Revenge Recap: Exodus.

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

The wedding arrives, Emily's enemies make things difficult for her, and Nolan and Patrick reunite.

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At Nolan's, Nolan thinks Emily's focus should be getting Victoria to the wedding. Emily draws blood from her arm as Aiden recommends there are more direct ways to deal with Victoria. Emily won't let Victoria off that easy for her part in David's death.

At Conrad's apartment, he confronts Lydia for faking affection for him when he finds a list of names. She admits working for Margaux but she's stopped. Conrad leaves when Emily texts him and needs to talk. Lydia takes the photo of Amanda Clarke from his archives.

Conrad arrives at Emily's. She's upset about Victoria not attending her son's wedding and guesses it will be the first of many things Victoria will miss, like the birth and christening of her grandchild. She thinks if Patrick were around Victoria would be reminded of the importance of family.

At the office, Margaux tells Daniel to leave since it's his wedding day. Sara cuts him short when she sees him and says, "Congrats," before leaving.


Victoria's happy when Patrick visits her at the Grayson's. Conrad joins them and admits he's using Patrick to get her to the wedding. Victoria knows Emily's involved but Patrick gets her to agree to attend. Alone, Victoria promises Patrick that she'll deal with Conrad later.

Back at Nolan's, Emily goes over the plan with Nolan and Aiden. During the family slideshow on the yacht, Emily will ensure that Victoria leaves the room. Aiden will lock Victoria up while Emily fakes her death before jumping overboard. She'll retrieve the scuba gear and meet Aiden on the beach. Later, Patrick comes by and confesses to Nolan that he left for a reason. Nolan's disappointed but likes reunions. Patrick turns down Nolan's offer to spend the after party with him.

Emily goes to Jack's to say goodbye. He chokes back tears and hugs her. Before she leaves she admits being with Amanda when she died and remembers the promise she made to look out for him and Carl. He doesn't understand why she's telling him now and is mad that she's taken everything from him. She agrees Amanda deserved better and hopes he understands why she needs revenge.

Lydia confronts Emily with the photo of her as Amanda Clarke and demands her house back. Emily promises it's hers if she doesn't ruin her wedding.


Victoria arrives at the wedding with Conrad and Patrick on her arm. In the bride's dressing room, Emily expresses her love for Charlotte before she leaves. Aiden sneaks in and puts the garter on with the GPS device before kissing her and leaving. After, Nolan says, "Only you could make vengeance look so beautiful," as they walk down the aisle. Emily replies, "Let's do it." Daniel smiles as she approaches. Out front, Aiden confronts Lydia. He's authorized to transfer the cottage if she avoids the wedding. Emily remembers losing her father and her journey with the Graysons while she says her vows. They're announced as Daniel and Emily Grayson as Victoria smugly looks on.

On the dance floor, Emily thinks Daniel should watch his drinking before Nolan cuts in. She's disappointed he couldn't persuade Patrick to leave Victoria's side. Nolan says, "Long live David Clarke," and kisses her goodbye. Meanwhile, Conrad advises Margaux not to make an enemy of him. Margaux couldn't with Lydia's help because she still loves Conrad. Elsewhere, Charlotte interrupts Daniel and he hangs up before leaving Sara a message. During the cutting of the cake Emily understands Daniel's need for closure with Sara. He kisses her and promises to be a better man and dad. Nearby, Victoria's upset Daniel hasn't spoken to her. Patrick thinks she should be the perfect mother and grandmother and she'll feel vindicated when Emily proves her right. Suddenly he receives a text reading, "I know the truth about Father Paul."


Conrad goes to Lydia's hotel and asks if she loves him. She does. Conrad invites her to shake things up in the Hamptons. She says, "Let's."

During the after party, Victoria tells Daniel he doesn't look happy. Emily joins them and learns that Patrick will meet them in Nantucket but she's disappointed when Conrad announces Lydia's coming aboard.

At the Stowaway, Jack calls Sara a cab after they get drunk over the wedding. He finds an envelope addressed to him with Emily's charms in it.

Patrick goes to Nolan's and admits he did what he did for family. Nolan confesses that Patrick's there because he's protecting his loved ones too. He goes to shower and Patrick pushes a button on a remote. Nolan's safe is uncovered.

On the yacht, Emily introduces the video of previous Grayson celebrations and toasts family. She spills a drink on Victoria, who leaves. Lydia sees Emily sneak out and Daniel gets a call from Sara. It's Sara's roommate, Sara tried to kill herself. Elsewhere, Aiden sneaks up on Victoria while Lydia shows her Emily's photo as Amanda. Victoria confronts Emily on deck with the picture. She feels less for Emily than her worthless bracelet. Victoria tosses the bracelet overboard before Aiden chloroforms her. He gives Emily the gun and a two-minute warning before carrying Victoria away. Daniel comes from the shadows and grabs the gun. He heard everything. Emily apologizes and he shoots her and then throws the gun overboard past Emily's body before returning downstairs. Suddenly alarms sound about a man overboard. Everyone rushes to the deck. Charlotte is shocked at all the blood and asks where Emily is. Conrad asks where Victoria is.

Aiden swims to the beach but finds Jack instead of Emily. He wants to end things right and give Emily her charms back. She should have been there ten minutes ago. They rush to the water's edge to see a portion of her bloodied dress wash ashore.

Violette's thoughts:

Oh, that Lydia is a sly one and wow, what a great end before the short winter break. It was unfathomable that Emily would be able to accuse Victoria anyway after she threw the bracelet overboard, but having Lydia giving her motive would have helped Emily in the end. They definitely should have had a plan B though, like having Nolan aboard to keep others below deck. It was surprising that Aiden took Victoria away as if this wouldn't be an issue when she came to and claimed she didn't murder anyone and told everyone what she knew about Emily. What a twist to have Daniel actually shoot Emily though while he was pining for Sara. Great episode…January should be a thrilling ride.

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- Violette DeSantis

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