Revenge Recap: Hatred.

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

Emily tries to win Daniel back, Margaux fights to keep Voulez, and Nolan gives Patrick some shocking information about his past.

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Margaux's excited to see Voulez at the newsstand during her walk with Jack. While Jack pays the proprietor to keep Voulez front and center, she realizes someone changed her article.

At the Grayson's, Emily wakes up bleeding from her wounds. She wants a quicker fix when Niko comes and gives her the fire poker to cauterize the wound. Later, Victoria finds Emily showing Dr. Robinson out and warns he won't bring her closer to the Grayson's like he did with Charlotte's therapy. When Emily sees Conrad, he's packing his first editions and complaining how everyone ruined his chance at happiness with Lydia. He advises Emily come see him when Daniel betrays her. After, Emily finds Daniel in bed with Sara when she alerts him of trouble at Voulez. Neither of them cares that Emily's there. Emily confronts Sara by the pool later about how she won't fit in.

Nolan welcomes Patrick to reckoning day at the gallery and tells him they're a million miles past sorry when Patrick tries to apologize for assaulting him. He gives Patrick a police report from 1974 and lets him know Victoria hasn't been forthcoming. Later, Patrick confronts Victoria about his father, Jimmy Brennan, who was arrested for trying to see him at the orphanage. Victoria didn't consider him father material but Patrick doesn't think it was her decision to make.


Nolan complains to Aiden at home about his new roommate. Aiden's surprised, and finds Niko unpacking in his room. She admits she didn't tell Emily about them and kisses Aiden hoping he'll help her avenge Takeda's death. He's in.

Daniel reads Margaux's article aloud while entering Voulez. Margaux blames an employee, Jessica, who has disappeared, for inserting that Conrad gave Lydia a gun. Daniel's certain Conrad paid Jessica to insert the false content. Just then, Margaux receives documents, Conrad's suing Voulez.

At home, Victoria warns Daniel for taunting Emily with Sara. She knows Emily will crush Sara like she did Conrad's first infidelity. He goes to Emily who confesses she's fighting to win him back. He thinks she'll leave when she realizes there's no place in his life for her.

Victoria and Patrick sit in a car outside of his father's place, watching him play with his teenage son. He reflects on his life with his adoptive family and thinks things could have been different.

Nolan stops by and hears Emily's complaints about Sara. He complains about Aiden's girlfriend Niko living with them. Emily's confused, and Nolan realizes she doesn't know the truth about Niko and Aiden. She needs to be alone and goes for a swim. She swims hard and fast into the side of the pool. Later, she doesn't understand how she ended up at Nolan's and tries to get away from Aiden while he attempts to tell her about living with her choices. She asks if it's his choice to screw Niko.


Conrad makes Margaux an offer to save her magazine when she and Daniel confront him at his place. He forces her to fire Daniel and sell him his shares against Daniel's wishes.

At Nolan's, Niko's bothered when people aren't considerate; Aiden stood her up. Nolan is too and is about to kick her out until he sees Takeda's autopsy photo. Niko plans to avenge his death and practices peeling skin from flesh with mangoes. Nolan decides he had nothing important to discuss.

Sara surprises Daniel at the Grayson's with a gourmet dinner for two. He admits Conrad had him ousted from Voulez and he's tired of hanging around home. Emily watches as he plans to take Sara to Italy.

Victoria joins Patrick at a bar where he's watching men who work for his father play pool. He asks her to leave. She drops her purse and he picks it up to give to her but she sees his father's face instead of him looking at her and panics. Patrick takes her home where she confides how her mother killed her lover and blamed her. Her mother later allowed another boyfriend to molest her. Patrick asks what Jimmy did. Victoria admits Jimmy was like a brother, but he raped her. After, he stalked her, so she had to give Patrick away for his protection.

At Jack's, Margaux says how she's glad to be home. Jack likes that and confesses he loves her and is looking for a house. Margaux loves him too.


Aiden meets Niko in an alley and gives up Hoffman as Takeda's killer. Lying, he says it's probably because Takeda learned about Hoffman being responsible for the explosion at Grayson Global. Niko realizes Aiden loves Emily more than Takeda when he gives her one plane ticket to Moscow.

Sara's excitement is squelched at the Grayson's when her mother confronts her for moving in on Emily's husband. Emily watches as Sara tells her to mind her own business, but her mother says, "You're no daughter of mine," and leaves. Sara rushes upstairs. Later, Sara admits to Daniel that she wants out and kisses him goodbye. He confronts Emily and throws her on the bed in anger. She reminds him he took from her, so she's taken from him. He says, "Sterilizing you was my gift to the universe." The room spins and Emily passes out on the bed alone.

At Nolan's, Aiden thanks Nolan for sending Niko out on Hoffman's trail. Nolan's glad justice will be served for Declan's death. In Aiden's room, Niko finds Takeda's missing sword while packing.

Patrick deliberately starts a fire at the gallery after trying to clean up a paint spill.

Emily wakes up confused when Conrad leaves her room after dressing, eager for their next rendezvous.

The first Mrs. Grayson arrives at the airport.

Violette's thoughts:

It's hard to tell what was more exciting this week because the show rocked from beginning to end. It seems revenge is catchy; Conrad, Patrick, Nolan, and Niko have a serious case of it. Conrad's revenge is proving the most entertaining. He apparently has learned a thing or two from Victoria. Whether or not anything happened in Emily's bed with him is irrelevant. It was great. Daniel on the other hand isn't as creative and tends to be more violent. He really needs to work on that since it's very unbecoming and unsexy. It's too bad Sara wasn't in the mood to play another round of revenge, but Victoria was spot on when she said Emily could ruin her. It may be a long wait until March but it appears they give us enough to look forward to.

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- Violette DeSantis

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