Revenge Recap: Disgrace.

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

Margaux’s father returns, Victoria and Emily square off at the opera, and Jack commits to helping Emily.

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At the Grayson estate, Daniel shows Victoria the picture of Aiden and Emily kissing. He finally has his ticket out of his marriage. Victoria grins and asks for a front-row seat.

At Nolan’s, he and Emily try to determine what Stevie was after when she visited David in jail. Nolan questions whether she is prepared to mess around in Jack’s world again considering Stevie is Jack’s mom. Emily can tell Nolan is testing her, but he wants her to be sure. Later, Jack asks Emily to leave Stevie out of her plot so he can build a relationship with her.

Margaux’s dad Pascal visits Voulez and leaves to play tennis with Conrad. Conrad wants to align companies with Pascal. Victoria joins them and reveals that Pascal introduced her to Conrad. There is history between them.

Margaux joins Jack at the Stowaway. Things are moving along with the house. She hopes her father leaves tomorrow and shares how he treats her like a little girl. Later, Stevie gets to know Jack. She is proud of him and wishes she had the courage to come back in his life sooner. She met Amanda’s father in prison and wants to know what Amanda believed. He tells her Amanda thought David was innocent. She is intrigued by a picture of Amanda and Emily.

Emily joins Conrad at a bar and digs for info about Stevie’s past. Later, Daniel calls Emily into the study. Victoria is there and he shows her the incriminating pictures. He wants a divorce. Emily threatens to expose Daniel as the person who shot her.

Stevie visits Emily at the beach house and asks who she really is. Emily tells her Amanda was like a sister to her. Stevie thinks David Clark was innocent and Conrad set up her DUI. She offers to help Emily find answers but Amanda has to put Jack’s feelings first and asks Stevie to let it go.

Nolan attacks an intruder in his house, but it is really Javier, a computer hacker he met in prison. He wants to help Nolan with whatever he’s working on. Nolan agrees to let him stay.

At home, Victoria meets with Daniel’s detective with a new assignment. She excuses herself to meet Pascal, who has arrived with a designer gown for her to wear to the opera. She tells him his charms will not work on her. She agrees to try on the gown however, and he looks forward to seeing her in it.

At the Stowaway, Stevie tells Jack she got some evidence in David’s case years ago, but after her DUI all of her office stuff was confiscated.

Nolan and Jack meet at the Grayson’s office to get the evidence taken from Stevie. Nolan distracts while Jack breaks into the archives department. The tapes aren’t dated so Javier calls Jack and walks him through the code to find the right tape.

Margaux tries to throw Pascal out of Voulez right before Conrad tells Margaux the magazine is losing one million dollars a month, the losses previously hidden by Pascal. Conrad uses this info to try and force a partnership with Pascal, who wonders if Conrad really wants to go own this 20-year-old road.

At home, Victoria tells Daniel she hired his detective because she feels Emily is after their family, not their fortune. She is determined to keep her close since there seems to be a connection between her and the Clarks. Daniel just wants Emily out of his life.

At the opera, Charlotte introduces Pascal to Emily and they briefly chat before he finds Victoria, who warns him to keep his distance. Stevie meets Margaux and Jack meets Pascal. Later, Margaux recruits Daniel to show their fathers what they are made of. During the opera, Charlotte gets a tip on the Voulez hotline that Emily’s pregnancy was fake. Her medical records are now public. Victoria and Daniel chase her out and she is bombarded by paparazzi.

At Grayson Manor, Victoria and Daniel hand Emily the new divorce settlement, which is nothing. No one will believe Daniel shot her now. After she leaves Victoria is determined to find out why Emily is targeting them.

At home, Nolan realizes Javier can help him with computer stuff.

At a bar, Pascal and Conrad discuss the drama at the opera. Pascal stands to leave with no intention of merging his company with Conrad’s. Conrad offers up Victoria and Pascal is intrigued.

Jack checks on Emily at the beach house. She is the one who leaked the records so the Graysons felt they had won. He wants justice for Declan and demands to know what was on the files he got for her. She shows him and thinks Pascal is part of this. Since he loves Margaux she doesn’t want him involved. Jack has to take the risk and hopes there is no collateral damage.

Hollie's thoughts:
Thank goodness Emily’s desperation has seemed to dissipate and she is back on track, with no blackouts to speak of. Jack’s newfound vigor helps and the fact that his girlfriend’s daddy is all up in the dirtiness of the past is only more fuel to the fire stoking his revenge too. His mom Stevie has been a breath of fresh air in the Hamptons, and I can’t wait to see what more there is with her history with Conrad and Victoria. She is just the person who can get under Victoria’s skin, nothing bad, but just enough to maybe throw her off her game. That, and sexy Pascal who seems willing to do anything to get with the lovely Mrs. Grayson. As for Margaux and Daniel, they are both headstrong and neither one of them has enough information about the past, so whatever they think they are scheming to show their fathers what big adults they are is sure to just blow up in their face. Can’t wait!

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- Hollie Deese

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