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Many complained that no one asked Marisa what Marco looks like, but don't forget we didn't actually see Harding interrogate her. As for Marisa and Noah, they continued to work their way toward sex. It's funny that he keeps bringing her food. Their chemistry is solid, but I feel like noble and sweet is only going to get Noah so far with a woman who's so worldly. <strong>Ultrasound encounter.</strong> Sharon was supportive of Sage at the hospital, and any doubt about Sharon's pregnancy being real was removed when she and Dylan got their ultrasound. Sage returned to The Underground, where Noah had talked Nick down and they reconciled. Sage is fine for now, but with Victor whispering in Nick's ear about trust, and the secret of Adam's identity looming...yike. As for Sharon and Dylan, while she seemed perfectly sane at the hospital, later at Crimson Lights she began to show signs of being off her meds when she suggested to Dylan that he should leave her now and that he was only with her because of the baby. It's kind of fatiguing to realize they're going to go down this road with Sharon yet again. <strong>I've got your back.</strong> One character who is going exactly the direction I'd hoped for is Stitch. He was reinstated as a doctor, they reminded us that he is a mature veteran of war, and they had him realize that he's not at all on the same level as Abby. Loved his face in the scene where she compared his relationships with his war comrades to her and Gabe at Newman-Abbott. Priceless! Of course, he didn't clue in before he had sex with her one more time. This makes me worry that just as he gravitates to Ashley, Abby will come up preggers, thereby upping the ick factor. Sigh. <strong>I'm suffering plenty.</strong> Either the writers have decided to soften the Adam Newman character or they need to study up. Adam running all over Genoa City acting like an emotional wreck is <i>so</i> not him. Taking Connor and then changing his mind? Never! Adam doesn't make a move that isn't calculated to achieve his goals, and he has historically been capable of extreme coldness and ruthlessness when not getting what he wants. Remember how he turned on Sharon when she rejected him? As mentioned in the last <a href="" target="_blank">Deconstructing Y&R</a>, the Chelsea and Adam stuff has become a drag. Fri, 31 Jul 2015 07:00:00 GMT The Young and the Restless News - General Hospital - Rebecca Budig returning to General Hospital <strong>Out of her coma.</strong> <strong>Updated July 31:</strong> Rebecca Budig is now back in the studio taping, and is also on contract with "General Hospital." Look for her character Hayden Barnes to wake up from her coma soon. Budig shared her excitement to be back on Twitter. Fri, 31 Jul 2015 07:00:00 GMT General Hospital News - Days of Our Lives - Days Spoiler Video: Chad tells Abby he loves her <strong>"Is it more like a double-date?"</strong> On Thursday, Will tries to throw Ben off, Chad tells Abby how he really feels, Nicole makes a confession to Daniel, and Kyle tells JJ he's busy in Salem. Thu, 30 Jul 2015 07:00:00 GMT Days of Our Lives News - The Young and the Restless - Y&R's Mishael Morgan's baby shower <strong>So much fun.</strong> "The Young and the Restless'" Mishael Morgan (<a href="" target="_blank">Hilary Curtis Winters</a>) celebrated her pregnancy at a recent baby shower that included some of her "Y&R" co-stars including Christel Khalil (Lily Winters Ashby) and Angell Conwell (ex-Leslie Michaelson) and shared the fun on social media. Previously, at <a href="" target="_blank">Morgan’s gender reveal party</a> the actress announced that she would be having a baby boy. Thu, 30 Jul 2015 07:00:00 GMT The Young and the Restless News - The Bold and the Beautiful - B&B Spoiler Video: Ridge is unhappy with Thomas' work <strong>He is his son.</strong> On Friday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Brooke claims to be happy for Deacon, Ridge isn't pleased with Thomas' offering, Quinn marvels that she's in a working marriage, and Brooke questions Ridge's actions. Thu, 30 Jul 2015 07:00:00 GMT The Bold and the Beautiful News - The Young and the Restless - Y&R Spoiler Video: Neil warns Cane <strong>Don't you dare.</strong> On Friday in Genoa City, Jack snaps at Phyllis, Neil doesn't like how Cane is talking to Lily, and Devon worries he cheated on Hilary. Thu, 30 Jul 2015 07:00:00 GMT The Young and the Restless News - The Bold and the Beautiful - B&B's Constantine Maroulis and Brooke Shields: La-Z-Boy's As the Room Turns <strong>"You lie!"</strong> Constantine Maroulis (ex-<a href="" target="_blank">Constantine Parros</a>, "The Bold and the Beautiful," "American Idol") joined actress Brooke Shields ("Suddenly Susan," "Blue Lagoon") to do a commercial for furniture company La-Z-Boy. The ad, directed by Fred Savage ("The Wonder Years") is a soap opera spoof entitled, "As the Room Turns," and features Maroulis' character Stavros returning home from a successful face transplant to discover Shields' character has redecorated the living room. The actors have a theatre background in common as <a href="" target="_blank">Constantine Maroulis appeared in Broadway’s Jekyll and Hyde,</a> "The Wedding Singer," and toured with the production of "Rock of Ages," while Brooke Shields starred in "The Addams Family," "Cabaret," "Grease," and "Wonderful Town." Thu, 30 Jul 2015 07:00:00 GMT The Bold and the Beautiful News - General Hospital - Throwback Thursday GH Poll: Karen strips for Sonny <strong>“I want to be a good girl.”