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Spoilers for the Week of October 13, 2014

10/13/2014 12:00am

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Meteor. (ABC/Danny Feld)

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"Revenge" renewed for 4th season!

Season four premieres on Sunday September 28 at 10:00 PM. Watch the promo below: will return to post spoilers!

Sunday May 11 10:00 PM:

Season finale!

Revenge Recap: Execution.

Emily and Victoria set out to destroy each other's lives and will do anything to accomplish their goals.

Someone's fate is altered.

Someone will land in jail.

A trial takes place, as does a trip to the psych ward.

A dead body turns up.

And someone ends up the victor.

Season four promo:

Sunday September 28 10:00 PM:


Emily makes plans for her most exciting party to date.

Victoria works her magic and gains an advantage from her major setback.

David Clarke sets out to execute his next move.

Sunday October 5 10:00 PM:


Emily desperately searches for Victoria and comes across former enemies and friends.

Victoria is haunted by a dark secret.

Sunday October 12 10:00 PM:


Emily's life is in danger.

Victoria plans a family reunion, which could cost many, and doesn't care who gets caught in the crossfire.

Sunday October 19 10:00 PM:


An unexpected revelation shakes Emily to her core.

Victoria has David right where she wants him.

Sunday October 26 10:00 PM:


Victoria remains in control.

David Clarke is all over the headlines.

Emily tries to come up with a new strategy.

Sunday November 2 10:00 PM:


Charlotte's world takes a drastic downward spiral.

Emily worries about Charlotte's safety.

David and Nolan reunite publicly.

Casting notes:

TVLine has learned that Courtney Ford ("True Blood") has landed a recurring role as an FBI Agent named Kate Taylor. She'll first appear in episode eight to investigate Conrad's murder.

Brian Hallisay will play the recurring role of a cop named Ben. Look for his first appearance during the season four premiere.

TVLine has learned that Yeardley Smith will turn up as Phyllis during the premiere episode of season four in scenes at the mental hospital with Victoria.

James Tupper will appear as a regular in the role of David Clarke for season four.

Henri Esteve will play a new love interest for Charlotte Grayson named Javier.

Olivier Martinez (Halle Berry's husband) will play Margaux's father Pascal LeMarchal.

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