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Cyndi asks, Have been trying hard to find out the name of the black handbag Steffy Forrester had on June 4 episode of "B&B" and a few days before that. It looks like a black hobo tote. I would desperately love to have the bag. Sorry Cyndi but "B&B" no longer provides us with that information. They’ve not done this since 2009, due to lack of time on their part.

Diann says, I have been watching "Days of Our Lives" since I was a teenager and am now 60. There have been times when I almost stopped watching because of the ridiculous storylines, but now I am through! I just read that Peter Reckell is leaving as Bo. That's it for me! He has been with the show almost the entire time, except for a brief stint. I can only assume his leaving is over contract negotiations, why would your producers let him leave over money! Many fans share your upset about Reckell’s decision to leave the show. Peter Reckell left because he could not resolve his contract issues, though we do not know exactly what those issues are. In the end, contracts are private and between the show and the actor. They do not comment on those that often so we’re as in the dark as you on this one. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy the show almost as much as if Peter was there. And forever is a long time. Perhaps he'll return someday!

Christopher asks, With all these "Days" actor changes and such and the death of Stefano, does this all point to a closing of the show? With Bo going it's a real bummer. We sure hope not. As far as we know, the show is still going strong. Keep watching to keep it alive. Peter Reckell left because he could not resolve his contract issues but we think Stefano may return. There has never been official word about Joe Mascolo’s departure being permanent.

Michelle asks, Can you tell me the designer of the green dress that "Phyllis Newman" wore to the Art Gala on Friday, June 22 episode? I would love to find it! Sorry Michelle, we do not have that information. "Y&R" has never given us this information.

Clara wants to know, Why is Jill and Billy from "Young and The Restless" not around anymore, will they return? Both will be seen more on canvas soon. This is storyline related.

Burl asks, Will Angelina return to "Y&R?" Will Carmine remain on the show? We've not heard anything for either which means she isn't returning in the immediate future and he isn't leaving anytime soon. Keep checking Y&R’s comings and goings for up-to-date news.

Wolfsmistress asks, Hello. I was wondering if the young lady who plays Caroline on "B&B" has done any modeling? I saw a photo of a girl in a Food & Wine magazine that looked like her, and wanted to know if you knew if she did a print ad for them. Thank you! There’s a good chance she has done modeling, however, without seeing the magazine we can’t be certain and there has been no information out there to tell us either way. If you can send us the article, we’d be happy to take a look.

Robin asks, I loved Sami's dress in the June 19 and 20th episodes of "Days." It was black with short sleeves and a white design going around the neckline and down the front of the dress. I would be interested to know the designer and where it might be available.

Meg asks, On "Days of our Lives" June 21, 2012, Gabi wears an orange blazer and tank top. Where could I purchase that? Sorry ladies, we’d love to help but our hands are tied since the show stopped providing wardrobe Q&As for us in 2009.

Christina asks, "Please let me know where I could get the 2013 wall calendar of "Days" soap opera?" Christina we have heard that you can pre-order it for purchase on Amazon.

Pamela asks, What is the guy's real name who was with Lexi on "Days of our Lives" that she was having an affair with? He went by the name of Tek. That was Rhasaan Orange.

Padi asks, Where did Lily get the Monet dress on the June 26th episode of "Y&R" and what is the price?

Barbar asks, Sharon Case carried a cute clutch bag the day that she was to check out her new horse. Can you tell me what brand that was? It was white with little bits of black and a beige trim.

Carla wants to know, I was watching the "Y&R" episode on June 25 and I love the yellow dress that Phyllis (Michele Stafford) was wearing. It's a yellow dress. It looked amazing and I have a wedding coming up and that dress is perfect. Sorry, I wish we knew the answer to all of these questions but "Y&R" doesn’t give us wardrobe information.

Linda asks, Hi! I am hoping you can help me. I absolutely love the coffee mugs that Sami has at her apartment on "Days." Can you please tell me who makes them; where I can get them? Thank you so much for your time. Sorry no idea. "DOOL" doesn’t provide that information anymore either! They did at one time but stopped in 2009, sadly, when they changed wardrobe staff.

Karen asks, Why are the actors Bo, Lexi and Stefano leaving "Days of our Lives?" We have only heard that Peter left because he could not resolve contract disputes – we do not know exactly what the disputes were. Renee Jones left DOOL because she no longer wishes to be in acting and wanted to return to Georgia. Stefano's is storyline related. We have been suspecting Joe Mascolo may return possibly in the fall.

Mary asks, With Katie Couric coming on in the fall at the 2:00 PM hour, what is the future of "GH?" Please don't tell me that this is going off the air too! A long time dedicated fan. It's staying! "GH" will be aired at 2:00 PM starting September 10. Read more about General Hospital's time slot change.

Rachel says, "Guiding Light" was my favorite soap ever. I miss it so much. I was upset they took it off. I wish they would bring it back on. Why was it taken off anyways? It was a combination of things. Lack of funds to keep it going, production issues and then the low ratings. We miss it as well Rachel. We still post any Guiding Light news here. You can find some great fan fiction there as well.

Debbie asks about "B&B," Can you please make this show 1 hour! I know you have to have sponsors but there are too many ads and not enough show. A rep for "B&B" has told us that they’ve no plans to make the show an hour long.

Ty asks, I just want to know is there any where "B&B" fans can post their suggestions about the show and someone can look at them to get ideas of what the fans would like to see? Try the "B&B" forums. Feel free to email the show here -

Anonymous says, I am just curious, on "Y&R," when is Phyllis going to quit repeating her sentences on? It's like she is forgetting her lines or something. I know she's not, it has just gotten annoying. This would be a question better suited to the script writer who writes the script for her. It is likely that she is merely doing what the script asks for. Sometimes this happens on "DOOL" as well!

Robin says, I have a storyline for the "Bold and the Beautiful" that I would like to share, I have been watching the show since I was in high school. It seems to be repeating itself. We should bring back Thorne's daughter with some kind of revenge to Taylor and her family for killing her mother, maybe she could have a love affair with Thomas? Have you all thought about this? This would be great!" Sounds good to us Robin. We're not the writers though and have no say in what they write. You can email it to the show here -

Shellie says, So far your website has been the most organized but I still can’t find what I need. I really want to know what the name of the poem Molly read at Sam McCall's baby’s funeral on "General Hospital." My friend's child passed yesterday and I think the poem was beautiful and wanted it for her if you or anyone can help me it is greatly appreciated. So sorry to hear about the passing. This poem was written in 1932 by Mary Elizabeth Frye.

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sun on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circling flight.
I am the soft star-shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there, I did not die.

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- Christine Fix