Revenge Recap: Impetus.

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

Emily makes major progress in her vendetta, Victoria starts gathering information, and Conrad is arrested.

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Kidnapped, Charlotte is taken to a warehouse. Her captors are revealed to be Aiden and Emily.

Daniel joins Victoria on the beach. They discuss their suspicion Emily was the homeland security agent trapping Pascal and Victoria won’t rest until she finds out.

A detective visits Margaux at the office and confirms Grayson and the pilot said Pascal stumbled and fell. They did find it odd he was wearing a wire and she tells him Pascal didn’t trust Grayson. Later, Daniel joins Margaux as she finishes up her eulogy. She’s watching video security footage and they both think Conrad killed Pascal. All of the cameras on the helipad were out of order were but there’s a woman in the stairwell whose face is obscured.

At The Stowaway, Jack leaves multiple messages for Emily. Javier arrives looking for Charlotte and Jack realizes she’s missing.

At work, Grayson gets emailed a video of Charlotte in captivity. Emily calls, voice disguised, and demands he and Victoria confess to framing David if they want Charlotte back alive.

Nolan joins Emily at the warehouse, shocked at what’s going on. Emily’s sure Charlotte is the only person the Graysons will do anything for. They intercept a call Conrad makes to one of his heavies and leaves to surprise him.

Conrad arrives at the pier and gets a text to look under a bench. It’s a tablet with a video of Charlotte getting smacked, and a cut off ear. The demand is for a press conference confession and she’ll go free.

Jack’s son falls at a playground and Victoria picks him up, swiping some of his blood.

Back at the warehouse, it’s clear they have been abusing Charlotte’s Myclone avatar while she sleeps. Later, Charlotte is placed in front of some screens that educate about the horrors of the flight. Behind a screen Emily begs Charlotte to open her eyes. They show her pictures of Declan and the innocent families on the flight. Meanwhile, Jack arrives and is horrified. Aiden tells them Charlotte is having a panic attack so Emily leaves to get something to calm her down.

At home, Conrad tells Victoria about the kidnapping, and that they have to confess to get Charlotte back.


The detective stops Emily outside the pharmacy with questions about Pascal’s death. He insists she come to the station. Once there, she secretly calls Nolan so he can hear. The detective found a partial print on Pascal’s wire. Daniel arrives and tells the detective to pull her juvie prints on file.

At the warehouse, Nolan hacks the database to get rid of Emily’s prints. Aiden tells Jack things are over between him and Emily and he suspects Jack still cares about her. Later, Jack releases Charlotte on the beach.

At home, Victoria gets a delivery and tells Conrad she won’t be at the conference. He’s sure their confessions will never hold up in court anyway because they are made under duress.

Back at the station, Aiden arrives and attacks Daniel to buy time for Nolan. Meanwhile, Margaux arrives, mad at Daniel for going to the cops without telling her. She knows this goes well beyond business rivalries and wants the truth. Later, the detective tells Emily her prints aren’t a match and that her ex has it out for her. But after watching her he’s sure Daniel’s the one who should be worried.

At the pier, Margaux deals with the truth about her father. She and Daniel get close enough to kiss.

Conrad preps for the press conference at home when Charlotte enters, unharmed. She knows of his involvement in the downed flight and will go to the cops if he won’t. He calls her an ungrateful bastard. He’s last man standing for a reason and if she crosses him he will erase her like so many others before her. Charlotte is wearing a camera and Emily and Nolan have been broadcasting Conrad’s tirade live.

At home, Emily tears up and smiles as Nolan tells her she got him.

Back at the mansion, Victoria plays the piano as Conrad waits for the police. He promises to pull every skeleton from her closet for the feds to pick over. She opens the doors and Conrad is escorted out.

Aiden joins Emily at the beach house. He wants her to acknowledge her victory – revenge is hers. He tells her they belong together and they kiss. Jack interrupts and asks to speak to Emily. He tells her about the letters Charlotte has been receiving and the shrine to David they found in the cabin in the woods. He gives her the initial ring and she recognizes it as her father’s.

At the estate Victoria tells Daniel she is very sure about a few things, especially Emily Thorne.

Emily visits Conrad in jail and he realizes she did it. He asks about Victoria and Emily assures him she isn’t finishes yet. He wishes her Godspeed.

Hollie's thoughts:
Emily looked just as shocked as I felt that she finally got a confession out of Conrad - this has been seasons in the making! And the fact there are still a few more Graysons to take down ensures there is still time to twist this plot in so many different directions.

Of course, the addition of the mountain man with the shrine to David Clarke adds all kinds of new elements to the show and leaves me wondering if the end to this story could be better than Emily ever imagined – justice, life with Jack, and the possibility that her dead father is not actually dead after all? That's just too much to hope for heading into the season finale next week, but stranger things have happened.

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All screen shots courtesy of Richard Cartwright/ABC.

- Hollie Deese

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