Revenge Recap: Execution.

Sunday, May 11th, 2014

The third season ends with multiple deaths, an admittance to a psyche ward, a dirty corporate takeover in action, and Jack being led off to jail.

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At the beach house, Amanda remembers finding her father’s ring as a child. Her father told her about a cabin in the woods and wonders to Aiden if it is the same one where they found the ring. She revels in Conrad’s arrest. She tells Aiden she loves him and they make love.

At the airport, Victoria and Margaux escort Pascal’s body to the plane. They are both ready to put the downed flight behind them.

At Conrad’s bail hearing, the judge has a new packet of evidence and denies bail. In addition. The David Clarke investigation is being reopened.

At Nolan’s, he, Jack, Aiden and Emily toast to their success. They worry about what Charlotte must think, and Nolan tells Emily that the cabin is the one her grandfather built. She’s determined to find out who the imposter is.

At work, Margaux tells Daniel he’s officially her second in command. Her brother Gideon arrives but assures her he never wanted the company.

Javier arrives at Nolan’s. Nolan has big plans for the MyClone app though it isn’t theirs - yet.

In jail, Conrad learns the feds are reopening the inquiry into Pascal’s death. His lawyer wants him to consider taking a plea for life in prison.

At home, Victoria learns Amanda was not related to David.

Emily goes to the cabin, fights off an intruder and finds a syringe.

At the beach house, Emily tells Aiden Victoria is after her DNA sample. She tells him the therapist who locked her away can link Victoria to the crime and Aiden is ready to convince her to come clean.

At home, Nolan gets to know Gideon over drinks. Gideon is livid that Margaux took the company out from under him. He’ll work with Nolan to hurt Daniel to get the company back, and MyClone.

At home, Charlotte tells the detective she can’t identify the kidnappers. Later, Victoria tries to pin everything on Conrad but Charlotte isn’t buying it.

In jail, Conrad’s life is in danger.

Aiden meets the therapist, Michelle, and tells her he’s there on behalf of Amanda. He wants the promise of her testimony and she leaves to fetch records. Victoria enters and Aiden realizes he’s been drugged. Victoria puts a pillow over his face and suffocates him.

At the Stowaway, Jack puts on the TV and Emily sees her father has been cleared of all crimes. She knows it all came with a price but Jack is proud of her and tells her no more tears.

Emily returns to the beach house and finds Aiden’s dead body. Victoria can hear her screams from her house. Later, Nolan and Jack realize Emily let the cops believe it was a suicide so she can have Victoria all to herself. Jack wants to stop her but Nolan thinks Victoria deserves to die. They decide to protect Emily before she goes too far.

Emily visits Michelle in her office and calls her an accomplice to murder. Michelle denies knowing what Victoria had planned. Emily shows her the videos of Michelle brainwashing Amanda against her father as a child. She apologizes but Emily tells her sorry isn’t enough.

In the prison chapel Conrad prays for death. An officer tells him everything has a price.

Emily visits Charlotte at home and gives her David’s ring. She tells Charlotte she needs to move David’s body to be safe from tampering. Charlotte refuses and Emily tells her she’ll do it herself. Later, Victoria demands to know what Emily said.

At a bar, Gideon plies Daniel with Absinthe and tells him he’s starting his own firm.


Emily digs up a grave. Victoria joins her. She knows she’s Amanda and there to dig up her father’s grave. Emily is actually digging up Amanda’s grave, then hits Victoria with a shovel.

Charlotte enters the Stowaway and demands to know why Jack went to Emily with the ring. He reaches out to touch her and she realizes he was involved in her kidnapping.

The officer releases Conrad into the night in exchange for money.

At home, Daniel is woken from a stupor from a call by Margaux. He tells her that Gideon is trying to start his own company but will fail. He asks her to join him for a nightcap, unaware someone is in bed with him.

At Nolan’s, Gideon shows him pictures of a dead girl in bed with Daniel. He paid her in coke and she OD’d. Now they have the goods to get the business back. Nolan is upset – this isn’t how he does business. Gideon tells him it is now.

At the pier, Jack worries about Emily. An officer asks him to answer questions about Charlotte’s abduction. He locks eyes with Charlotte as he’s led off.

Conrad walks down the road singing a happy tune. A car approaches but it isn’t his ride. It’s David Clarke, and he stabs Conrad in the gut.

Victoria wakes up restrained in a mental hospital with Emily by her side. Michelle enters and corroborates Emily’s story. Victoria screams that Emily is Amanda until she’s subdued.

Hollie's thoughts:
A major death mid episode wasn’t too shocking, and since it was Aiden it only laid a more open path for Emily to get with Jack. Of course, it also meant plenty of more time for murder and mayhem for the season finale, and boy were we not disappointed. And of course, now that we know ABC has renewed "Revenge" for a fourth season, all bets are off and it looks like all kinds of people will be seeking revenge of their own.

Charlotte needs to be brought up to speed, and fast, if she doesn’t want to derail Jack’s life in the process of finding out what everyone has been hiding from her. And now that Nolan has blood on his hands in a roundabout way, suddenly in bed with a bad business boy, Daniel is going to be gunning for him big time. Once he gets out of the legal mess he is about to find himself in, of course. Victoria finally knows the truth, but it will be hard to get people to believe her since she’s locked up in a mental institution. Even Conrad, someone who could back her up, is now dead, seemingly at the hands of David Clarke, the one and only. So who has been keeping him locked away, and what kind of revenge of his own does he have planned? And with Victoria and Conrad unable to clean up any of their children's messes right now, how much worse will it get for them too?

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- Hollie Deese

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