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Kim Zimmer is Reva Shayne Lewis (CBS)

Reva and Josh (Kim Zimmer & Robert Newman) (CBS)

Fans speak out concerning Reva's current storyline Most don't seem to be impressed with the writers of Guiding Light and speak out about it here!

From Karen L:

I cannot believe what you new writers have done to Reva. She was the reason all of us at work watched the soap. She and Josh. We even liked Jonathan. However, we have all decided the Cassie and Josh deal and what you have done with Reva, we are no longer going to be interested in watching the show. Everyone we talk to even states away doesn't care to watch the show anymore. Looks like you drummed up a disaster and are losing a lot of viewers at the same time. Others have told us to watch General Hospital so they are filling us all in and we are headed that way if you are going to keep the story line of Josh and Cassie going and Reva going out. Well we have watched this show since we were all teens, and let me tell you that was quite a while ago, but you are clearing driving everyone away. Hope you get your writing acts together soon like very soon or you lost (no lie) over 300 viewers.

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From Patti A:

I think the story line is awful and you need some new writers. The Reva, Josh, Cassie, Billy story line is terrible and all of them should go off the bridge. Get some new writers, please!

From Sherri W :

Good Heavens, what is wrong? The writers of GL have gone loony. The storylines are awful and everything drags on and on. The sets are horrible. Nothing looks real except for the Spaulding living room. The hospital set is horrible and looks like it belongs in the Bahamas. The stupid cafe outside is ridiculous and so fake and everyone practically lives in hotels. I have watched GL since 1966 and for many years it was wonderful, but this year goes down as the worst in history.Is some trying to get rid of GL? Better take a good look at your writers they may be working for GH! Get rid of the crummy sets and storylines or you're going to get rid of a lot of viewers. Oh yeah, get rid of some of the actors, actresses that are dead weight, Cassie, Jeffrey, Mel, Marina and Remmie maybe if you cut those useless characters, you'd have enough money for new more real looking sets. By the way bring back Philip!

From Milana G-S:

Reva is doing a fine job of acting (I hope the cancer isn't affecting her in her "real" life). As a working woman who has been a devoted watcher for more years than I care to remember, I am disappointed in the direction the show is taking, especially with Reva and Josh. Moreover, if Reva leaves the show or Josh stays with his sister-in-law I am changing the channel never to return! I will find another soap or game show or just read!!!

From Carrie R:

Please, please take Reva off the show. she ruins it for all of us. How many times can you kill her and then bring her back. I change the channel when she comes on. She is sickening! I like the Jonathan character, but not with Lizzy. He is better suited with Tammy. I know my opinion doesn't count but i just had to express it.


From Teresa N:

Dear Guiding Light, I am survivor of breast cancer, and my mother died of suicide. Every day that I took chemo and struggled to survive, and watched all the ones around me taking chemo trying to survive, and not making it, out of 18 chemo patients (that I met)there are only 6 of us left, and one of those is going for a stem cell replacement, well your story line sucks!! Just to have your character just give up like that just makes me mad. A strong willed person like Reva...If you let her go like that, I will never watch again. (I love your show other than that.) That's telling everyone that has cancer not to even try to live, just give up!! I've seen too many of my friends struggle to the end of their life,...just to live. And the heartache of my mother committing suicide just brings it back every day when I tune in your show. I never watched general hospital, after Laura died way back when, and even if you bring them back, it's not the same. I've watched your show since 1985 when I was pregnant with my daughter. I know characters get killed off, and this is only a soap, but please, there are enough things that will get you down and kill your spirit, don't send out the message that this is ok to the cancer patients. I live with and struggle with the fact that my mother took her own life...and that my cancer may show up at any time again, I guess until your story line straightens up, I will have to stop watching it . I cry every time I watch the Reva story line , what if I had killed myself, my 3 kids would be doing the what ifs like I do every single day and like Reva my first grandchild is due , I'd never get to meet her..........

From Liz S:

How do we send a message to the writers or producers of GL? This whole thing with Reba is totally crazy! They can't write her off. She is a fighter, an inspiration--This would be a great opportunity to form a campaign with the entire cast to unite and fight for a cure for Reba. This would be a great opportunity for her number one enemy (Spaulding) to come to her rescue and fly in the best in medicine for her. The only times I watch is when Reba has been written back on throughout the years. Throughout the years they have taken her off, and they are absolutely crazy. They need to patch this thing with her and Josh--True Love needs to find its way Home!

From Aurelia B:

I am speaking for myself and others when I say your story line about cancer is insulting, offensive and crude. To those who have the disease it is not trivial nor is it glamorous. There are people who have lived or are living with cancer and your unrealistic, blas representation is offensive.

From Kay T:

I have been watching GL since it first came on TV and it has always been my favorite show. Josh and Reva have always been my favorite couple. However you have dragged out the story line of Revas cancer to the point that all I want is for you to tell josh and be done with it. Sometimes you can kill a good story line by dragging it out too long and that is what you have done with this one. It has spoiled all of the good memories of this super couple for me. I just want it finished.

From Rhonda W:

You are starting to lose me as a viewer as well as many as my friends.
Either cure her or kill her. It's enough already!!!!!!

From Mindy R:

I would like to let u all know i enjoy the great work ya'll are doing. You can't take Reva off again she is the show but I like them all especially Jonathan he is great. God bless everyone.

From Jessica D. :

Put josh & Reva back together. Get rid of that gold digging tramp. Put Billy and Vanessa back together because he needs some happiness in his life. Please put Josh and Reva back together. Josh is reva's rock

From Nancy K:

I am very upset about the way you handled Reva & cancer. Her family had the right to be with her throughout & this attempt at suicide is the wrong message. I have been through cancer twice, one daughter had lung cancer and another is currently battling for her life with small cell lymphoma. I know this is breast cancer month but please there are other types just as lethal and just as painful. By-the-way, to shut out the children of Reva's who need to be aware so they can be checked was wrong. Cancer does not care about age, nor gender. I want every body to be just as aware of the other types that many don't know about.

Christine Fix