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Your pressing questions answered!'s mailbag has been opened and read and now we're sharing our avid readers' burning questions.

A "B&B" viewer, Janice says, "I have been watching this show ever since it has been on now if you stop this wedding I will be so upset and others will follow me and stop watching this show. I want Liam and Hope to get married so bad they have been through a lot and need to be together. This is making me so nervous please writers help me. We’re not the writers Janice so we have no say in the storyline for any soaps but if you want to know what happens at the wedding, feel free to check out our B&B spoiler page! It spoils what's to come!

Shirley has a request. "I want Blair and Todd to come back to P.C. Thought they were supposed to be in the show now that ‘OLTL’ was canceled, which it never should have been. They need to be with Starr and John. Hope the little bit they were on, is not going to be all of it." Shirley, Todd has been back for a while which should please you and Blair returns to GH this summer. Bookmark that link and we’ll update with an exact date once the studio shares that information.

Gloria asks, "Did 'Y&R's Elizabeth Hendrickson play jockey, Tina Sharpe in the series 'Wildfire'?" No she was not in that series. It may be Genevieve Padalecki who has a similar look and played the lead who you are thinking of.

Alice asks, "Please don't let Molly Burnett leave. She is a doll and good little actress. Please never let EJ or Nicole leave either." I'm sure Molly will be touched to know that she will be missed! We’ll miss her as well but it was Molly's choice to leave her role as Melanie in "Days of our Lives" in order to find other roles. Nobody can force her to stay. Hopefully we’ll have James (EJ) and Ari (Nicole) for a good long time and maybe one day Molly will return to 'DOOL'.

Nancy asks, "Lots of people say they would pay for a good daily soap like 'ATWT' so missed. What is the possibility of pay to view happening?" I’d pay! I miss "ATWT" as does the rest of the staff here at Sadly, when we polled folks, the majority refused to pay for any soap opera. We are not sure if it will be a possibility that this could happen especially at this point. We are reporters though and can't make those decisions, of course. You’d have more luck contacting Prospect Park, though if they thought that there was a chance for the show, we're sure they would be trying to make it work.

Marian asks, "Where is Ned and Dillon Quartermaine?" Dillon and Ned have not been on the show since 2007. Both left Port Charles and that's the last we heard of them.

Ellen says, "I don’t know how you can take off the greatest soap operas 'All My Children' and 'One Life To Live'. ABC should have fought harder instead they have they have two stupid shows, 'The Chew', and 'The Revolution', which are really boring. We’re reporters Ellen so though we reported on this when it happened, we’re not responsible for the cancellation. We wish it was a bad dream. Unfortunately the network, ABC decided to cancel the show, much to everyone’s chagrin. The good news is that you can see some of your faves over on "General Hospital." If you don't care for that one, definitely take a look at the other soaps. We're sure you'll find something that you'll enjoy.

Cheryl says, "This is for ‘Days of our Lives’! Why are all the best actors leaving the show? It makes me want to stop watching. Stefano is gone Bo is gone Lexi is gone. So the ratings are going to go down now." It's quite shocking and sad when we lose major players. The show has stated that their cast is too large and in order to keep a balance on the show, they wanted to get it down to a workable size. Molly Burnett left of her own accord in order to get other gigs while Peter Reckell left after being unable to reach a contractual agreement. We still think Joe Mascolo may return as Stefano.

Bruce asks, "Who is the landlady at Tim Reid's apartment on 'Y&R'?" That’s Brett Butler. You may remember her from the ‘90s sitcom "Grace Under Fire."

"Y&R" fan Dan says, "Malcolm, Neil’s brother had AIDS, now Neil is sleeping around, so does the entire cast of ‘Y&R’ have AIDS? What’s up with that?" Malcolm didn’t have AIDS. His long since deceased wife, Keesha Monroe had AIDS. The cast doesn’t have AIDS and neither do any of the characters. It sounds as though you’d like to see more reality regarding the consequences of being promiscuous in the soaps. We wouldn’t mind that either!

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- Christine Fix