Revenge Recap: Revolution.

Sunday, April 27th, 2014

The Graysons believe they hold the cards; Emily opts to reinvent herself to disarm them, and Pascal meets Emily under questionable circumstances.

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Conrad confronts Aiden in a parking garage, giving him one day to get the harmful recordings from Pascal.

Later, Aiden arrives at Nolan's and explains to him and Emily that they need another location after Conrad found him. Emily gives Aiden a gun and asks him to take care of the situation.

At the Grayson's, Victoria wonders what Emily's motives are. Pascal agrees not to involve himself with Emily and asks Victoria to marry him. She accepts. After, Margaux and Daniel join them on the patio to celebrate the expansion of Pascal's company into social media.

In town, Pascal steps out of a cab and is dragged by gunpoint into an unmarked van by Aiden. Upon reaching their destination, Pascal is seated in a room where Emily introduces herself as Agent Rebecca Stone of Homeland Security and says, "This is where you tell me everything." She explains she's been working on a case involving the Graysons and money laundering, murder, and terrorism. After denying legal counsel she confiscates his phone and steps out. Behind the two-way glass she, Nolan and Aiden realize the recording on Pascal's phone isn't about flight 197. She rejoins Pascal and congratulates him for bluffing Conrad but warns they know he killed Aiden's father and Oscar. She threatens to go after Margaux if he doesn't give up the Graysons. He'll give up Conrad but not Victoria. Emily gives him a card with a number to reach her to get wired before the MyClone launch party.



Charlotte's upset at the Grayson's and hands Victoria a letter about her being so much like her namesake and that the person's proudest moment was learning she was David Clarke's daughter. Victoria thinks it's an evil prank. She shows Charlotte her engagement ring to lighten the mood. After, Conrad finds Victoria alone and claims Pascal only proposed to her to save himself.

Charlotte finds Jack packing at the apartment and shows him the letters. She's convinced David Clarke is alive and wonders why her mother hid previous letters. Jack offers to help.

Pascal's upset by Victoria's questions about his whereabouts. He's had it with this country and is interested in leaving for Paris after the MyClone launch. Victoria finds Emily's card while he showers and is surprised to reach a recording for Agent Rebecca Stone of Homeland Security when she calls the number. Victoria goes to warn Daniel who doesn't believe Pascal would betray her.

Jack has a drink at Nolan's who's glad he's bringing Charlotte back into the fold. Nolan tracks a digital stamp on an envelope to Kurt Renner's cabin. Jack thanks him but won't say what it's about.

Daniel goes to Conrad's and alerts him that he's notified his friend at Interpol to apprehend Pascal for cooking the books at Voulez. He'll be expedited to France.



The next day at Voulez, Daniel encourages Margaux to get her father to commit in writing to her taking over the company since he's leaving for France.

Jack takes Charlotte to Kurt Renner's. He's convinced the research they find there on David Clarke only proves it isn't David. Before they leave, Jack takes a ring on the dresser. After they're gone Renner enters the room.

Margaux confronts Pascal in his room and he agrees to put her takeover in writing.

Javier's surprised to see Nolan and Emily at the MyClone launch. Aiden interrupts via earpiece from the van and Emily points out Pascal's arrived. Across the room, Victoria professes her love and begs Pascal to leave with her now. He can't and kisses her before stepping away. Emily comes over and announces Victoria's finally getting what she deserves.

Pascal takes the stage and announces Margaux is his successor. Daniel joins her and introduces Javier who walks everyone through the features of MyClone. The prototype fails and insults guests at its suggestions of what they want. Nolan jokes to Emily how he made sure Javier's program wasn't ready. Off stage, Daniel tells Javier they own the program and won't need him to fix MyClone to make it a success. After, Daniel explains to Margaux he's sure the glitch was Nolan's doing but it won't hurt them. Pascal follows Conrad out of the bar. Worried Pascal might double-cross them, Emily takes the stairs while Nolan watches the elevator. He transmits to Emily to go to the roof and warns that Victoria's on her way up.



On the roof, Pascal and Conrad argue about the ghosts in their pasts as the helicopter gets ready for take-off. Emily sees Conrad push Pascal into the chopper blades and runs back downstairs. Victoria comes from another entrance and runs to Pascal screaming while Conrad stands there covered in blood. When the authorities arrive, Victoria demands they arrest Conrad but they announce the pilot corroborated his version of events.

At the stowaway, Charlotte has so many questions about her father and wonders if she's like him. He thinks she is since David was a good guy. She leaves for a walk and the man from the cabin watches Jack through the window. Jack stares at the ring with the initials of DC on it.

Daniel comforts Margaux at the Grayson's. Upstairs, Victoria reads Pascal's note of their limitless future and his love for her. Daniel interrupts and asks if he can do anything. She wonders if he told Conrad of Pascal's intentions. Daniel denies he did and questions why the feds didn't show up. Later she dials the agent's number and finds the phone has been disconnected.

At the beach house, Emily shares how she'd never seen anything like it – Conrad pushing Pascal into the chopper blades. She confesses they need to take him down.

Alone on the beach, Charlotte is abducted.

Violette's thoughts:
The cost of revenge is high and it appears the only result is more revenge. I don't think there will be anyone who doesn't pay in this war on the Graysons. The death of Pascal was likely one of the most disturbing things to happen and I expect the fallout won't be pretty. It is sad how Daniel is becoming more like the people he couldn't stand before and even sadder that he has been dragging Margaux and Charlotte along for the ride. Poor Javier, what a twist that was. Hopefully he will be able to angle in on his own revenge against Daniel for what he did stealing his creation. He really should have read the contract before he signed it. Big surprise this week...another player. Who is Kurt?

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- Violette DeSantis

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