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Answering readers' questions. is bringing back our mailbag in order for readers to view the answers to their burning questions, as well as those of fellow soap opera fans.

Jennifer asks: How do I get rid of annoying Ritz ads on the right side of the screen that now comes with music? I cannot get rid of it and it is driving me nuts. Each time I hit refresh it starts all over again. These are common ads that are used in order to advertise goods that generate income in order to maintain, a free site, and its staff. You'll find usually after a day or two the ads change.

Brenda tells us: I miss my family. I was born without one so this soap even though it sounds crazy they were my family. When will they come back and what can I do about it? We too are saddened to see "All My Children" and "One Life To Live" go. However, the decision has been made and neither soap will be returning to the Daytime television lineup or migrating online. If anything changes in the future, we'll inform the fans.

Dana asks: Where is Bridget on "The Bold And Beautiful?" I am going to stop watching this if she does not come back Ashley Jones will return as Bridget during February Sweeps.

Brenda says: Dying to know where Bill Spencer gets his wardrobe. It is so awesome. Unfortunately, we have not answered "B&B" wardrobe answers since 2009, due to time restrictions of the new wardrobe staff.

Rebecca asks: I was wondering who designed the coat that Madison was wearing on "Days of our Lives?" The date was 1/18/12. It was tan and had a shimmer to it. Thanks so much for your help.

Susan asks: The blouse that Sami had on 09/29/2012, the black halter top with the drape neck. Could you tell me where I can find one like it? Rebecca and Susan, we haven't been able to answer wardrobe questions since 2009 when the new wardrobe staff started at "Days."

Marsha asks: I would like to know the name of the furniture company that John and Marlena's condo is furnished with and the table in the hallway going to the kitchen. Marsha, unfortunately, the studio has never answered questions regarding the props on the show, sorry. We believe it's a time factor.

Lynne asks: "Days of our Lives" keeps bringing the old actors back and getting rid of so many good ones, just want to know why? I miss so many of the actors that aren't there anymore. While we realize everyone has their favorites, we're reporters and aren't affiliated with the show or their casting department. We can't answer for them.

Margarita asks: In the future are there any plans to cancel "General Hospital?" As of right now, though there has been much speculation, "General Hospital" is not being canceled. The studio rep has told us they will not know until September 2012 if that will change. When we are informed of any changes, we'll post the news in our "GH" News Room.

Vanessa asks: I have been wanting to know where you got the whiskey containers that are used at Johnny's apartment/condo. I would love to have those to display at my home. Unfortunately, Vanessa, we are only able to obtain answers to "GH" wardrobe questions.

Amy asks: What is wrong with Kirsten [Storms] "Maxie?" I was looking forward to her return. She is so much better than the new "Maxie." Kirsten Storms' return has been delayed. You'll find details concerning this within the link. We'll be seeing Jen Lilley, who's doing a fab job filling in, in the role for the unforeseeable future.

Greg states: I am a huge "Passions" fan. Is it ever going to re-run in the United States? I am on DirecTV. Do they still run the series? When is it coming out on DVD? We haven't heard of "Passions" currently airing reruns in the US, but you can call your DirecTV provider to inquire further. The show does air in Canada on the Superchannel and has since the cancellation. As of yet there are no plans to put the series on DVD. However, we have posted the Passions Finale for viewers to revisit.

Beverly expresses: I am interested in Phyllis and Nick's child. Whatever happened to the real results of that pregnancy test? No one ever knew except Nick. Will that ever surface again? As the story goes, Summer is the child of Nick and Phyllis. Only Maria Arena Bell, the head writer of the show, would be able to answer a question about that storyline resurfacing.

Seana asks: I am trying to find out where to buy the needlepoint pillows that are being used on "The Young And The Restless," (Diane's investigation). Thank you for any help. "Y&R" doesn't provide us with that information, sorry Seana.

Kelli asks: What is the name of the song and artist that played during Adam and Sharon's episode on January 23, 2012. Loved that song and I don't know how to find it to get it. The song is called "Insane," sang by John Starcluster, produced by Brian Wayy. It's not available at the moment for purchase as far as we know.

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