Revenge Recap: Endurance.

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Niko solves a problem for Victoria, Patrick wants the truth about his past, and Emily calls a press conference.

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In the hospital garage, Aiden wants Niko to get Emily out of the hospital. She thinks he's holding something back. He confesses he's reconnected with Emily and they planned to steal away before the shooting. Inside, Nolan's surprised Emily remembers him when he sneaks into her room as a candy striper. She admits her mission failed and it's over. While she sleeps, Victoria's concerned the doctor's ready to release Emily into rehab. Niko approaches, thinking she can be of service.

Sara thinks Daniel should be with Emily when he comes to the Stowaway. She's mad he thinks she tried to kill herself, it was just an accident. Jack sees them arguing and punches Daniel.


Emily's surprised to wake up at the Grayson's under a nurse's care. Daniel avoids questions about his black eye while Victoria explains Emily's safe there from Lydia. Daniel retreats downstairs with Victoria explaining Emily could have identified him as the shooter in rehab. Upstairs, Niko admits she's Takeda's daughter and says it's her honor to meet Emily. Emily's sorry for her loss. Her mission's over but Niko won't let her leave, believing she's safest in the eye of the storm. Conrad interrupts. Privately, he's concerned about the validity of Lydia shooting Emily and warns that she watch her back.

At Voulez, Daniel's concerned about Margaux's article and argues that she's obviously shying away from Lydia's vengeful motives to return to the Hamptons to commit murder.


At the gallery, Patrick offers to get Emily's infinity box when Victoria confides she's hired someone to get it from Nolan's. She inadvertently discloses that Daniel shot Emily. Patrick's hurt that she cares more for blood than her bastard son. She slaps him and makes it clear she doesn't want him hurt like Daniel.

Patrick says, "I come in peace," when he catches Nolan after his swim at the beach and claims he realized how much of a bitch Victoria is. He makes a date to meet him later.

Charlotte brings Jake and Carl to the Grayson's and keeps an eye out for Victoria. Alone with Emily, Jack admits he gave Daniel the black eye. Emily can't help how he feels, she's done with revenge. She wants him to get a message to Aiden but Charlotte announces Victoria's on her way. After, Niko overhears Victoria on the phone warning Patrick to be careful getting the infinity box and alerts Emily. Emily's upset and surprises Niko when she discloses she should be wearing Aiden's ring, not Daniel's. Niko's glad Takeda isn't around to see the mess Emily's become and punches her in the gut to represent the pain the Graysons have caused her. Later, Victoria brings Emily the news that she'll never be able to conceive again. Emily accuses her of lying before telling her to get out. She throws her food tray.

Aiden meets Niko behind the Stowaway. He doesn't think Emily's thinking clearly about her mission. Niko's angry he hasn't been truthful but wouldn't hurt him by telling Emily they were an item. He apologizes.

Patrick talks Nolan into making their fifth martinis for the night. Nolan admits he's a lightweight as he stumbles around. Patrick realizes he's been drinking water when Nolan spills his glass. Nolan didn't want to do something he would regret. Patrick knows what he means and hits him from behind.

Victoria's sorry for what it cost Patrick when he delivers the infinity box to the Graysons. He thinks she'll be pleased by what she finds inside but hopes he'll learn the truth about his own past soon. Later, Emily finds Victoria going through the box alone and congratulates her, her instincts were right all along. Emily admits staying with Daniel because she loved him. Victoria promises that "Emily Thorne" will never grift in their circles again, adding, "If that's even your name." Emily smiles as she walks away.

Sara's angry when Daniel comes to her place. He shares how Emily faked the pregnancy making Sara wonder if he shot her. He says he didn't and won't leave Emily so others don't think he did. Sara's sorry and goes to him.

Jack's worried that Daniel's using Margaux when she shows him her article about Lydia. He exclaims that Daniel shot Emily.

At the Grayson's, Daniel yells at Margaux over the phone for pulling the story. Conrad thinks she sees the holes in it. Victoria wonders who called the press and Emily announces from the balcony that she did. Her memory has returned, it was Lydia who shot her. She and her husband are offering a reward for Lydia's capture. Victoria, Conrad and Daniel look surprised. Back in her room, she pulls a walkie-talkie out of Carl's stuffed dog that Jack intentionally left behind. Nolan responds he saw the news and thanks her for the heads up. She's glad he switched out the infinity box before Patrick got it. Nolan's next plan is to make sure Patrick learns the truth about Victoria.

The Grayson's maid takes Emily home to get her things. Aiden meets her privately and learns her mission's back on because she's barren. He doesn't want her to waste more time and thinks they should move on. Emily ends things with him. He tells her to worry about herself; it's what she's best at.

Margaux confronts Jack at home. He can't believe Emily confessed Lydia was the shooter. He's sorry he got involved.

Conrad meets with someone privately and pays them.

Aiden finds Niko at Takeda's. She promises to avenge his death while Aiden remembers killing him. He doesn't want to talk so she kisses him.

Emily meets with Daniel and Victoria. She knows he shot her and she's not going anywhere. Daniel's angry but Victoria thinks they'll figure things out until they find a more permanent solution. Emily says, "Seems I'm home after all."

Violette's thoughts:

Perhaps revenge is sweetest the second time around. Kudos to Niko for knocking some sense into Emily, the Graysons appear to deserve whatever they get. The most disappointing thing about the whole situation was Aiden, Jack and Nolan apparently get the short end of the stick after all they did for her during the first go round of her mission. Nolan may be back for more but it's worrisome that Aiden and Jack won't be. Meanwhile, it sounds as if Aiden has put himself in a precarious situation. What will happen between Niko and him and will we be privy to it?

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- Violette DeSantis

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