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Since Americans aren't the only ones with good soapy drama, has listened to our readers from across the pond who have requested we keep tabs on a few British and Australian soap operas. Take a look at what's going on with dramas from other parts of the world.

Spoiler Alert: Janine and Michael's summer wedding will reportedly bring Diane and Ricky back for guest spots.

When Derek Branning's daughter Alice arrives, he pulls out all the stops to win her over. However, meeting the whole clan and attending a party in her honor might be a bit overwhelming. Then there's the cops paying Derek a visit. Will it all be too much?

Ben can't take the guilt anymore and confesses his role in Heather's death to Ian. How will he react to the shocking revelation?

Coronation Street:
Spoiler alert:
Nick and David head out for an innocent brother's night out at the strip club. Imagine Nick's surprise when he sees David's estranged wife working at the less than reputable establishment. Nick will certainly have his work cut out for him trying to get his brother out before he spots Kylie. Will he succeed?

When Lesley becomes too aggressive, Eileen, who is caring for her, feels the need to leave the house for a breather. Sadly, when she returns, she finds Lesley lifeless on the floor. How will Paul react when he learns Eileen left her alone?

Tina intervenes when Terry tries to burn down the bar for the insurance money. As to be expected, Terry doesn't take her meddling too well and gets rough with her. Watch the video, which may not be available in all areas, below for more.

Fiona Wade has signed on to lay Priya Sharma for another year on the British soap opera.

Word is "Emmerdale" will air a live show to commemorate their 40th anniversary. The special episode will air in October.

Spoiler alert: The teen years are a confusing time for sure and sadly for Sean, it's only getting worse. After he's caught in the middle of one of his parents' fights, he runs off. His mom's girlfriend Ruby follows him and they engage in another heart to heart. Apparently their chats have meant more to Sean than Ruby, as she is shocked when he goes in for a kiss. Awkward to say the least.

The Dingles continue to worry about a missing Zak, which only intensifies when the cops show up. Watch the video, which might not be available in all areas, below for more.

Spoiler alert: Still hoping to earn Brendan's respect, Joel gets in over his head during a deal and ends up stabbed and unconscious. Does Brendan's shady former associate Walker have anything to do with it? More importantly, will this incident finally give Joel the in he's been looking for with his mentor?

Michaela and Amy hit the road for a Daytona Lights show and run into Josh, who gives Amy advice on her relationship with Ally. Will Amy's ex help or hurt the situation?

Singer Maverick Sabre will show up in the village in early June when Dodger and Will put on competing fundraising events.

Spoiler alert: Now that Summer and Andrew seem to officially be over, she sets her sights on Griffin O'Donahue. Andrew insists he doesn't care when the two start seeing each other, but surely, he can't expect anyone to believe that.

Lucas is enjoying his single life to the fullest, but that could all change. After he picks up a girl at Charlie's, he gets a surprise at home that could put a stop to his carefree lifestyle. Who is waiting for him with big news?

Home and Away:

Lyn Collingwood is leaving the soap after 13 years of playing Colleen Smart. She reportedly filmed her final scenes months ago, but they haven't aired in Australia yet.

Spoiler alert:
After his break up with the older Henri, student Casey hits a teacher who taunts him about the relationship. The incident itself is bad enough, but things might get worse for the young lad when the cops show up at his home. Is a return stint to juvie in Casey's future?

Is Liam headed for a rebound relationship? Could be, as, still raw over his break up with Bianca, he lends a hand to struggling drug addict Hayley. Having been in her shoes, he understands her plight and helps her through the night at his place. Will anything besides kicking drugs transpire?

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