’s Guide To Halloween 2010 image


What to do, in the weeks or days leading up to Halloween:

Visit a pumpkin patch and pick out a few pumpkins, carve them in the likeness of your favorite soap opera actor, and drip some fake blood on them and display.

Watch Vampire Diaries or read Vampire Diaries updates. Stefan and Damon are always sinister looking when it's time for a snack!

Visit Victor Newman’s ranch for a scare. Remember, the old man himself might chase you off his property with a stick! (This is a five star rating from for most frightening!)

Take in a walking ghost tour in your city, whether it be Llanview, Genoa City, Port Charles or Salem. Just don't go alone. Only the most daring would do that Halloween night.

Get friends together to watch an old episode of "Days of our Lives" during the possession of Marlena. (Four star rating for the voice alone!) Find the videos of Marlena's possession on's Youtube page.

Make some delish Vampire punch, kick it up a few notches with some vodka or rum and watch Passions reruns. Luckily, all episodes are Halloween worthy.

Read the Glee October 26th recap after the show airs. They'll be singing and dancing to the "Rocky Horror Glee Show." Here's a Glee Rocky Horror Video Promo Spoiler: Hear The Music Before The Episode!

Plan a massive Halloween bash and create your costume from scratch. Put your heart, soul and yes, even your blood into it. Make sure you go as your favorite soap character of course. Dead. After all, Halloween is meant to be devilish!

Most popular costumes are as follows:

Generic 80s soap star. (Think Krystal Carrington.)
Katherine Chancellor (Those talons!)
Erica Kane
One of the Salvatore brothers. (If you're that hot.)
Stefano DiMera and his sidekick Professor Rolf
Mobster Sonny Corinthos
Sue Sylvester
One of the Ford brothers (shirtless of course).
Mc Dreamy in scrubs and nothing else.
Betty White

Whatever you do this Halloween, wishes you a fun and safe one! Please feel free to take's Halloween survey and follow us on Twitter @soapoperafan, "like" on Facebook!