Revenge Recap: Dissolution.

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

Conrad makes a deal for Grayson Manor, Victoria gets her affairs in order, and Nolan and Jack come clean with each other.

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Emily rushes into Nolan's thinking something's wrong when she sees Patrick leaving. It was their first night together. They're keeping it secret to stay out of the crossfire between her and Victoria. Emily can't say if Patrick is her next takedown.

Charlotte helps Jack at the Stowaway and shares how she reconciled with Conrad to protect him. Alone, Jack calls Emily and informs her about Charlotte lying to Conrad for Victoria. Emily knows Patrick tried to kill Conrad.

During a luncheon at the Grayson's to discuss the wedding, Victoria requests Patrick meet her at the gallery later. Conrad's distracted with his realtor, Morgan, while Emily announces they've decided on a family honeymoon. Conrad shares the news that Grayson Manor's been sold. Emily planned on it being command central for the wedding. After, she meets with Aiden at the guest house to discuss this new development. The only option is to take down the house itself.

At the gallery, Victoria discusses putting it and its content in Patrick's name to protect everything from Conrad. Victoria knows what Patrick's done but trusts him. Patrick's sorry that Father Paul died. Later, he goes to Nolan's when he doesn't receive a return call. He wants to tell Nolan what he did. Nolan's concerned they started something they can't finish…things are going to get complicated. They kiss.


Daniel picks up a cake for Charlotte and finds Sara working at the bakery. She's walking but his parents screwed her over in the settlement. He's sorry and leaves with Charlotte. At the Stowaway, Daniel regrets what happened and plans on digging up the settlement papers. Alone, Charlotte calls the bakery to report a rude employee.

At the Grayson's, Morgan hints wanting an invitation to see Conrad's bedroom. They're interrupted by Victoria who knows they're up to no good. She finds Aiden in the guest house and is interested in him looking into Morgan and Conrad's collusion to hide profits for the sale of the house.

Emily swaps files in the local assessor's office. At home, she calls Daniel to warn him about foundation issues. He's busy reading the settlement agreement. Emily's contacted a contractor and will call when it's safe to come home. Aiden's there and takes a sledgehammer to the wall. She's happy she's not alone in this. Aiden talks about their future and kisses her passionately.

Nolan stops by the Stowaway. It's closed but Jack always has a seat open for friends. Nolan's seeing Patrick but Emily thinks he's shady. Jack knows he is. Patrick tried to kill Conrad. Nolan realizes Emily's been talking to Jack and can't lie to his friend anymore. He says out loud, "Emily Thorne is Amanda Clarke and now we both know about each other."


Morgan's out with a realty photographer and is disturbed by the backhoe at Emily's. Emily claims her foundation is shifting from dramatic beach erosion.

Jack stops by Nolan's and asks how long he's known about Emily. Nolan admits he's always known about her and understands if their friendship is over. Jack offers his hand. He's his friend and warns him about Patrick. Nolan will have to let him go. Jack will take care of it and promises Patrick won't be hurt.

Charlotte goes to Sara's and blames Emily for Daniel's bio mentioning overcoming the problem of his DUI. Daniel has changed. Sara doesn't have a job and Charlotte offers to help.

Victoria arrives at the manor at Aiden's request. The contract is about to be signed. Victoria joins Conrad eager to see every line of the contract. Morgan storms in and throws down a file from the assessor's office. She demands to know why he hasn't disclosed the square footage lost to beach erosion. He's surprised and blames Victoria. Victoria couldn't care less. She's putting her affairs in order and will be out by week's end. Later, Jack visits Conrad about Charlotte's safety.

On the beach, Emily's upset to learn Victoria's leaving Grayson Manor. She plans to trap her with the one thing she can't resist. She visits Nolan to find out how it went with Patrick. It's over and Jack went to Conrad about him tampering with the breaks. Emily's upset that Jack went rogue and Nolan told him he's in her inner circle. Nolan's tired of her need to control everyone.

Daniel tells Charlotte how proud he is of her at the Stowaway's grand opening. She shows Daniel that Sara's working as a baker there. Later, Daniel catches Sara outside. He's sorry. He thought she was set for life and hopes to earn her forgiveness.

Aiden takes Victoria to a warehouse filled with gold bars – the missing Grayson fortune. Conrad does have an issue with sharing. She returns to the manor and confronts Conrad. He's curious about this windfall but is more interested in what Patrick did to his car. He promises not to kill him, but his associates are handling it.

Aiden meets Emily in town. She jokes he should have given their fortune back in pennies to keep them busy till her wedding. She's upset about her fight with Nolan. Aiden reminds her it's just five more weeks and this will be a distant memory – they'll never see any of these people again.

Patrick finds Victoria roadside. It's not safe for him to stay. She gives him a bag with airline tickets to leave and promises to bring him back when the time is right. He reluctantly leaves.

Emily stops by Nolan's to tell him and Jack that they are two of the most important people in her life. When this is over she'll be gone for good. She doesn't want them in the dark and plans to share her plans for August 8 when Victoria goes down for the murder of Emily Thorne.

Violette's thoughts:

This episode was subtle in the intrigue and excitement area. A lot of loose ends were tied up. Jack and Nolan shoring up their friendship was welcoming, especially since Nolan lost Patrick. Emily recognizes what they mean to her but what does she mean to them? Will they really let her disappear when this is done? I wonder if Nolan and Jack will go rogue together to find another way around Emily's plans. I'm not sure about her relationship with Aiden. Is she really feeling it or does she not want to go it alone?

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- Violette DeSantis

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