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Whether it’s with your husband, your wife, a lover or a friend, everyone has at least one special Valentine’s Day memory that they’ll always remember. Recently, during interviews with some of daytime’s favorites, Writers asked the stars about their special memories…

After Editor-In-Chief Christine Fix asked Shirley Jones (ex-Colleen Brady DAYS) if she celebrated the romantic holiday, Shirley was kind enough to share a memory that stands out for her the most… “I've been married 30 years and my husband bought me a candy store because I love chocolate! Well, we don't own the store anymore but for Marty Ingels, a box of chocolate was simply not enough! He had to buy the whole store!” Shirley said during an interview with, when Christine asked her about V-day.

One Life to Live actress Tika Sumpter (Layla Williamson) stopped by to chat with Amy about the show and confided her fondest Valentine’s Day moment… “Wow,” Tika said. “That’s a tough question. I don’t really have one…honestly. It probably was a nice candlelit dinner with my ex.” Journalist Lori Wilson recently interviewed a variety of soap stars who all took the time to share their thoughts and plans for this year’s day of romance…

Soap veteran Joe Galliston (ex- Dr. Neil Curtis from DAYS) said, “Every Valentine’s Day I thank God for my wife of 27 years.” When asked what his plans were for this year, Joe laughed. “Whatever [my wife] wants to do.”

Kevin J. Ryan (Colleen's bodyguard at the Aubin Inn in New Ross Ireland - Sean, Days) talked openly about his upcoming plans while working in Ireland… “My plan was to bring my girlfriend over to Ireland with me and unfortunately she got held up filming something. She’s an actress. She booked a job and has to stay back, so unfortunately I’m going over on my own. It’s just a pain in the a** I can’t be with her on Valentine’s Day, but you know sometimes you gotta sacrifice for your career. She understands. She’s wonderful.”

Erin Cardillo (Esme, Passions) described her plans and thoughts on the holiday as… "I don’t really have any plans for Valentine’s Day. I’m probably going to get together with a bunch of my friends and watch movies or something. I don’t really like Valentine’s Day. I think I don’t really like the Hallmark quality of it. I don’t think you should wait for one special day to have great night with the person you love. I usually have pretty low key Valentine’s Days."

Another one of daytime’s icons, Linda Dano, shared a more personal Valentine’s Day memory with us surrounding her late husband Frank… "The most wonderful Valentine’s Day with Frank was the year that he had made me a handmade Valentine. That and something I have in my home right now, which was a Valentine that my husband had written, it was like a laundry list if you will, like 50 reasons of why he loved me and there were misspelled words and he, being an art director, he drew a little circle and a little sign for what art directors use, and he rolled it up and he never gave it to me. After he died I found it in a box filled with things; I have since had it framed. Even though it wasn’t given to me on Valentine’s Day of the year it was done, it’s the best Valentine’s present I ever got."

As an added treat, All My Children’s Alicia Minshaw’s character Kendall Hart Slater recently had an on screen book release, which is available to fans, and the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. For more information about Kendall’s first romance novel, please visit Kristi’s article in our AMC News Room! wants to wish all of our readers a very happy Valentine’s Day! We hope you get all the chocolate, roses and kisses you can handle! If you need any ideas for the big day, you've still got two days left. Check out She Knows Valentine's Day pages to find something special for anyone in your life!