First Photo: Scruples Filming Pilot Episode image

Shooting the pilot. (Kyle Kasulis)

More pilot news!

Kyle Kasulis was in Los Angeles March 24 at 2:38 AM when something caught his eye. He tweeted, "Just stumbled onto the filming of the pilot episode of 'Scruples' with Chad Michael Murray." Already we can sense the glam of the era with several 1970s style limousines awaiting a bevy of beauties promenading around a boutique in the wee hours of the morning.

Recently, on his website, vocal coach and teacher Bob Garret mentioned working on the set of "Scruples." Garret says, "Happy to report that I filmed a pilot this week - a redux of the ABC Miniseries... appearing with Mimi Rogers. It was as always, very exciting to work with the amazing Michael Suczy, who I worked with on 'Grey Gardens' and 'The Vow'."

Take a look at Claire Forlani in costume as Billy in Scruples!

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- Christine Fix