Revenge Recap: Addiction.

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Margaux and Daniel oust Pascal, Victoria and Pascal rekindle old feelings, and Stevie battles her demons.

Victoria returns a painting Pascal sent to her at his office. She won’t be bought by him and storms out.

At the beach house, Emily looks at the ring Aiden gave her. She tells Nolan she's determined to get close to Pascal.

At home, Charlotte tells Daniel that she wishes Emily would just leave town. Daniel has a plan to go after Emily’s friends as retaliation. Charlotte wants to keep Jack out of it and he agrees.

At the Stowaway, Jack and Stevie discuss their public outing as mother and son. Jack staged the paparazzi pics to take ammo away from Conrad. Stevie tells Jack she met Conrad on a blind date and he used to be different. She doesn’t think he is solely to blame for their breakup considering her history with alcohol.

At a bar, Conrad advises Pascal to give Victoria time. Emily approaches after Conrad leaves with two cigars. Pascal has no interest in becoming a scandal and leaves. Nolan joins her and she shows him a coin she has stolen from Pascal.

At home, Victoria’s friends toast her being back on the market. They ask about her past with Pascal and she says it is merely a mistake from her youth. Talk turns to Emily’s fake pregnancy and they applaud Victoria for always doubting Emily. Victoria sees Conrad and he tells her that the idea of her with Pascal makes his blood boil. He hasn’t seen the picture of Stevie and Jack and she tells him to check Page 6.

Jack visits Margaux at work. She has an offer for a job in Rome but all she wants is Voulez - and him. But the magazine will never be hers as long as Pascal is in the picture. Jack wants her to consider the offer.

Nolan tells Emily at his place that Pascal’s coin is a poker chip. The computer genius Javier emerges and after Emily leaves he shows Nolan an avatar app he has developed to get to know Charlotte.

At the magazine, Margaux tells Daniel she’s considering the job in Rome. He didn’t think she would give up so quickly. Daniel plants a seed of doubt in Margaux’s mind about how much Jack cares for Emily.

Emily visits Pascal at his office with an invite to a Monte Carlo night for charity. He doesn’t think she’s the best person to be seen with. She encourages him to come to the party anyway.

Emily finds Stevie at the Stowaway and asks about Pascal’s history with the Graysons. Stevie tells Emily that Victoria dated Pascal first. Later, Emily tells Jack she ended things with Aiden but still loves him. Jack encourages her to tell Aiden how she feels. Margaux watches them looking intimate from outside.

At home, Victoria tells Daniel that she met Pascal when she was 16 on her scholarship in Paris. They were crazy about each other. Pascal taught her how to trust but she caught him with another woman. They get an alert about Emily’s fundraiser and wonder what she wants with Pascal.

Emily finds Aiden at a Bermuda bar and asks for insight on Pascal’s letter. She misses him and he tells her again they are over.

At work, Pascal is livid about an interrogation concerning Voulez being uses as a tax shelter. Margaux tells him Daniel’s friend is the Interpol agent and they can make the problem go away if he gives her the magazine. Pascal agrees.

A tipsy Conrad visits Stevie’s hotel room. The truth about Jack hurt more than he thought. She hated him for leaving her but knows now she pushed Conrad away. He loved her and doesn’t think anything good can come of her battle with Victoria. She gives him something to use against Victoria.

At the Monte Carlo fundraiser, Victoria tells Pascal she thinks Emily is playing him. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Javier connect and he’s honest about his past in prison. He wants to buy her a drink but suddenly kisses her instead. Meanwhile, Margaux tells Jack she and Daniel forced Pascal out of Voulez. He doubts Daniel has her best interest at heart. She accuses Jack of being blinded by his feelings for Emily. He denies it and she drops it. Later, Victoria and Emily face off at the poker table. Emily uses Daniel’s ring to cover her hand. Victoria lets Emily win. Later, Pascal finds Emily and wants to talk business. She wants an ally against the Graysons and he agrees. She spots something and leaves quickly. Later, Victoria joins Pascal. He tells her Emily only wants to discuss her family secrets. Victoria is grateful for his help. He remembers the night he lost her. He is sorry and will never betray her again. She is willing to forgive and forget. They start making out.

Jack finds Stevie watching Carl above the bar and she tells him she had a tough night. He sees her pour a drink downstairs but she tosses it out and leaves.

At the beach house, Emily tells Nolan she knew Pascal was filming her and Victoria folded on purpose. Aiden comes in suddenly with the letter Emily left with him. TWM was his father and that is who Pascal was talking about.

Hollie's thoughts:
It is about time we get to see Victoria as a sexual woman instead of just a bitter one, so I am excited to see where this rekindling with Pascal will go. Charlotte is also in need of a storyline, so despite the fact Javier seems to be manufactured just for that purpose, we'll take it. It's obvious there are cracks starting in Jack and Margaux's union, and with Aiden still pushing Emily away, here's hoping we'll finally get to see Jack and Emily give love a go too.

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- Hollie Deese

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