Will English come between EJ and I? (Soaps.com)

Study or catch Bictoria's wedding? (CBS)

Essay or EJ? Calculator or Cane? Assignment or Angie? Oh the drama!

For all you soap fans going back to school, we compiled a list of your biggest fears when it comes to balancing school and soaps. There are endless dilemmas when it comes to hitting the books while your soap is on.

10. You worry that the DVR will break down and not record your shows. Even though you are hungry and tired, the first thing you do when you got home from school is check to make sure your show was taped. If you wanted a sneak peek, you ask your mom if anything "juicy" happened that day. She instantly knows you’re talking about your beloved soaps. Not pot roast.

9. You’re afraid that the professor will catch you watching Y&R during Physics. Okay, so some students can’t wait to go home and check their DVRs. They want to see how Victor Newman stopped Billy and Victoria’s wedding, and they want to see it now, so quietly watch the video previews that Soaps.com puts out daily! Just make sure you don’t mutter, "You got that?" along with Victor, while you’re in class.

8. You’re afraid that your WiFi connection will cut out, and you won’t be able to read Twitter @soapoperafan or Soaps.com updates. Sure you’re a little concerned about that Psychology exam but did Eli really fake his death? Has Amy posted the OLTL update yet? How can you keep up with the latest soaps news and tweets from your favorite soap stars when you’re stuck in class since your professor didn’t appreciate you watching a clip of Brenda’s return on General Hospital. But hey, you couldn’t miss seeing Jason and Brenda together again!

7. You’re rushing to get your research paper done, so you can dedicate all your attention to your show. You can’t miss what happens to Sami or EJ in the shooting storyline. The annoying English essay you have to complete is cutting into your soaps time! After you failed at paying someone to write your paper for you, you decide to buckle down and finish the paper over the weekend. Because come Monday, your eyes are glued on Days of Our Lives as you wait with bated breath to hear EJ’s fine English accent. That counts as research, right?

6. You try everything to get a spare period or break at the same exact time your show starts. The first thing you did when you got your schedule was try to change it so you had your afternoons off to catch As The World Turns. You couldn’t miss Carly and Jack’s wedding! And if you have to skip your class that day...so be it! After all, there’s only a few more days of the show left of that soap. You can always repeat this class!

5. You call your friends to discuss your show, instead of discussing your homework. You and your friends spend hours on the phone contemplating what Jackie will do with the baby on The Bold and the Beautiful. Right before you decide to hang up, you remember that you wanted to ask something about your project. Oops.

4. You accidentally write down Tea’s name instead of your own on your test paper. Your name is nowhere close to Tea’s but you have One Life to Live on your mind. You can’t think clearly wondering about the mystery surrounding her death on One Life To Live. Did she really die? Will she return?

3. You skip lunch and run home to catch your soap. By the time you get back to class, you realize that you were too wrapped up in Angie’s hearing to eat. Once your stomach growls in class, you remember that you should’ve eaten while you watched All My Children. Even while starving, all you can think about is what happened on All My Children today...and food.

2. You forget your phone and won’t be able to text your friends soap news during class. Your phone is buzzing in your locker with incoming texts from your friends that read "Did Chloe switch the paternity results?" or "I think it was Daniel." Too bad you can’t reply to your five text message threads with different friends about who switched the results on Days of Our Lives.

1. Your soap gets cancelled. Of course this is what all soap fans worry about. What if your soap gets cancelled? What a disruption to your life that would be! What would you talk about with your friends? What would you Tweet about? What would you read on Facebook’s Soaps.com page? What would you need updates on during class? Which favorite soap character would you model your fashion style after? You can’t even fathom thinking about it. So you don’t. You just return to humming your soap’s theme song in your head. What else would you do in class? You could always study…or find another soap!

What are your ultimate worries when it comes to enjoying your soaps while going back to school? Let us know! Catch Soaps.com on Facebook.

-Rolla Bahsous and Christine Fix.