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Opening up our mailbag.

Here's the latest batch of readers' questions that have come through's mailbag. Find out if yours was answered or if you've ever wondered about the same topic that other soap opera fans have.

Anonymous states: I am so mad you took one of my favorite soaps off... We don't have anything to do with the soaps that have been taken off the air and are as upset as you are over all the cancellations. However, we hope you'll at least watch one of the remaining four soaps to help keep the genre alive.

Beth inquires: I'm looking to find the art of bird eggs that was over the fireplace at Tad Martin's living room. Are they selling any art from the canceled soap? In these instances, the show might have had a few auctions, which would've taken place last year. Considering the sets are gone now, we have no way of knowing what happened to the props. However, Beth, there are All My Children and One Life To Live Wardrobe items available for purchase.

Melissa asks: Why doesn't "The Bold And The Beautiful" recap in the evenings like "The Young And The Restless," "Days of our Lives," and "General Hospital?" And why only 30 minutes? Though we aren't affiliated with SOAPnet or their schedules, a rep at "The Bold And The Beautiful" tells, "At this time "B&B" has no plans to expand to an hour long format. We thank our fans for their enduring support and their gracious requests of wanting more 'Bold and Beautiful'!"

Gloria wonders: Why can't I view the "B&B" spoiler video? This has happened twice. It says it has been blocked in my country because of copyright issues. I live in Colorado! We realize the annoyance of this. It's not a issue. We simply post news and network videos. Sometimes, as in this case with the CBS videos, the networks can't get licensing outside their general area. It could be a glitch in their system. Our editor, who's in Canada, has the same issues and feels your frustration, Gloria.

Tina asks: I'm hoping you can tell me where to purchase the white/red/black with fringe sweater that Steffy wore on "The Bold And Beautiful" on Friday 2/3/12 and on Monday 2/6/12? Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance for your help. While we'd love to help, Tina, unfortunately the show no longer provides us with this information, not since 2009, due to time restrictions.

Meredith asks: Could you please let me know who the designer of the dress was that Nicole was wearing on Thursday's show - 1/16. I've really loved all her outfits lately but I figured it would be easier to be specific. Thank you! As with "B&B" items, we haven't been able to obtain these "DOOL" answers since 2009, Meredith. The new wardrobe team simply doesn't have time.

Mare asks: What happened to Kirsten Storm who played Maxie? Kirsten Storms' return has been delayed longer than anticipated. It doesn't look as though she'll be coming back anytime soon, but she will return. Please bookmark the link where we'll keep readers informed with future details.

Gloria asks: Does "GH" have a cutoff date? I hope "GH" doesn't go off the air. I love all of the ABC soaps, especially "GH." As of right now, Gloria, "GH" is not being canceled. Should something new develop, we'll be sure to alert readers.

Nicole asks: For the last year or so I have been trying to find out the brand of wine/water glasses used on "General Hospital." The short thick stemmed ones used in the Metro Court Hotel. Please help. Sorry Nicole, we are only able to get "GH" wardrobe questions answered, not any pertaining to props.

Cristy asks: Is "Passions" coming back on? It was my favorite soap. I like it a lot and think it went off the air too early. Unfortunately Cristy, the show is not returning and has been off the air since August 2008. Feel free to watch the Passions Finale and peek at past daily recaps and current Passions News. You'll also find some of our "Passions" fan fiction in the link, which the fans seem to be enjoying. If you happen to reside in Canada, the Superchannel currently airs repeats.

Audrey asks: How can I get all the seasons of "Passions?" I did not get to finish watching all the seasons before they moved to DirecTV. The show has yet to put its episodes on DVD, Audrey. We'll post should they become available.

Patricia asks: Can you please, please, please, I am seriously begging you. Can you let me know the designer or where I can get a fur coat like that one Nikki was wearing the day Jack was suppose to get married? And please don't tell me that I have to mortgage my house to buy one. I had to keep that episode so I can go back and drool over that coat. I've been watching "Y&R" since Mrs. Chancellor was married to Phillip and when Victor married Nikki the very first time. Patricia, while we would have liked to have been able to get this information for you, unfortunately the wardrobe department at "Y&R" has never been able to answer such questions for us, due to time restrictions.

Patai asks: Why is Nick Newman on crutches? Joshua Morrow, who plays Nick, had a knee injury and had surgery on December 19. He is currently recuperating nicely.

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