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    Scruples Not Picked Up.

    Monday, July 09 2012

    No scandal? No sex? No fashion?

    In a shocking move, an ABC spokesperson recently informed that the new pilot, based on the best-selling book, "Scruples" was not picked up. The pilot was based on a 1978 bestselling book of the same name. The book followed young and gorgeous Billy Winthrop, an heiress who found herself with nothing to do but have wild sex and stay on the top of the fashion magazine lists after her elderly... » Read More

    Aiden Turner & Hart Bochner To Scruples!

    Tuesday, May 01 2012

    Ex-"All My Children" star Aiden Turner and "The Starter Wife" Hart Bochner back to the small screen!

    Fans who miss "AMC's" Aidan Devane should be thrilled to see Aiden Turner back on television playing sexy chef James in the new scandalous ABC series "Scruples." In the book by Judith Krantz, Chef James got cooking with Billy Ikehorn's step-daughter Gigi Orsini. We'll have to wait to find out who he gets cooking with in the... » Read More

    Carrington, Fountain & Marquez Cast in Scruples.

    Wednesday, April 11 2012

    More actors added to cast.

    Actress and Producer, Paulie Rojas was cast as Evie in "Scruples." Some fans will remember her in "The Witches Of Oz," "Community," and "Passions."

    Chuck Carrington, "A Gifted Man," "Blue Bloods," "Jag," and "Melrose Place," will be playing Hank. In the book, a bisexual man, Hank Levy was characterized as "an aging Huck Finn, a tall, skinny version of Norman Mailer..." Hank owned his own... » Read More

    First Photo: Scruples Filming Pilot Episode.

    Thursday, March 29 2012

    More pilot news!

    Kyle Kasulis was in Los Angeles March 24 at 2:38 AM when something caught his eye. He tweeted, "Just stumbled onto the filming of the pilot episode of 'Scruples' with Chad Michael Murray." Already we can sense the glam of the era with several 1970s style limousines awaiting a bevy of beauties promenading around a boutique in the wee hours of the morning.

    Recently, on his website, vocal coach and... » Read More

    Gilles Marini & Sam Hazeldine On Scruples.

    Tuesday, March 20 2012

    Billy's friends and lovers.

    Deadline is reporting that "Brothers & Sisters" star Gilles Marini will play a Frenchman from Billy's past in the new pilot, "Scruples." Could this be the sophisticated Comte Edouard de la Cote de Grace from the books by Judith Krantz? The man who dumped Billy once he learned she was a 'poor relation' to the Winthrop clan? The story may change along with his character name which word has it is Renee... » Read More

    Mimi Rogers Joins Scruples Cast.

    Friday, March 16 2012


    Though the series regular casting is complete for the pilot "Scruples," based on bestselling book by Judith Krantz, Mimi Rogers ("Two and a Half Men") is set to appear as Harriet Toppingham, a powerful and vindictive magazine editor who blackballs Spider Elliot (Chad Michael Murray) from working in photography in New York, leading him to make a move to Los Angeles and his new career at Scruples.

    This... » Read More

    Scruples Filming In California.

    Friday, March 16 2012

    On set.

    The series regular casting is complete for the new pilot, "Scruples," which is based on the 1978 bestselling book centering on a rich and powerful clothing designer in a world of sex, revenge and scandal. Delicious!

    Fans may like to know that according to On Location Vacations , the pilot is filming today, March 16 at 408 S Spring Street from 4:00 PM to 4:00 AM, Broadway, 3rd St – 4th Street from 9:00 PM... » Read More

    Gary Cole Cast In Scruples.

    Tuesday, March 13 2012

    Another top-notch actor.

    Casting has been constant this week with "True Blood" actor Gary Cole signing on to play Royce, the manipulative lawyer of Billy Ikehorn's late husband, who is infuriated after Billy inherits her husband's empire and swears to keep it under her management.

    Fans may remember Cole in a few of his more popular roles such as the micro-manager from "Office Space," Andrew Klein from "Entourage,"... » Read More

    Scruples Casts Chad Michael Murray.

    Tuesday, March 13 2012

    New addition.

    Variety is reporting that Chad Michael Murray ("One Tree Hill," "House Of Wax," "Dawson's Creek," and "Gilmore Girls") earned a primary role in the ABC pilot, "Scruples" as Spider Elliot.

    Read more about what this new series is all about by checking out ABC orders pilot Scruples.

    Find out who else is joining the cast of Scruples.

    Join us on Twitter @soapoperafan ,... » Read More

    Scruples Pilot Casting.

    Monday, March 12 2012

    New stars signing on.

    Deadline is reporting that new stars are joining the cast of the much anticipated new pilot, "Scruples," which is adapted by Judith Krantz' bestselling book with the same name.

    Claire Forlani ("Meet Joe Black," "Antitrust," "NCIS: Los Angeles," "CSI: NY") who has been seen both on the big screen and in television, will be portraying Billy Ikehorn, the main character in the series.
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