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Celebrating in Daytime

How do our favorite soap characters celebrate the stars and stripes every 4th of July? By lighting a fireworks display, along with scandal, fantasy, and heartbreak, of course! Here are the top ten most memorable fourth of July celebrations on our beloved soaps...

10. Skimpy Stars and Stripes.
On a Fourth of July BBQ on "One Life To Live," David, wearing a skimpy flag Speedo, tried to get Kelly to rub suntan lotion on him in front of Dorian. Ford showed up wearing the same patriotic Speedo as David and they celebrated by arguing who fills the Speedo better! What can be more patriotic than that on a soap celebration?

9. It’s my party and I’ll kick you out if I want to.
On "The Young And The Restless" in 2008, Victor caught Adam creating his own fireworks with Heather in the Newman Ranch pool and told him that Heather wasn’t welcome there. Jack and Sharon had an exclusive Fourth of July party for Restless Style at the Abbott mansion. Much to Sharon and Jack’s dismay, Gloria showed up with Jeffery, announcing that they had eloped! Nick arrived at the mansion and confronted Jack about running the show at Restless Style. Meanwhile, Chloe pretended to injure her foot to keep Cane’s attention while Amber got drunk on shooters – a great prelude to any fireworks.

8. A heartwarming Bauer BBQ.
In July 2009 on "Guiding Light," the Bauer’s and friends had their very last Fourth of July BBQ, and what a heartwarming celebration it was. Our favorite characters got together to eat hot dogs, play Frisbee and croquet, and really celebrated the stars and stripes. Reva and her father even sang the anthem and burst into tears! Rick also made a grand speech about how great it was to live in America and how happy he was with his family’s legacy. Can Independence Day get more heartwarming than that?

7. Fourth of July Kisses.
While passionately kissing in Angels Square on "One Live To Live" in 2008, Rex told Gigi that kissing her "felt like the Fourth of July." Brody and Shane arrived in their celebratory hats and broke up the fireworks between Rex and Gigi. While Shane showed his mom something on the side, Brody threatened Rex to leave Gigi alone so that he could reunite his family. Meanwhile, a pregnant Starr told Cole that she would be giving her baby to the McBains, while Todd accused Blair and John of having an affair. Sex, scandal, and forbidden love all on the Fourth of July!

6. Fireworks and Fantasies.
Fireworks and fantasies seem to go hand in hand on our beloved soaps. On "General Hospital" in 2007, Stan imagined Lainey seducing him on the Fourth of July. Meanwhile, Maxi watched the fireworks with Coop but fantasized about being with Logan instead, as Logan recalled their kiss elsewhere. On a rooftop, Patrick got double the fireworks when Robin arrived dressed in a white doctor’s jacket. There’s something about stars and stripes that gets the imagination going!

5. Surprise Stunts!
What better way is there to celebrate the Fourth of July than to get into your birthday suit in a kiddy pool as Abby Newman did on "The Young And The Restless" at the Chancellor BBQ? While Abby tried to make a splash for her gig, "The Naked Heiress," Jill stole her thunder and revealed to Lauren and everyone that Neil Fenmore was her father too, making her a Fenmore! Two surprises in one night – who needs fireworks?!

4. Cyndi Lauper’s Fourth of July concert.
On "As The World Turns" in 2008, Janet seduced Jack in her hotel room and they ended up creating their own fireworks. Mike and Vienna celebrated Independence Day by dressing up as George and Martha Washington and making love – weird fantasy or plain patriotic? Meanwhile, Cyndi Lauper performed a Fourth of July concert in Oakdale where Noah and Luke finally embraced.

3. Sultry Letters and Scandal.
It was at Bo and Hope’s annual Fourth of July BBQ in 2007 on "Days of our Lives" that fans began to discover the ultimate root of the Brady-DiMera feud, all thanks to a few translated love letters that Lucas and Sami had originally discovered. Doug and Julie read the first two translated love letters between Colleen Brady and Santo DiMera (aka: Sami and EJ’s uncanny look-alikes). It was on the fourth of July that we finally learned that this illicit love affair sparked one of the biggest familial feuds on Daytime!

2. Fireworks with the Forresters.
In 2008, while "The Young And The Restless’" Ashley Abbott visited the Forresters on "The Bold and the Beautiful," sparks flew – that is, sparks of jealousy. Even against Ridge’s warnings, Brooke decided to show up to the Forrester’s BBQ, knowing that Ashley would be there. Brooke jealously watched them from a distance as Ridge and Ashley heated things up with their own fireworks!

1. Identity crises – Will the real Philip Chancellor III please stand up?
Sparks erupted on "The Young And The Restless" at the annual Chancellor BBQ when Cane was finally forced to tell Jill, Lily, Katherine, and Neil that he was not Philip Chancellor III after all. After everyone berated Cane for lying about his identity, the real Philip showed up and said that it was all his idea! Everyone was shocked to see him alive after all these years, but Philip revealed that he was hiding in Australia the whole time! Who needs a fireworks display after that!

Have a Safe and Happy July 4th from all of us at! If you have any other memorable July 4th soap memories feel free to post them below.

- Rolla Bahsous

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