Revenge Recap: Secrecy.

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Victoria throws Emily a bridal shower, Conrad surprises Daniel, and Charlotte needs Aiden's help.

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At home, Emily misses spending time with Daniel. He promises to make it up to her and she reminds him about their bridal shower. Next door, Victoria's busy planning a surprise for Emily and is upset that she hasn't talked to Sara. Charlotte believes it's because Sara's too busy sneaking around with Daniel.

At Nolan's, Jack warns Nolan that Margaux is looking for information on Conrad and Grayson Global. He doesn't want Nolan to give her anything. Nolan's too busy, Aiden's moving in. Jack's mad. Aiden's responsible for him sending his son away. Nolan explains it's temporary…Aiden's leaving with Emily after the wedding. Jack's upset. He didn't know they were together. Emily comes in and Jack angrily confronts her about her plans before leaving.

Daniel finds Sara at the farmer's market and asks if her text was an invitation. She pretends it wasn't. She wouldn't get between him and Emily. He can't get Sara out of his head. Before he leaves she mentions she'll be at the market on Sunday. Daniel drives away and Emily surprises Sara from behind. Emily asks how long it's been going on and starts to cry. Victoria treats her like she's not good enough and admits feeling threatened by Sara. Sara assures her she's not a home wrecker. Later, Sara goes to the Grayson's to see Victoria. She can't deal with the shame of breaking Emily and Daniel up. Victoria can prove Emily only cares about money and status.


At Voulez, Conrad tells Margaux he's found another publisher, and then visits Daniel. He's surprised Daniel's visiting his ex-girlfriend and thinks it's time for a Grayson rite of passage. He takes Daniel to a secret property that has been passed down through generations. No 'Mrs. Grayson' has ever known. Daniel doesn't want to cheat on his wife but Conrad advises Daniel not to marry his mistress.

Margaux has drinks with Jack at the Stowaway. Conrad won't let her publish his story. She believes he's hiding something about himself or Grayson Global. Jack points her in Nolan's direction. After, Jack asks Charlotte what she knows about Aiden. She knows he handles messes for her parents. Suddenly she receives a message on her laptop, 'Missing these, Charlotte?'

Emily gets to Nolan's and gives Aiden a warm welcome of kisses. He's interrupted when Charlotte texts him. Nolan finds it unconventional that Emily's planning a wedding with one guy and a honeymoon with another. Emily's only concerned with tying Victoria to the murder weapon. Alone, she consults Nolan on finding a comparable wedding gift for Daniel to the expensive necklace she found. Nolan finds a watch with an emergency location beacon for her instead as a Plan B.


Aiden confronts Jack at the Stowaway. He didn't intend to send Jack's family away and boasts he's Emily's future. He'll handle things that Jack shouldn't concern himself with. Charlotte meets Aiden outside after. She needs him to make a blackmailer go away who has nude photos of her.

At the engagement party, Emily thanks Charlotte for her toast which was more of a threat to be good to Daniel or else. Charlotte receives a message to go to the Stowaway ASAP. Daniel finds Sara and hopes she's just working for his mother and not with her. He acts like he's interested in food when Emily approaches. Conrad blindfolds Daniel to play 'This is your life'. Nearby, Nolan tells Margaux there's nothing about Grayson Global worth writing about. Next, Victoria blindfolds Emily and builds up the suspense before announcing she found Emily's first husband, Rowen, whom she left penniless. Victoria's disappointed when Emily admits it was a marriage of convenience to keep him in the country so he could stay with his gay lover but she didn't take any money. Emily apologizes to Daniel for not telling him. Elsewhere, Sara makes it clear to Victoria that she won't help her break up the couple.


Aiden meets Charlotte's blackmailer outside the Stowaway and beats him up. He pulls what he needs out of the guy's pocket. Charlotte tells Jack to stop when he runs at Aiden. Aiden gets up and hands her what she needs and reminds Jack what happens to complications.

Sara meets Daniel at the Grayson men's hideaway. She can't make the wedding cake and won't see him anymore. Daniel doesn't think he can marry Emily, she's like Victoria. He gives Sara a necklace he had given her before and kisses her. It's the same necklace that Emily thinks Daniel bought for her. Meanwhile, at the Grayson's, Victoria tells Emily about the hideaway and gives her a card. Emily calls the number and the butler answers 'Mrs. Grayson', saying that her son has turned in for the night with his lady friend. Later, Conrad shares how he thinks he saved Daniel's relationship with Emily. Victoria asks after the bachelor pad he once took her to. Conrad claims he got rid of it long ago.

Jack goes to Emily's and explains what Aiden did for Charlotte. He doesn't think Emily knows enough about Aiden but Emily doesn't think Jack knows her at all.

Nolan comes home and sees Aiden shopping online for guns. Aiden shares that borrowing Charlotte's laptop to help her with her problem gave him everything he needs to tie Victoria to the murder weapon. He needs to tell Nolan something that should be kept between the two of them.

At home, Emily gives Daniel a gift and confesses how she visited Sara. She was worried about her overly-emotional display and paranoia. Emily announces she went to the doctor – they're pregnant. He opens the gift and finds a sonogram picture.

Margaux gets off the phone with Jack after letting him know she's meeting someone who can tell her what she needs. Lydia Davis arrives and announces the pleasure is all hers.

Violette's thoughts:

It seems to be a long wait for the wedding but the twists and turns are fun. The stakes are high and Emily is no longer pulling any punches. The only problem is, how will Victoria up the ante? Even more interesting is Margaux is no fool. I wonder if she knew Jack and Nolan were playing her. It will be interesting to see what she drudges up on her own. So, was Jack interested in her at all? He seemed riled up when he learned Emily was seeing Aiden. Jealous much? If Jack doesn't heed Aiden's warning, this wedding could end up not exactly as Emily planned. There are too many cooks in the kitchen.

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- Violette DeSantis

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