Revenge Recap: Blood.

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

Mason gets offers from Victoria and Emily, Margaux and her father get closer, and Aiden tells his mother the truth about Colleen.

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At the beach house Aiden wakes from nightmares of his father’s suicide. Nothing can link his father to Pascal and the letter is still a mystery. Everyone thought his father was a terrorist, including Aiden. Emily promises to help him, whatever he needs.

Victoria and Pascal kiss in her bedroom. She tells him it was a mistake marrying Conrad for the wrong reasons. Conrad arrives to make sure his deal with Pascal is still on but Pascal tells him their business is done.

Daniel visits Charlotte in the guest house. She’s upset he used her to turn Margaux against Jack and tells him she is helping Jack no matter what he says. He thinks she is blindly helping the man who is helping Emily destroy the family.

Emily and Aiden visit his mother. She doesn’t want to talk about his father and is upset he left her alone for 8 years. Later, Emily apologizes and tells her Aiden just needs closure. Emily learns that Aiden found the body and Aiden’s mother doesn’t know the truth about his sister.

Jack celebrates closing the house with Margaux at the Stowaway. She is called back to work and accidentally leaves her keys.

At home, Nolan pumps up the My Clone app to someone on the phone and hands Javier their contract to sign. Javier balks when he sees that Nolan gets 70 percent. He accuses Nolan of needing to be back on top and leaves to find a better offer.

At Voulez, Margaux fights with Pascal when she learns her brother is being groomed to take over the business despite her superior qualifications. He doesn’t think she can balance family and career. Later, Daniel comforts Margaux. Jack catches them looking intimate. Daniel leaves and Jack says he saw them looking close. She tells Jack she doesn’t like jealous men.

Victoria visits Mason in jail. She wants to find out what he knows about Emily. He refuses to spill his secrets for nothing. He wants to be free by the end of the month.

Conrad meets with a client of Pascal and tells him that his kid is taking over. Conrad hands over his card and welcomes him to Grayson Media.

Mason calls Emily from jail and asks when she is going to hold up her end of the deal. He wants her to show her hand in 24 hours or he will show his.

Emily calls Nolan and Jack at the Stowaway and tells them Mason threatened to expose who she really is to Victoria. Charlotte enters and asks about the call but they walk away.

Daniel finds Pascal at the house and accuses him if undervaluing Margaux and that she is settling for less than she deserves with Jack because she is seeking his approval.

Stevie visits Mason in jail on Emily’s behalf. He isn’t happy with what she offers for his silence and tells her he is going with Victoria.

Emily finds Aiden looking around the shed his father killed himself in and tells him he has to tell his mom that Coleen is dead. Aiden suddenly sees a name carved in the table, a message from his father. Later, Aiden tells his mom the truth about Colleen, that she was taken by some men who promised to bring her back if his dad planted the bomb on the plane. She is dead, and so are the men

At Conrad’s hotel room Victoria tells him that Emily is interested in the flight and that Stevie may be helping her.

Javier visits Charlotte in the guest house and they kiss. He reveals that Nolan and Jack are working together and she feels left out. She thinks Javier should meet with Daniel about his project.

Pascal apologizes to Margaux for being a bad father. She hands over a detailed five-year plan for the company and they talk about future growth.

At Emily’s, Aiden thanks Emily for staying by him when he needed her. He grabs her in a kiss and they make love.

Mason prepares to shave in his cell and immediately has a reaction that causes him to fall to the floor, unable to breath.

Victoria visits Stevie at her hotel room with some wine and tells her Mason was found dead in his cell. She warns Stevie to watch out for the people she loves and leaves the bottle. Later, Jack finds Stevie. She wants him to leave and not see her drunk. He packs her things to take her back to LA. She asks him to come with her but he wants to stay and help Emily. She can tell he loves her.

At Voulez, Conrad tells Pascal that announcing his early retirement has allowed vultures to swoop in and his acquisition will be announced tomorrow.

Margaux stops by Daniel’s house with champagne to celebrate her good news. They almost kiss.

Mason wakes up in a body bag. Nolan has faked his death and has money, a private jet and a new identity for Mason. First, Nolan asks about a dead reporter, Oscar Chapman. Later, Nolan calls Emily and tells her Oscar faked his own death. The connection between Pascal and Aiden’s father could still be alive.

Hollie's thoughts:
Lots of storyline recapping within the episode which was much appreciated for those of us who forgot exactly what had happened to Colleen and what Emily's deal was with Mason. It has been okay having Jack on board with helping Emily, but his assistance has relegated Nolan to just a sometimes sidekick, and I am missing him. He is capable of more storylines. And of course Stevie drank like we knew she would, and off she went back to LA. I'll miss her, but it's probably best before the Graysons tear her apart.

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- Hollie Deese

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