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Silvana Arias (Paloma - Passions) enjoys!

Bryton McClure - (Devon Y&R) enjoys! isn't just popular with the soap fans, the stars also love to visit our website.

When our writers asked, here is what the stars had to say about!

Silvana Arias (Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald Passions ) tells Amy:

" is a great soap site for soap lovers like us!"

Tony Tripoli (Hans - Fashion House Telenovela) tells Shannon:

OK.your website is amazing! I went on last night, and I cannot believe your recaps! It is unbelievable, I couldn't even believe that you literally put into parenthesis While Hans is making a face trying to direct her with his eyes. Like I almost S*** myself I was laughing so hard, because I really feel like every episode of the show should just be called Tony makes a face.

Sofia Milos (Victoria Marston - Desire Telenovela) tells Chrissi:

"Great website! Good Job!!! Very informative and fun for the readers!"

Kerry Butler (Claudia Reston) - One Life to Live) tells Amy (

"It's a great site!! It seems like a fun place for fans to find out some inside scoops."

Rob Buckley (Michael Bauer Fashion House Telenovela) tells Shannon: is more fun than My Space.and your friends won't laugh at you for looking at it! To you guys at, thank you very much because you guys have been so positive of the show and really.just doing a great job and we really appreciate all of the time you put into it -it's a great website. I have read some of the stuff you guys have written.. (well, all of the stuff you've written), and I can tell. It's Great what you're doing man! He discusses Shannon's recaps, "You guys are so thorough. It's, it's Amazing! My mom will come onto your website and check to see what happens to me before the episode airs!"

Erika Schaefer (Lexi Fashion House Telenovela) tells Shannon:

" not only gives you the scoop of the day, but also the personal insight on the characters. It's really amazing to me the recaps for the show. It's like 'Lexi walks in and closes the door nothing is missed!'"

Bryton McClure (Devon Y&R): tells Chrissi:

"I found to be an excellent source for news and updates on all your favorite soaps!"

Nicole Pulliam (Nikki Clark Fashion House Telenovela) tells Shannon:

"The site looks beautiful! Very soft and pretty colors... I love it!"

When Amy asked what OLTL's Sean's Ringgold's thoughts were on, he replied, "The site is very well put together, very nice."

We're flattered and we welcome them to come here as often as they like to read the site and post in our message boards!

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