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    Revenge - DAILY UPDATES

    Revenge Daily Updates -

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    Revenge Recap: Execution.

    Sunday, May 11 2014

    The third season ends with multiple deaths, an admittance to a psyche ward, a dirty corporate takeover in action, and Jack being led off to jail. » Read More

    Revenge Recap: Impetus.

    Sunday, May 04 2014

    Emily makes major progress in her vendetta, Victoria starts gathering information, and Conrad is arrested. » Read More

    Revenge Recap: Revolution.

    Sunday, April 27 2014

    The Graysons believe they hold the cards; Emily opts to reinvent herself to disarm them, and Pascal meets Emily under questionable circumstances. » Read More

    Revenge Pre-Empted Today 4/20.

    Sunday, April 20 2014

    "Revenge" is pre-empted until Sunday, April 27. » Read More

    Revenge Recap: Allegiance.

    Sunday, April 13 2014

    The truth about Aiden's father's role is revealed, Daniel and Margaux pull out the stops to sign Javier, and Victoria figures out what Emily has been up to all along. » Read More

    Revenge Recap: Blood.

    Sunday, April 06 2014

    Mason gets offers from Victoria and Emily, Margaux and her father get closer, and Aiden tells his mother the truth about Colleen. » Read More

    Revenge Recap: Addiction.

    Sunday, March 30 2014

    Margaux and Daniel oust Pascal, Victoria and Pascal rekindle old feelings, and Stevie battles her demons. » Read More

    Revenge Recap: Disgrace.

    Sunday, March 23 2014

    Margaux’s father returns, Victoria and Emily square off at the opera, and Jack commits to helping Emily. » Read More

    Revenge Pre-Empted Until 3/9.

    Sunday, January 26 2014

    "Revenge" is pre-empted for another winter break. » Read More

    Revenge Recap: Hatred.

    Sunday, January 19 2014

    Emily tries to win Daniel back, Margaux fights to keep Voulez, and Nolan gives Patrick some shocking information about his past. » Read More

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