Revenge Recap: Homecoming.

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Nolan, Aiden and Jack rally to help Emily, Victoria has Conrad right where she wants him, and Charlotte is confused by something Emily remembers.

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At Nolan's, Patrick overhears Nolan listening to the news that Emily disappeared during her honeymoon cruise and promises to learn what he can from Victoria. Alone, Nolan smiles and raises a toast to Emily.

In the ocean, Emily pulls herself up on a buoy and struggles to pull a chest up from below. She removes her garter and throws the GPS tracker in the water thinking it doesn't work.

At the docks, Aiden blames himself for Emily's plan failing while Jack worries over her being shot twice after seeing the wedding dress. Jack admits he gave her an ultimatum to finish her revenge or he'd tell everyone who she was. Aiden hears her signal and sends Jack to Nolan's before getting in a boat.

At police headquarters Conrad promises Charlotte they'll find Emily and asks her to leave it to the police when she thinks Victoria's responsible. He interrupts an officer questioning Daniel to give him an alibi before rescuing Lydia from another officer to do the same. Lydia denies having anything to do with it when he wonders if lying was worth it. Meanwhile, Margaux hands over photos of the wedding events to authorities but holds back a memory card while Victoria lawyers-up nearby.


Aiden's at Emily's side on a fishing vessel, worried about her condition. She doesn't want to go back but he knows she needs medical attention. He disappears, making a sound for the ship captain to hear. The captain finds Emily unconscious.

At daybreak, Aiden arrives at Nolan's while Jack is updating Nolan. Jack doesn’t think Victoria shot Emily even though she knew about the fake pregnancy.

At home, Victoria confesses to Patrick that she didn't do it, as much as she wanted to after confronting Emily for going after the Graysons. Patrick plans on proving her innocence.

An investigator is interrupted at Daniel's office while questioning him about Victoria's relationship with Emily. They've found his wife. Daniel attempts to look relieved.

At the hospital a doctor gives Daniel an update on Emily's injuries and asks to speak with him alone when Charlotte asks about the baby. Conrad leaves with Charlotte while the doctor warns they have police orders not to allow Victoria access to the patient. Privately she tells Daniel that Emily isn't pregnant. Daniel would like to keep it private. Nearby, Nolan approaches Victoria and Patrick. He's angry that Victoria won't let him see Emily and pleads with Patrick. Victoria becomes angry about Patrick's relationship with Nolan. They leave and Nolan leaves a smartphone behind at the nurses' station.


At Voulez, Jack asks about the photos Margaux admits keeping from the police. He notices Victoria isn't the only one missing from the pictures.

Daniel goes to Emily's bedside. She grabs his arm when she awakes and begs him to tell her what happened but he doesn't. After, while Emily sleeps, Daniel tells Charlotte that Victoria didn't do it.

At Nolan's, Aiden tries to calm his worries about her condition. He's certain she's faking her major head trauma. Later, Nolan tries to give directions to Aiden to find Emily in the hospital when he's interrupted by Patrick. He blows him off, regretfully, for not helping him to see Emily, and then gets back to Aiden in his mobile ear device.

Aiden startles Emily when he enters her room. She says, "Please don't hurt me. Who are you?" He rushes out before Charlotte rushes in with the nurses. After, Charlotte tries to help Emily remember by showing her the wedding photos. Emily can only remember her father's name – David Clarke.

At Nolan's, Aiden and Jack are confused by Emily's condition. Jack gives Nolan a copy of Margaux's photos and Aiden leaves to finish some business from his past when he sees someone on Nolan's hospital monitor.


Lydia confronts Victoria at home. Not even she thought Victoria would shoot someone. Conrad interrupts their argument and Victoria throws Lydia out when she spills wine on the carpet. Later, Daniel visits and confesses to Victoria how he shot Emily. She's angry when he decides to get a lawyer to turn himself in.

Victoria visits Margaux at Voulez in hopes she can prove Conrad is framing her. She looks over Margaux's photos and notices Lydia isn't in them.

At Conrad's, Victoria confronts him with Margaux's photos and explains he will implicate Lydia to save Daniel.

Charlotte goes to Jack's with what Emily told her about David Clarke. Jack decides to see Emily to help her remember she's Emily Thorne.

Conrad asks Lydia to trust him when she begs for his help after looking at Margaux's pictures. He watches her car leave the inn and calls Victoria to say she's gone.


Daniel turns off the news at home after he hears the suspected shooter, Lydia Davis, is on the run. Conrad arrives and confronts him for messing everything up.

Patrick goes to Victoria's about keeping his promise to help her and tells her about Patrick's box with the infinity symbol.

Back at the hospital, an orderly asks Emily what her tattoo means. She's interrupted before she can inject something in Emily's IV bag when Charlotte arrives and introduces Jack. Alone, she admits there's something familiar about him. She's upset about her condition and he shares how strong and bullheaded she is. He gives her his wife Amanda's necklace that she had given him and apologizes for putting his anger on her and says, "Come back to us Emily Thorne." Emily starts to remember things, including Amanda dying, and then says, "Daniel shot me." Outside the hospital, Aiden confronts Niko, the person he saw on the monitor who was also in Emily's room. Niko knew that getting to Emily was the easiest way to get to him. She's the best doctor he knows and promises not to trust the Graysons. She kisses him and says, "Nothing's changed."

Violette's thoughts:

Okay, I thought Emily would be faking, so it was exciting that she wasn't. Now I'm really curious to how much Emily remembers after realizing Daniel shot her. Does she know she's really Amanda who is pretending to be Emily who married Daniel for revenge? Jack was so sweet to fix everything. Nolan owes him big time. Great twist having Dr. Niko move in on the action. Aiden always has more troubles than Emily Thorne.

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- Violette DeSantis

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