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Soap opera stars sharing their most sentimental moments, their plans for the holidays, and their most surprising presents.

Andrew Trischitta (Jack, "One Life To Live") shares his most sentimental moment of the holidays. "My most sentimental moment is watching my dog find her stocking, then stick her head in to get all her presents out... She gets so excited when she pulls out a stuffed animal or a new bone. Definitely the happiest out of everyone."

We asked him what the most surprising present was he had been given. He tells us, "I never have much of a list, even as a kid. Mostly every gift I received was a surprise, whether it be boring clothes or some expensive piece of technology. Everything about Christmas is still exciting. I’m still the first one up every Christmas morning, usually 6-7 AM. I can’t remember my most surprising gift, but maybe this year I’ll get some car keys, that would certainly be surprising."

Deidre Hall (Marlena, "Days of our Lives") tells about her plans for the holidays and her special traditions. "I decorate like mad. I make time for friends. I stay home a lot. I do what most Americans do. I enjoy my family. I try to do things that are charitable and help out in my community. But that's it. Just quiet."

Bobbie Eakes (ex-Krystal, "All My Children") tells us all about her lovely plans. "I always love to be with family when possible. My mom and dad are coming out. They'll be here for at least a week. We just renovated this mid-century modern out here and it's hopefully going to be finished by the time they get out here. So, we're just going to kick back with mom and dad, you know, enjoy the beautiful scene in Palm Springs. There's nothing like Christmas in Palm Springs. That's the best time of the year. We're excited about that."

Melissa Reeves (Jennifer, "Days of our Lives") discusses her plans for Christmas. She says, "We'll probably just go to Tennessee, which we love. First we'll be here in California with our family and then we'll go to Tennessee a couple of days later and spend the rest of our vacation there." When we asked what her favorite part of the holidays is, she admits, "Just being together with uninterrupted time. Our daughter's in college right now so we don't get to see her as much. It's really nice family time for all of us to be together. You don't realize how fast that goes. It just flies, so we're really realizing, your years with your children, our son's already 14, so he'll be going off in a couple of years. We think, oh my goodness, it goes away faster than you ever imagine."

Molly Burnett (Melanie, "Days of our Lives") tells us about the most sentimental moment of the holidays so far, what she’s doing this year, and she dishes on a unique Christmas present! "Let’s see, most sentimental moment was honestly celebrating sitting by a construction paper homemade fireplace with my mom while the snow fell. Best part about Christmas[is] being with family, and sitting by the huge, real fireplace we have in our living room."

Most surprising present? "My trapeze that I put over my bed to swing on. Because I knew I would get to be just like the circus trapeze girls!" Molly shares her plans for Christmas. "My dad and brother and I are going to Disney World! We've never been and thought it would be a very fitting overly sugary enjoying trip for us and you know I’m hitting up the Harry Potter theme park to have 1 or 6 butter beers."

Jerry verDorn (Clint, "One Life to Live") dishes on Christmas then and now. He starts off with what his plans are this holiday. "My wife's mother is coming to visit us. She's 80-some years old and yet still traveling on airplanes from Arizona. She's going to be here and that's good because I like her a lot. My two sons are coming home and bringing their girlfriends with them and I’m going to be cooking for all these people. Luckily, I'm done with my Christmas shopping…I've got time to plan." We asked, what his favorite present was that he either gave or received and he shared, "I think when I was a kid, [chuckles] this ties into Clint too, when I was 14 years old, I think I was living in South Dakota at the time and my dad was a hunter and I got a shotgun for Christmas so I could go out hunting with him. We used to hunt pheasants all the time and I thought, 'Wow. Now I'm a grownup I guess. I get to go out hunting and everything.' That one stuck with me forever and of course Clint was madly in love with his shotgun too and he could have a few too many bourbons and take it out of the house."

Casey Deidrick (Chad, "Days of our Lives") tells, all about his holiday plans and a surprise present! "Favorite part of the holidays? A chance to get out of L.A., and be with family. Also, it wouldn't be Christmas without Christmas lights." Casey's plans include, "Snowboarding as much as possible in Colorado with my friends." His most surprising present? "I got a Never Summer snowboard this year, I've been wanting one since I was a sophomore in high school! [smiles] wishes each of the soap actors, and the fans a very happy and safe holiday season. All the best from to you in 2012.

- Christine Fix, Amy Mistretta, Lori Wilson