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Since Americans aren't the only ones with good soapy drama, has listened to our readers from across the pond who have requested we keep tabs on a few British and Australian soap operas. Take a look at what's going on with dramas from other parts of the world.

Spoiler alert: Jay, Ben and Phil seem to be moving past Heather's murder scot-free, but the past comes back to haunt them when Jay discovers Ben has been holding on to the photo frame that killed her. He tries to keep his cool about it, but ends up exploding at Ben over his discovery and even heads to the cops. Will he turn Ben in?

Masood's younger brother AJ shows up reigniting his mischievous side. While Zainab's away, the boys will apparently play, as the brothers head out for some childish fun. Until they run into Derek that is.

Coronation Street:

Spoiler alert: Peter's at his wit's end when Leanne, tired of the animosity between them, declares she's taking Simon and moving away with Nick. He seeks out Carla for support, but becomes furious when she's too busy at work to discuss the matter. He goes off on a tirade, but luckily for Carla, her brother Rob arrives just in time to step in.

Izzy is thrilled when she learns she's pregnant, but will her boyfriend Gary share her excitement? Watch the promo below as Izzy shares her news with Fiz in the video, which might not be available in all areas.

Spoiler alert: After a soon to be sentenced Alicia and David get married, she confesses Jacob backed off his custody fight for their son, making the marriage a mute point. She explains that she went through with it anyway because she is in love with him. A taken aback David tells her the feeling isn't mutual. Hopefully, she'll get better news from the judge.

In the July 3 hour-long episode, a down and out Ashley faces life on the streets. He puts his faith in a girl who saves him from being robbed of the few possessions he has left, but can he really trust her?

Spoiler alert: Silas' return won't be a pleasant one, as after Texas visits him looking for answers regarding Lynsey's murder, he escapes the psychiatric hospital in a rage. Once out, he heads for Texas' place, barges in and ties her up. Sounds like Texas should have let sleeping dogs lie.

After Mercedes' attack, Riley tries to wrap his mind around everything that happened and whether or not Mitzeee was the one who did it. He finds himself torn between the women and incurs Mercedes' jealousy when he pays Mitzeee a visit. It remains to be seen which woman he ultimately sides with, but we have a feeling Mercedes has a few more tricks up her sleeve to sway him over to her.

Home and Away:
Spoiler alert: After Romeo learns of Ruby's deception regarding her "pregnancy," he turns to his estranged wife Indi for support. Liam urges him to take it slow with Indi, who is trying to move on, but will he attempt a reconciliation anyway?

Things aren't looking good for Brax as he is beaten by some thugs and left for dead in a forest. Who's behind the attack remains unclear, but since Brax's criminal father Danny was just released from prison, he's at the top of the suspect list.

Get a look at the first few minutes of today's episode in the following video, which might not be available in all areas, as Brax remains wary of his father's intentions.

Spoiler alert: In an interview with Digital Spy, new "Neighbours" executive producer Richard Jasek teased, "We have a really dramatic storyline coming up soon which I can't tell you too much about, but it will have consequences that run for the rest of the year. All I can say is the gang shouldn't have gone out that night…"

Is Tash secretly a math genius? Could be as she solves a customer's tough equation. Impressed, he invites her to join a uni maths club, but she hesitates. Will she embrace her hidden talent or continue her career path as a waitress?

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