ABC's Super Soap Weekend - November 11-12!

Did you meet Susan Lucci? (ABC)

September 30th told you about the Super Soap Weekend. Well, here it is! The special weekend has arrived, and hopes all you SSW goers will have a blast this weekend with your favorite soap stars! Please feel free to email us with your stories and we will post them here, in the News Rooms!

ABC, General Hospital, All My Children and One Life to Live present the eleventh annual "ABC Super Soap Weekend"


You heard right! The Super Soap Weekend, a star studded event, will be held November 11-12th at the Disney-MGM Studios at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

Who will be there?

Celebrities such as Susan Lucci, Christian Leblanc (Michael, Y&R), Austin Peck and Christie Clark (Austin and Carrie, Days) Forbes March, (Nash OLTL), Cameron Mathison (Ryan AMC) RIcky Paull Goldin (Gus GL) and many more, adding up to over 30 other actors from your favorite ABC Daytime dramas such as General Hospital, All My Children and One Life to Live.

What is featured?

Admission to the ABC Super Soap Weekend event is included in your regular theme park admission to the Disney-MGM Studios. You'll have the ability to experience Celebrity Motorcades, view Star Conversations and get the scoop at the Wide World of Soaps LIVE!

CBS offers celebrity talk shows, featuring your favorite soap stars!

* Celebrity Motorcades and Star Conversations - See all the Daytime glamor of the ABC soap stars in "Hollywood style" celebrity motorcades. Each motorcade travels up Hollywood Boulevard to the Sorcerer's Hat stage and is followed by a fascinating conversation with the stars on stage.

* Wide World of Soaps Live! Talk show - At the ABC TV Theater for the Wide World of Soaps Live!, you'll be able to join in on a talk show featuring the ABC Daytime soap stars LIVE on stage throughout the day! In addition to this you can feel free to enjoy an exclusive look at show clips and sneak previews of upcoming episodes! With your admission you'll be able to find out more about your favorite actors, just by asking them those probing questions!

With your visit you will also have a chance purchase one-of-a-kind memorabilia from each of the shows. Remember, these goods can't be purchased anywhere else! Make your friends green with envy when you bring back something amazing, from your day with the stars!

Lucky visitor will be able to be around for The Colgate Total Street Jam, which closes each day with live musical performances by some of your favorite Daytime stars!

* COLGATE TOTAL STREET JAM NIGHTTIME ENTERTAINMENT - Party each evening following the Grand Motorcade at the Colgate Total Street Jam an incredible star-filled concert!

* SOAPnet's "I WANNA BE A SOAP STAR" - An excellent chance for you to break into the soaps as an actor or actress! Selected contestants will compete for the ability to perform in an on-stage scene with one of ABC's hottest hunks!

Will you be there? If you attend, please ensure you let know all about your experience!

Check back with CBS, at CBS Super Soap Weekend regularly for more details!

, Email with your stories about the SSW!!

Christine Fix