Revenge Recap: Allegiance.

Sunday, April 13th, 2014

The truth about Aiden's father's role is revealed, Daniel and Margaux pull out the stops to sign Javier, and Victoria figures out what Emily has been up to all along.

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Emily joins Pascal at the races. She knows he’s using her to spy for Victoria and ends their partnership. Later, Emily sends Aiden Pascal’s fingerprints lifted from his glass so he can gain access to the records room. He wants to prove reporter Oscar Chapman is alive. Later, Daniel shows Margaux Javier’s avatar app MyClone and she is blown away. This deal will change everything. Later, Emily listens as Victoria tells Luke it was supposed to be him, not David. He tells Victoria he has evidence against Conrad and she urges him to use it.

At home, Nolan asks Javier to chat about his app. Javier puts him off and gets back in bed with Charlotte. She pushes him to sign with her brother over Nolan. Javier agrees to talk to Daniel.

At home Emily researches Luke with Aiden. Luke quit before his company was tied to the bombing and he used the money to start his natural gas company. Aiden has Oscar’s file and thinks he’s in hiding.

Jack surprises Margaux at work and she is too busy to ask about his mother. Jack hopes they can make more time for each other but she is too busy tonight.

At home Conrad suggests Victoria asks Pascal about his role in everything.

Nolan tells Javier at his place that he got to where he is because someone believed in him. Javier has the brilliance, but also the potential to go down the wrong path. Javier agrees to think about what he said.

Jack visits Emily at the beach house. He sees her research on Luke and she tells him he has evidence in Conrad’s role in the bombing. She doesn’t like him involved but asks for his help. He's all in.

Nolan joins Aiden on his stakeout and gives him a lead on Oscar. A woman named Brenda emptied out his account 20 years ago. Aiden is still upset about his father’s role in the bombing.

At home Victoria demands to know if Pascal profited off David’s death. He tells her that a reporter wanted to expose Conrad’s role, but Pascal knew that Conrad would take Victoria down with him. So Pascal silenced the reporter because he loved her. She tells him Conrad will keep coming at them unless they stop him. He has an idea, but it’s risky.

Emily meets with Luke at The Stowaway and tells him she’d love to join his cause. Jack butts in and tells Luke that his groundwater is poison. Luke pulls a vial of the compound out of his bag and drinks it while Emily snatches another one from his bag.

Charlotte brings Javier into Voulez, and Daniel has arranged for him to be off of house arrest. Javier’s blown away by their presentation but he is still loyal to Nolan. They give him the keys to a new car to think it over in.

Aiden and Nolan approach Brenda outside her apartment and ask about Oscar. She uses a taser on Nolan then runs. Aiden tackles her and her wig comes off – she’s Oscar! Inside, Oscar tells Aiden that his father thought he planted diamonds on the plane and was then murdered by Pascal. Nolan asks Oscar to come forward and he tearfully agrees. Someone watches Nolan and Aiden leave.

Charlotte takes Javier home and urges him again to sign with Daniel.

Pascal goes to Conrad’s hotel room and plays a bit of tape from a conversation they had the night the bomb went off. Pascal controls Conrad.

At home, Victoria tells Daniel that Luke’s award event is a fake. She is testing a theory about Emily.

At the award event Luke gives a speech and drinks one of his vials that he carries around. A sign comes up that he drank the real chemicals and he gets violently ill. Victoria smiles as she watches Emily act shocked.

At home Nolan has a better contract for Javier. Nolan realizes MyClone is not on the server because Javier is working with Daniel. Nolan tells him the technology isn’t ready and Javier will regret it.

Pascal goes to Oliver’s apartment and kills him.

Luke watches reports on his undoing in the hospital. Emily hacks into his computer and tells him she will make him pay for all the people he hurt in the past. He offers to give her what she wants.

Jack visits Margaux at work and accuses her of screwing Nolan over. He tells her Daniel is using her and she just doesn’t see it. He loves her but he can’t be around her right now.

At home Daniel gives Charlotte a car for helping land Javier. She just wanted what was best for Javier. The outdoor lights explode and Nolan emerges. He tells Daniel he may have infected Margaux and Charlotte but he won’t let him do it to Javier and declares war.

At the Stowaway, Conrad tells Aiden that Pascal killed Oscar and shows him the pictures. Conrad tells him he is next.

At the beach house Emily has proof that Conrad was involved but still needs proof her father wasn’t. Jack tells her he and Margaux are probably over before he leaves. She marks Luke off of her picture.

At home Victoria has the same picture and marks off Luke. She realizes nothing has been for chance and this has all been Emily’s revenge for David.

Hollie's thoughts:
Now that Victoria has figured out the fact that Emily is out for revenge for David's death, everything has changed and it shouldn't be too long before she finds out that Emily is really David's child. Will that change how she feels about Emily considering the love she supposedly had for the man?

I'm loving the new, strong Jack who is all in on helping Emily. And now that Margaux and Daniel are obviously going to team up, isn't it time for Jack and Emily to make a go of it? I don't think I'm alone in saying I am more than ready.

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- Hollie Deese

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