and have seen Hal's character for his entire run of the show. Your tribute to him today was lovely. I too will miss him. The actor who played him was so good. Thank you for devoting so much of the show to his loss. It was clear the other actors were feeling his loss for real.

From: Kathy W.: Ben was a great actor. I'm real glad ya'll didn't replace him because he can't be replaced.

From: Takisha L.: I didn't know he had died. I just found out and I am so shock, upset and confused. He was a full of talent that's how I saw him. He will be missed so very much just know my heart goes out to his family on As The World Turns and to the Hendricks. I will keep praying for everyone.

From: Anna H.: I have been a big As the World Turns fan for a long time and I was highly disappointed in the fact that Hal (Benjamin Hendrickson) did not have an appropriate memorial service. I have been watching everyday since I found out that Benjamin Hendrickson passed away because I just knew that they would do something really special for him. I would have expected a little more than just a toast at a pub. He has been on the show for as long as I have been watching. I just hope that, As the World Turns will do better in the future when it comes to remembering their actors. A proper memorial service could have given the audience a chance to say goodbye to a very beloved actor.

From Shelby D.: Hal was a great actor on ATWT and also other shows he was on.

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Will Kirby on Y&R

From: Peggy R.: Please bring back Will Kirby I think he is great fun I Loved him on Big Brother!!

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Y & R: No More Shelia

From: Mary T.: All I want to say is please no more Sheila - this has been overused in my opinion. I have been watching Y & R for more years then I could say and Sheila's story line has been overdone.

From: Iris O.: You need to get your old writers back. I am sick to death of Sheila. Are you sending a message that one can physically attack another person and it is okay?

From: Juanita H.: I will not watch the show anymore if Shelia is brought back as an evil person again.

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