ABC To Launch Take A Look Campaign! image

Photo Credit: ABC

Although we are all still missing our ABC soap Next On Previews, fans will want to keep an eye out this week for some huge promos!

Starting this week, ABC will launch its "Take A Look" campaign! This multi-million dollar campaign hopes to remind soap fans of all of the upcoming drama-filled storylines, promised to be packed with excitement and intrigue - and maybe to lure back those fans who don't get to watch as often as they'd like. In the end, ABC wants everyone to realize what they'll be missing if they don't tune in!

During these sixty-second spots, not only will you get a quick view of the upcoming storylines for All My Children, General Hospital and One Life to Live, they'll be set to music from favorites Keith Urban and Shawn Hlookoff. wants to remind our readers, if you can't watch your favorite soaps - no matter what network - you can always catch up through our in-depth Daily Updates! Don't forget to vote your preference in our poll below!