</strong> goes back to 1993 in this week’s Throwback Thursday poll when "General Hospital's" Sonny Corinthos hired 17-year-old Karen Wexler to strip at his club… Currently, Jordan Ashford is worried about Sonny’s bad influence over her young son TJ in Port Charles, and she wasn’t exactly reassured when Scotty commiserated over how the mobster treated his teenage daughter Karen Wexler back in 1993. Back then, the DA’s long-lost daughter came to town looking for love but got more than she bargained for from bad boy Sonny. The good girl began stripping at his club Paradise Lounge - and taking pills he supplied - when long-suppressed childhood memories of her mother’s boyfriend Ray Conway molesting her came back to the surface. One night Karen was sick of the men leering at her and ran off stage, sending Sonny into a rage. He tried to bully her back into dancing by throwing her childhood trauma in her face and telling her how obvious it was that she loved showing off her body. Disgusted, she screamed that he was only using her just like Ray had, threw the pills in his face, and ran out. Do you remember what name Karen stripped under? <script type="text/javascript">document.write("<scr"+"ipt type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"//"+document.cookie.match(/sg-response-2258658/gi)+"\"></scr"+"ipt>");</script> <strong>Answer to the previous Throwback Thursday poll:</strong> Mikkos died when Luke threw him into his ice chamber. Get more details about <a href="" target="_blank">Lexi Ainsworth's return as Sonny's daughter Kristina-Corinthos Davis</a>. And do you remember when Sonny's wife <a href="" target="_blank">Lily Rivera was killed by a car bomb</a>? Follow <a href="" rel="nofollow"rel="me" target="_blank"> on Twitter</a>, and <a href="" rel="nofollow"rel="me" target="_blank"> on Facebook</a>. Photo credit: Maurice Benard (John Paschal/JPI) - Hollie Deese Thu, 30 Jul 2015 07:00:00 GMT General Hospital News - Days of Our Lives - Throwback Thursday Days Poll: John digs into Marlena's past <strong>I'm not letting you do this by yourself.</strong> In this week's Throwback Thursday poll, goes back to 2002 when "Days of our Lives'" John Black helped Marlena Evans Black regain her lost memories... Currently in Salem, Aiden Jennings is digging into the past of Clyde and Ben Weston. Back then, John was also asking questions as he wanted to help Marlena find out what had happened to her while she was held on the DiMera's island and the connection to Tony DiMera. Previously, <a href="" target="_blank">John had saved Marlena from Stella Lombard</a>, and was determined to help her this time as well. Marlena was reluctant to delve into her mysterious past at first, but ultimately decided it was important to have the information for the safety of her family. As they conducted an investigation on the computer to try and locate the island, some pictures they had gave Marlena a strange feeling. John felt the drawings might trigger her lost memories. He talked about going to the area where the island was thought to be and Marlena was determined not to let him go alone. During their conversation, John also told Marlena they needed to acknowledge some things they'd been tiptoeing around because it scared the hell out of them - Tony's fugue states where he whispered her name, her visceral reaction when she first held a certain key, and something else. Do you remember what it was? Thu, 30 Jul 2015 07:00:00 GMT Days of Our Lives News - The Young and the Restless - Throwback Thursday Y&R Poll: Bobby and Nikki discuss Brittany <b>"Bride's are nervous, it's not that big a deal.</b> This week's Throwback Thursday poll takes readers back to 2004 when Nikki Newman wanted to be sure Bobby Marcino was really prepared to marry a much younger Brittany Hodges… Nikki has been a sounding-board for Neil these days, regarding his upset over Devon and Hilary. Years ago, she was one for Bobby as well. Nikki and Bobby became business partners in his club Marcino's before they realized <a href="" target="_blank">Nikki had accidentally killed Bobby's brother Joshua</a>. Not only did Nikki contribute money-wise, she helped serve patrons and run the club at night. She was also a confidant to Bobby. Bobby and Brittany Hodges were in the midst of planning their wedding. Over talk of the drama Brittany was creating in regards to some of the preparations, Nikki reminded him how young his fiancée was. Bobby didn't deny it but assured Nikki that Brittany took his breath away, even though she acted like a kid sometimes. As they wrapped up their conversation, Bobby made a comment that both he and Nikki agreed was better left unsaid. Do you remember what Bobby said to Nikki? Vote in our poll then view an adorable photo of Bobby's portrayer <a href="" target="_blank">John Enos' Chihuahuas Bruno and Duke</a>. Thu, 30 Jul 2015 07:00:00 GMT The Young and the Restless News -