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Lives are threatened and tons of destruction strikes during every disaster.

One of the most entertaining things about soap operas is you're guaranteed there will a disaster threatening the lives of our most loved characters. takes a look at some of the disasters that have stricken our fictional towns.

10. After a storm struck Los Angeles on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Dr. James Warwick and Dr. Taylor Hayes became trapped in the cabin at Big Bear when the ceiling collapsed. Most memorable moment: Married Taylor agreed to deflower Dr. Warwick who was afraid of dying a virgin.

9. Shortly after Marcie and Michael McBain were pronounced husband and wife on "One Life to Live" in 2006, a tornado blew through the church where a few guest remained. While the newlyweds and other guests enjoyed the reception, John McBain struggled to find those trapped under the debris at the church. Evangeline was blinded as a result of her injuries. Llanview would never be the same after a series of tornados tore through the town. Most memorable moment: After making love in the church rectory, Kelly Buchannon and her stepson, Duke Buchannon were severely injured in a second tornado. Kevin Buchannon were forced to choose which one would have the first lifesaving surgery. Believing that his son was stronger, he chose Kelly. Duke died before he reached surgery.

8. Of course, "Passions" was known for its ultra dramatic and over-the-top storylines. But, in 2005, the citizens of Harmony were hit with an earthquake that not only ripped through the town but also triggered a monster tsunami that threatened everyone in its path. Most memorable moment: Seeing Mrs. Wallace surf her way into the Harmony on the broken "Welcome to Harmony" sign.

7. In 2004, the Port Charles Hotel fire on "General Hospital" put its residents in the hot seat when they became trapped in the burning building. A body found in an electrical closet was identified as Zander Smith. Jason Morgan was handcuffed to the railing and left to die, and Cameron Lewis died after being struck by falling debris. Most memorable moment: Alexis Davis confessed to Carly Corinthos that Alexis' daughter, Kristina was Sonny Corinthos' child.

6. On "All My Children" in 1994, a tornado ripped through Pine Valley. Tad hovered near death after he was buried alive, Julia's face was severly cut, and Del saved Maria's life. Most memorable moment: hearing the sirens blare, the wind howl, glass breaking, trees ripping a part, buildings crashing and residents screaming provided an extremely realistic setting for a tornado.

5. In 2007 on "The Young and the Restless," Genoa City residents were trapped underground when the garage at Clear Springs Casino collapsed threatening the lives of many of the prominent residents. Jack Abbott sacrificed himself for his wife Sharon and her ex, Nick Newman, Amber Moore comforted Kay Chancellor, Victor Newman saved Jack, Noah Newman suffered serious injuries, and everyone else was rescued. Most Memorable Moment: A pregnant Victoria Newman emerged from the collapsed structure practically without a scratch when a piece of falling debris struck her in the head causing her to fall. Victoria ended up in a coma as everyone prayed for the survival of her and her unborn child.

4. Escaped prisoner, Manny Ruiz, set off a chain of disasters on "General Hospital" when he purposely caused two trains carrying Elizabeth and Lucky spencer's wedding guests to collide inside the train tunnel he rigged with explosives. Trapped in the tunnels, viewers clung to the edge of their seats watching as the Port Charles citizens fought to survive a series of explosions, tunnel collapses and shootouts. Jason nearly drowned, and Reese died in Sonny’s arms. Most memorable moment: Robin Scorpio performed an emergency c-section on Alexis Davis who gave birth to Molly.

3. In 2008, "All My Children's" Pine Valley was hit with a second devastating tornado that changed lives forever. Ryan saved Aidan’s life after he became pinned under an electrical pole. Little Adam was trapped in the rubble beneath his mother, Babe Chandler who was trapped in the debris. Angie fought to save Babe from her grave injuries. Most memorable moment: JR Chandler wept as he cradled Babe’s body after she succumbed to her injuries. "She’s dead," he cried.

2. In 2007 on "General Hospital," Port Charles residents were held hostage when Metro Court fell victim to cold-blooded and sadistic, masked man, James Craig and his henchmen. Craig who was actually Jasper Jax’s brother, Jerry, tortured and tormented the hostages with a series of deadly games. Proving he was truly evil, he shot Robin Scorpio and forced Carly and Emily Quartermaine to perform a crude surgery to remove the bullet. Most memorable moment: After James Craig forced Alan Quartermaine to suffer through a heart attack without treatment, Alan later died before his son, Jason Morgan, arrived at his side.

1. Returning home to Salem from a trip to Ireland, in 2008, "Days of Our Lives" residents unknowingly boarded John Black’s sabotaged jet. Bo Brady revealed that he had cancer. John was forced to pilot the failing plane because the pilots were drugged, and everyone debated how they would share the limited supply of oxygen. Most memorable moment: Grandpa Shawn Brady sacrificed his oxygen to save the life of his son, Bo. Grandpa Shawn took his last breath forever leaving a hole in the hearts of his loved ones and viewers.

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- Ophelia Thomas