Revenge Recap: Resurgence.

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Conrad tries to improve the Grayson family image, Victoria pressures Aiden to get back together with Emily, and Daniel watches fireworks with Sara.

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Aiden and Emily take a raft to a buoy. He expects next time she's there, Victoria will be in custody and he'll be ready to take her away. She realizes she'll never see her sister or Nolan again when they are done. Aiden holds her.

At the Grayson's, Victoria tells Conrad she won't miss his smug smirk the least when they are finally parted. He threatens to go looking for Patrick if she leaves. He's hired a publicist to help their family. Downstairs, Bizzy Preston tries to rally Charlotte, Daniel and Emily into working with her to improve the family's image. Victoria joins them in time for Bizzy to suggest she spend more time with Emily while they use the wedding to create good PR. After, Victoria goes to Aiden to complain. She needs more than Jack to break up Emily and Daniel since he's courting Margaux. Aiden thinks they'll find another way but Victoria directs him to get back in Emily's bed.

Jack stares at the Voulez bulletin board filled with headlines about Daniel and Emily when he stops to see Margaux. She has too much work with a wedding approaching and turns down a date. Later at the Stowaway, Daniel wants to help Sara and asks her to make his wedding cake.


At home, Nolan's upset that he hasn't tracked down Patrick. Emily's upset that Bizzy is throwing her in with Victoria as close friends. Nolan loathes Bizzy who exposed a one night stand of his which estranged him from his father. He worries Emily will become her next victim but Emily decides this can work in her favor. Maybe Bizzy should learn about her first husband. After, Emily meets Bizzy for lunch and learns that news has surfaced about her first marriage. Emily admits she was young. It was a mistake that Victoria can't know about. This is Bizzy's business…she'll take care of it. Emily returns to Nolan who hopes he can find something on Bizzy. Later, she meets Aiden at the pier who shares that Victoria wants him back in Emily's orbit. Emily thinks they should be seen together on their own terms.

Margaux's glad she took the evening off to spend time at Jack's but is disappointed when he interrupts her kiss. She leaves. The next day, Nolan sits with Jack at the Stowaway. Jack thinks he blew it with Margaux. Nolan thinks it's time for him to face up to something. Later, Jack visits Amanda's grave.

Conrad tries to persuade Margaux to do a PR piece for him at Voulez. She's not comfortable doing an advertisement piece for him and wants him to have the guts to let her do something more.


At Emily's, Sara serves cake samples to the couple. Emily leaves for lunch with Victoria and extends her approval to hire Sara. Elsewhere over lunch, Bizzy explains a partnership between Emily and Victoria could do so much for the Grayson's. Aiden interrupts but Emily pretends not to be interested. Victoria has no problem excusing her. Alone, Victoria notes Aiden is Emily's ex and Bizzy confides that Emily was married before. In a car, Emily, Aiden and Nolan listen in from the bug left near the table.

At the 4th of July party, Victoria warns Daniel how she thinks Aiden's trying to rekindle his relationship with Emily. Charlotte brings Sara over to Victoria who wonders if Sara can watch the fireworks from somewhere else. Alone, Charlotte reminds Victoria she cares for Daniel too; perhaps Sara being in the picture is a good thing. Nearby, Nolan claims he can't stay mad at Bizzy after she jokes she took his name out of the tech pages and exposed him to real people. He's at Bizzy's side and offers his reading glasses when Emily asks her a question that requires her to log into her phone. After, Nolan retrieves Bizzy's password from the visual on the glasses. Victoria looks on as Daniel interrupts Emily and Aiden. He's not jealous and leaves to see Sara. Margaux finds Conrad and is eager to publish his memoirs. They agree to meet in the morning. Jack catches her and apologizes for the other evening. She notices he took off his wedding ring. They kiss during the fireworks. On the beach, Sara turns away when Daniel tries to kiss her. Elsewhere, Nolan shows Emily how Bizzy's been busy sexting someone who's not her husband. Victoria waits in Aiden's room and asks him to leave for not getting the job done when he arrives. Back at the Stowaway, Jack and Margaux make love. In the morning he wants her to stay for breakfast but she needs to meet Conrad. Jack asks if he's pitching a book of lies.


On the beach in the morning with Aiden, Emily's certain Victoria's up to something if she's kicking him out. She asks him to come back when the dust settles and they kiss.

Nolan goes to Bizzy's office for payback. She's afraid he'll ruin her business but he already emailed all her clients to tell them how sloppy she is with their information. Bizzy works for him now - whenever he needs her, he will call. Until then, her phone should stay silent, including no texting Trevor. Nolan wants her to end it today or he'll tell her husband. She apologizes for ruining things for him and his father before he leaves.

Victoria visits Sara to apologize for her rudeness and thinks she's the one for Daniel. Maybe they could work together.

Emily goes to Nolan's. He shows her a video clip of Daniel about to kiss Sara. Emily has to make sure they have no future.

Violette's thoughts:

So many players and so many pawns…this week was great. Victoria isn't missing a beat, but neither is Emily, Nolan or Aiden. Bizzy was entertaining, or more like, Nolan's game on Bizzy had it going on. I like that his human side shows a bit more than Emily's. He really balances her out. I don't know that she can leave him like she plans with Aiden. Here's hoping there's a cryptic message that she leaves behind if her plan comes to fruition. Again, can't wait till next week!

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- Violette DeSantis

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