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Andrew Trischitta far right. (Trischitta)

It’s a spooktacular time of the year.

Halloween is a favorite time of the year for those who are a kid at heart like myself. It’s fun watching the soap opera Halloween parties, carving pumpkins and eating the seeds, sneaking a few candy corn, watching the kids trick-or-treat and then getting all dressed up for this year’s big bash. We love Halloween around here at Soaps.com, and it seems we’re not the only one. The soap stars weigh in this year about their special plans to celebrate the occasion.

Sean Kanan (Deacon Sharpe, "Young And The Restless") told Candace Young, "Halloween is a whole new experience at my house since I met my girlfriend, Michele. She has four kids and I have one. We are planning a family costume theme of some sort. It's going to be great because there are seven of us!"

Lori Wilson asked Christie Clark (Carrie Brady-Reed, "Days of our Lives") if she enjoys the holiday. "Oh, yeah. Usually, and I don’t know if we're doing it this year, but we live in San Francisco and we'll rent a big bus with 30-40 friends and kind of hop around from party to party on the Halloween bus. Obviously, we take the girls trick-or-treating before that happens so we can have the kid version and adult version of fun on Halloween.

Lori asks, "Do you have costumes picked out yet?" Christie confesses, "No, but I have a huge costume closet downstairs that I just kind of add a costume to every year. I'm recycling these days now that I have the kids, so I'll probably, I don't know. There's a lot down there, but Whoopi Goldberg from "Sister Act" is always a fun one."

"One Life To Live’s" Andrew Trischitta (Jack Manning) weighs in on All Hallows Eve, by telling Amy Mistretta, "Every year in my town we have a Halloween parade. School is only a half day, and everyone dresses up. Our school band plays, and we parade through town in our costumes. Even the spectators dress up. I have wonderful memories of Halloween with my two brothers. Jason was an escaped convict; Stephen was a vampire; I was a pirate. This year, my friends and I have a few ideas. We'll be doing something as a group. Of course I plan on trick-or-treating. You are never too old to trick...or treat."

Patrick Muldoon (Austin Reed, "DOOL") let Mario Rocchetta know, "My sister just had a baby, named Halo. She's nine months, so this will be her first Halloween. I'm her Godfather, so we'll probably just all hang out and see what Halo is doing for her first Halloween."

Casey Deidrick (Chad DiMera, "DOOL") tells Christine Fix, “For Halloween weekend, Molly Burnett (Melanie Jonas, "DOOL"), James Scott (EJ DiMera, "DOOL"), Mark Hapka (ex-Nathan Horton, "DOOL") and I are all going to HARD Haunted Mansion to see Skrillex, which is our favorite Dubstep DJ. It's this huge house music festival similar to what people may know as E.D.C.

Christine asked if Casey was ever involved in any Devil’s Night hijinks. Casey confides, "As a kid, my friends and I definitely took advantage of Halloween night and tp'd all the homes of kids we knew from school and then we'd ask them about it at school [afterward]. I mean it Halloween - it's not Halloween if you're not getting into trouble."

Will Casey be handing out candy this year? Casey says, "I probably won't be handing out candy this year for the simple reason of me eating all the candy before I get a chance to hand it out. [winks]"

Candace Young spoke with Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott, "Young And The Restless") about her plans this weekend. Eileen responded by saying, "I'm going to a big Halloween bash on the 29th with my in-laws Dick and Pat Van Patten. Vincent is out of town working. I'm going as a vampire." And what about the children? Eileen continues, "On Sunday we are having a huge Halloween party for my son's third grade class. Bounce house, haunted house and about 70 people! I'll be the crazy pirate running around trying to keep up with everything!"

Molly Burnett (Melanie Jonas, "DOOL") shared her plans with Christine Fix who says, "I’m not sure yet, Mark (Hapka, ex-Nathan, "DOOL"), Casey (Deidrick, Chad, "DOOL"), and James (Scott, EJ, "DOOL") and I are going to a haunted Dubstep concert Saturday night though!"

When asked about Halloween pranks, Molly declares, "I'm usually the prankster although Casey, Mark and Chandler (Massey, Will, "DOOL") have become fans of hiding in the closet and jumping out at you and filming it." She goes on to say, "I'll definitely be giving out candy before the festivities begin."

Whether you’re carving pumpkins and handing out candy, taking the little ones to trick-or-treat, visiting the haunts around your city, or partying it up with friends at a Halloween blast, Soaps.com wishes you the happiest Halloween yet.

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- Christine Fix