Revenge Recap: Surrender.

Sunday, December 8th, 2013

Emily tries to get word of her pregnancy out, Jack tries to keep Nolan one step ahead of Margaux, and Sara doesn't want to be the other woman.

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Outside, Daniel and Emily pose for the Voulez magazine shoot. He blows off the interviewer when she asks when they will plan a nursery. Alone, Daniel refuses to ruin Emily's big day by announcing her pregnancy. Later at Voulez, Sara refuses to be the other woman and storms out of Daniel's office.

At Nolan's, Emily complains to him and Aiden about Daniel keeping the pregnancy secret to hold onto Sara. Alone, Aiden asks if Nolan got what he asked for. He did.

At the hotel, Margaux needs to protect her source and refuses wants Lydia to stay put. She also wants proof that David Clarke was framed.


At the Grayson's, Conrad hands Victoria Daniel's baby photos. She's disappointed that he's marrying a charlatan. Conrad asks her to give it a break and let Daniel be. Victoria hopes Sara will put an end to it. That evening, Emily asks Victoria to seat Nolan at the main table. Suddenly, clothes fall to the patio from the balcony above. They find Lydia upstairs. Victoria wants a word alone and Emily leaves. Victoria reminds Lydia she was supposed to remain hidden. Lydia doesn't think Victoria did her any favors. She asks Victoria to keep her visit quiet and maybe she'll go easy on her. Downstairs, Daniel's surprised Lydia's there. Emily shows her out when she comes down. Lydia advises Emily to give up the act, only the Grayson's fall for it. She shoves Emily on her way out. Emily falls and Victoria thinks it's unnecessary when Daniel rushes to her. Victoria frowns when he exclaims, "She's pregnant!"

Jack kisses Margaux at Voulez before setting dinner out for them. He pauses when he sees a file on Conrad.

At the Stowaway, Sara asks Charlotte to tell Jack she's sorry – she's quitting. She still loves Daniel. Charlotte won't let her give up.

At the Grayson's, Conrad thinks it's marvelous when Victoria tells him that Emily's expecting.

At Nolan's, Emily asks Aiden to find out why her father's old secretary, Lydia, is in town. Later, Jack finds Nolan alone and gives him Margaux's IP address to keep an eye on what she's writing about on Conrad.


Charlotte catches up to Daniel on his run and asks what's wrong. He was happy with Emily until Sara came back into his life. During his drive with Emily later they're approached by the media. She asks Daniel how this happened…they only told Victoria about the pregnancy. After, Daniel confronts Victoria at home. She suggests Emily leaked the news to trap him into marriage because of Sara. He's angry that Victoria told Emily about Sara but promises the wedding will go on.

Conrad thinks he's meeting Jake at the inn but Lydia greets him. He always hoped she survived after he learned Victoria was alive. He did try to stop her from getting on that plane. He doesn't think she's done with him when he's asked to leave. Lydia replies, "When I'm done with you, you'll know it." After, Lydia turns off a recorder taped behind the dresser.

Charlotte goes to Emily's and asks if it's true about the baby. Emily wanted to tell her first. Charlotte hugs her and hopes to be a better aunt than a maid-of-honor. Charlotte calls in the ladies to give her a mani-pedi.

Aiden calls Margaux at Voulez and pretends he's the concierge. He asks if charges from the afternoon's visit should be charged to Mr. Grayson or to her room. Margaux goes to Lydia and terminates their arrangement for putting her story at risk.


Aiden gives Emily a package at the shooting range addressed to Victoria. Emily pulls out a gun as he tells her Lydia won't be a problem. She pulls back her cuff and fires the weapon, leaving gunshot residue on Victoria's bracelet.

At Voulez, Nolan tells Margaux she's barking up the wrong tree and gives her a lead.

Lydia visits Conrad's apartment. She's sorry that she chose Victoria over him. He thinks they've both made mistakes. She calls it even and they embrace. He allows her to go through archives recently brought out of storage. Alone she finds an old photo of Amanda Clarke.

Sara confronts Daniel outside the Stowaway about the pregnancy. He admits falling in love with her again but he won't raise a kid in a broken home. Sara leaves his necklace behind and says goodbye. He drops it in the water below.

At the Grayson's, Charlotte announces to Victoria that she's moving out after the wedding. She's done meddling and Victoria should be too.

Aiden reminds Emily she's a warrior before battle and gives her sake in a candlelight room. She drinks. Aiden discusses the love that came from her pain. He would lay down his life for her. He gets down on one knee and asks 'Amanda Clarke' to marry him. She says yes and kisses him after he puts the ring on. After making love, Emily learns she will become Nolan's distant cousin and their name will be Ross. She will miss Nolan. She ignores Daniel's call and Aiden switches his ring for Daniel's, on her finger.

At the Stowaway, Margaux tells Jack about her conversation with Nolan who told her to talk to Jack about Conrad. Jack explains Conrad's responsible for the death of his wife and mother. He's a bad man and he didn't want to lose Margaux. Margaux admits there'll be other stories but there's only one Jack Porter. They kiss.

At home, Daniel explains that nothing happened between him and Sara and it's over. Emily's the only one he wants, and the baby. They hug. Later, Emily calls Nolan. Everything's set. After, Victoria drops by. The wedding is tomorrow and the game is over for her. She found a place at the main table for Nolan Ross. She hands Victoria her invitation with the Decline box checked and says, "Congratulations Emily."

Violette's thoughts:

Lydia didn't take long in finding what she came for. Nolan wasn't wrong when he said she was another blond out for revenge. I love the twists this week. It was fun enough wondering if Emily would be able to get the story about her pregnancy out, but now to have Victoria decline the invitation to the wedding. Oh snap! It's thrilling to see that Nolan ensured a way to hold onto his Ems by making her a distant cousin. It's all any girl would want. I must admit, although I understand Emily's want for revenge, Conrad always seems to have her back, and her sister has come around as well.

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- Violette DeSantis

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