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Watch it, Thursdays at 11pm ET.

For those of you who have been faithfully watching, "I Wanna Be A Soap Star" returns for its third season!

For those who are just now checking it out, the show is a one-hour reality show for aspiring actors. If you're an aspiring actor, you can apply for an open casting call in order to be on the one hour soap opera reality show. What happens after you make the call? You will compete against 9 other promising actors, living full time on a set of an actual soap opera, where the cameras shoot twenty-four hours a day! They capture each moment of the fiction, while a panel of experts (in the field of acting, casting and television) eliminate cast members until just one remains! The last actor standing gets to head to New York City to become the newest cast member of OLTL for the next 13 weeks!

Apply online at I Wanna Be A Soap Star or watch she show, in its third season of romance, passion, scandal, intrigue, revenge and of course - Reality!