Ugly Betty - Thursdays, 8pmET on CBS. Will you be there?

Desire 8pm ET on My Network TV - start watching!

Primetime Telenovelas make their big debut with Fashion House , Desire, and Ugly Betty, , this fall!

Are your evenings getting a little boring? Tired of the same old repeats on television?

Now is your chance to get a little spice into your primetime television lineup! First there was Dallas, then Knots landing and Dynasty
.now there's Desire, Fashion House and yes, even
Ugly Betty! Primetime's fall line up is changing this season and has it covered!

We're going to be seeing new faces, new stories and new thrilling primetime soaps in the form of Telenovelas! For those who find the format of a Telenovela to be novel, it has actually been around for decades! As reported previously, "A Telenovela is a limited-run television series, similar to Soap Operas. The short television series are run usually for a span of six months, to two years, and are mostly aired primetime, five or six nights a week."

For the next 13 weeks you can watch Desire, weeknights at 8:00pm ET on My Network TV

A quote from My Network TV "Desire: A saga of the tragic destruction of a family and the bonds of brotherhood, when two siblings become embroiled in a battle of passion, betrayal, deceit, murder and love over the same woman."

To watch the prequel of the show, we encourage you to check out the prequels at

Fashion House: Weeknights at 9:00pm ET on My Network TV

Quoted from My Network TV
"Fashion House: Delve deep into the glamorous, yet unscrupulous world of the fashion industry. Experience how greed, lust and blind ambition make or break careers and hearts. Bo Derek and Morgan Fairchild star as adversaries."

To watch the prequel of the show, we encourage you to check this link out Fashion House Prequel!

For both shows, we encourage you to watch a short video of the show, here Desire and Fashion House, commercials!

From Ugly Betty "In the superficial world of high fashion, image is everything. Styles come and go and the only constants are wafer-thin beauties who wear it. Where could a girl who is less than pretty and a little bit pudgy possibly fit in?"

Ugly Betty starts September 28th at 8:00 pm ET on ABC Primetime Check out Ugly Betty's Sneak Peek and check out our Ugly Betty website, where you can read in-depth updates, late-breaking news and maybe an interview or two!

You're guaranteed to love all three primetime Telenovelas as much as you've ever loved the primetime soaps long past!

UPDATE: 09-07-06 - Our FH writer, Shannon, got the scoop on handsome, and talented Tony Tripoli!

UPDATE: 09-11-06 - I (Chrissi, Editor-in-Chief) had a terrific Interview with Sofia Milos of 'Desire'!

Looks like Ugly Bettyis a hit! The ratings are soapring, and is the first website to be covering Betty's Thursday night updates, late-breaking news and hopefully interviews with the cast!


Looks like we'll be seeing more of Ugly Betty! The show has been picked up for a full season! Read all about it here. Ugly Betty Picked up for another season!

Tell us your thoughts about the shows, read our in-depth updates, and talk to other fans in the message boards!

Christine Fix