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Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kendall (ABC)

Josh Evans (Passions' Timmy - NBC)

All My Children

Jaymie R. asks: I have been an avid fan of AMC, yet I am in a state of confusion on who played Kendall Hart and who played Silver Kane? I thought Sarah Michelle Gellar played Silver - not Kendall. Actually, Jaymie, Sarah Michelle Gellar originated the role of Kendall back on February 24, 1993, to which she played until July 3, 1995. However, Silver Kane was played by Claire Beckman prior to that time. For more fun character facts, please visit our All My Children Profile Pages. Hope this helps!

As the World Turns

Mary K. asks: I was wondering if you knew how many episodes of As The World Turns were left to air before they run out of new episodes? No worries, Mary, as of yet the daytime soaps are doing just fine with no plans of running out of scripts. To learn all of the details about the Writer's Strike surrounding the soaps or for network quotes and the latest updates concerning the strike, please view our article in the Latest News section.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Genevieve W. asks: How can I view the footage of the very first episodes of the Bold & The Beautiful? Is there a DVD available or even information on the website. Just the archive information only seems to date back 10 years and I am keen to see how the series began… Ridge's first wife Carol, when Taylor and Brook arrived on the scene. Unfortunately, Genevieve, past episodes - or any episodes of B&B are not available on DVD or VHS. However, there is a ten-year anniversary book out that is great - including pictures - and was published in 1996! If interested, you can find it by doing a search at Amazon. We also invite you to read through some of our character profiles under our B&B Cast List page. A trip back in time is always fun and our cast lists have a 'related updates' section for each character, where you can read just what they've been up to in the past and present.

Days of Our Lives

Theresa H. asks: I noticed at the end of Days of Our Lives there was an in memory of Bobby Bateman. I am very sorry but who is that person? Thanks Bobby Bateman was in props and passed on at the age of fifty-two on January 3, 2008. It was very sad that he passed on, and we would like to express our deepest sympathy for his family and the show. To learn more about Mr. Bateman, please read our article at: Bobby Bateman Memoriam.

General Hospital

Lydia B. asks: Did Sarah Brown play the old Carly Corinthos on GH? Good eye, Lydia! Yes, Sarah played Carly from April 8, 1996 to April 23, 2001.

Guiding Light

Judy K. asks: Hope Bauer was the daughter of Mike Bauer. Can you tell me who her mother was? We'd be glad to, Judy! Hope's mother was Julie Conrad Bauer, who died in a mental institution in February 1966. Some even think her wounds were self-inflicted. We hope this clears up the family tree a bit!

One Life to Live

Ava W. asks: Please tell me the definition of "La Boulaie" Dorian Lord's mansion. Dorian's house used to be called Birch Grove by its original owners back when the house was built in the early 1900's. La Boulaie actually means "Birch Grove" in French.


Karen D. asks: What was Timmy's (the living doll) full name? Just seen him on an old program, and was curious. Josh Ryan Evans played Timmy from 1999 to 2002. Sadly, Josh died on August 5, 2002 as a result of congenital heart disease and is missed and talked about by fans to this day. Our thoughts will always be with his family.

The Young and the Restless

S.G. asks: I read somewhere that Fenmore and Summer are brother and sister. I would like to know. Hopefully you can answer this question Sorry, the only thing the two babies have in common is their cute smiles! No, Summer and Fen are not related. Fen is played by twins Riley Esham and Matthew Esham and Summer is played by twins as well, named Phea and Elara.