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Back in June, brought you all the information about the one night only Divas of Daytime event, and now we've had a chance to catch up with a few of the ladies involved in the show.

One Life to Live writer Amy Mistretta wrapped up the last of the Divas of Daytime interviews after One Life to Live actress Kassie DePaiva (Blair Manning) gave her a quick call before heading out to tape some new show scenes at the ABC studios…

Amy: How did you become involved in Divas of Daytime?

Kassie: "I was invited to join by Bobbie Eakes (AMC's Krystal Chandler), and I was thrilled because I adore her. I'm a huge fan of both her and Kathy Brier (OLTL's Marcie McBain)."

Amy: How do you fit this all into your soap schedule?

Kassie: "Very strategically!" [Kassie laughed!]

Amy: You're no stranger to singing and to the stage. You're such a natural and seem to have such a fantastic time on stage. Is this work for you or is it fun, or do the two simply tie in together?

Kassie: "It's work… We perform on the weekends and squeeze in our rehearsal time during the week. It's work, but it is extremely joyful and wonderful to sing with these women. The music is so great, and it is always fun to see the fans and new audiences."

Amy: Would you ever consider making singing a full-time career?

Kassie: "I would consider it, but I wouldn't quit my day job."

Amy: How did your first show in New York go over?

Kassie: "The first show was kind of a work in progress. We had an opportunity to perform for the fans, who always forgive any mistakes. It's a great tight show, but there's always room for improvement!"

Amy: How much time do you, Bobbie and Kathy spend rehearsing, especially now that the November show is coming? Is this a weekly schedule and is it hectic, or does it fit right in with life in general?

Kassie: "We were rehearsing once a week, but when it gets closer to the performance date we'll move it up to two."

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Amy also chatted with Kathy Brier (Marcie McBain) about the upcoming event...

Amy: Can you tell us a little bit about how you got involved in Divas of Daytime?

Kathy: "I received an email from Bobbie Eakes [AMC's Krystal] who meet a guy, Mike, who saw us all perform at the Broadway Cares benefit. Mike knew people who had an entertainment company and approached Bobbie about putting something together then Bobbie asked me to take part in it."

Amy: How was it determined who would take part in the one night only show?

Kathy: "I wasn't sure if they only planned on having us three, but it made the most sense. Anymore would be too many."

Amy: Can you give us a sneak peek into what you'll be doing performance-wise?

Kathy: "I'll be singing a song from my CD, as well as another song, which is a secret track on the CD. It's a well-known song that gets fans going, and I want it to be a surprise. I'll also be singing the song I sang at Jen's funeral on One Life to Live."

Amy: Have you, Kassie [DePaiva, OLTL's Blair] and Bobbie [Eakes, AMC's Krystal] spent a lot of time rehearsing for the event?

Kathy: "Yes, we are doing a lot of rehearsing."

Amy: Were there any funny moments that took place during rehearsals?

Kathy: "There's nothing that pops out at me. They [Bobbie and Kassie] are very funny, so just being around them is a good time. I love working with them musically and have learned a lot from them."

Amy: What do you most look forward to when getting together for events such as Divas of Daytime?

"I love being on stage and performing in front of a live audience. Even if you're nervous, the energy you get from the fans is so exciting!"

If you'd like to read what Kathy said about her One Life to Live storylines, please visit the One Life to Live News Room!'s All My Children's writer, Kristi Knight, had the chance to chat with Bobbie Eakes about the show a few days ago. Bobbie said that she had originally thought the show would be her and a few soap hunks (who wouldn't love that?!?) but she is even more pleased that she will be sharing the stage with Kassie DePaiva and Kathy Brier.

Kristi: "What will you do during the performance in August?"

Bobbie: "We'll all be highlighted with two or three solo songs and then there are some group songs, too. We all chose songs according to what meant the most, it isn't a dictated program. Everybody collaborated. There is a lot of interaction with the audience, some original songs [from the other women] but I am doing songs that I've always wanted to sing. It will be a fun show!"

Kristi: "Were there any funny moments that took place during rehearsals?"

Bobbie: "We laugh all the time! We're just having a lot of fun, but Kathy's the one who remembers things. I always have fun but I can never remember the anecdotes!"

Kristi: "How are events like Daytime Divas different from the meet and greet type events?"

Bobbie: "Oh, just getting to know people. I see and admire them from afar, seeing them on TV or seeing them at events [but] you don't really get to know somebody until you spend hours with them in rehearsals. You make friends that you will always keep in touch with!"

Kristi: "Would you ever consider leaving acting to sing full time?"

Bobbie: "No. it's been my experience that if I do one without the other, there is something missing. One sort of energizes the other. A life of just one thing would be very monotonous! If it got to the point that this show became a really, really big deal and we're doing Vegas or whatever, it would be a time issue, but I'd never make a conscious choice to leave acting for singing."

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Amy Mistretta and Kristi Knight